2023-04-20 11:29:18

The 28th STVF Now Calls for Miniseries Projects



The new ear spawns changes in audience demands and viewing habits of audiovisual products. Driven by online audiovisual platforms and industry creators, miniseries now turn to be diversified in genres and sophisticated in production, showing more potential for industrial value in commercialization.


To encourage TV workers to create innovative works with varied forms and themes, especially young creators to explore new stories and new expressions and tell Chinese stories, the 28th Shanghai Television Festival (STVF) has launched the "call for miniseries" initiative to promote the development of high-quality miniseries that are “terse, yet powerful and exquisite”.


The aim of this initiative is to harness the advantages of the platform, leverage the platform’s influence, and integrate social resources to select the most innovative and promising miniseries projects, gather high-quality industry resources to help promote the value of miniseries, and further support creators of miniseries and advance the creation of miniseries. We now call for submissions of miniseries projects, and will carefully select 10 projects from all the entries. And during STVF, a series of miniseries events will be organized, including forums, project roadshows, workshops, etc. Interested parties are encouraged to submit projects by May 15, 2023.


I. Qualifications

(1) Miniseries project in script stage

Miniseries scripts in the early stage of creation and with development potential;

The duration of a single episode should not exceed 15 minutes;

Complete scripts of the first five episodes;


(2) Miniseries projects in the production stage

For miniseries projects that have already started filming, are still in the filming phase, or are in post-production


Conform to the requirements in "(1) Miniseries project in script stage";

Miniseries projects that have already started filming, are still in the filming phase, or are in post-production before May 15, 2023.

For projects at the same stage, priority will be given to those that have not participated in similar events in other Chinese-speaking regions.


II. Event form 

This year, the "call for miniseries" initiative is undertaken by East-West Entertainment, a pan-entertainment content industry research institution. During STVF, miniseries project roadshows, forums and other activities will be held to build a platform that combines the creative power of miniseries and the capital of the market, to promote industry exchanges and development. 

One representative from each project will be formally invited to STVF as a guest to participate in official activities, and enjoy corresponding privileges.

Representatives from selected projects will have the opportunity to communicate with the jury, as well as invited investors, platforms, and producers for miniseries projects.

They can also attend a series of miniseries events to be held in June 2023, including forums, roadshows, workshops, etc., and have the chance to be present at the closing ceremony and other official activities.

STVF's official website, official WeChat account, official Weibo account, and official partner media will promote selected projects through various channels.


III. Fees

There is no need to pay any fees during the registration process. After a project is selected for the roadshow, STVF will notify the applicant before May 15 to confirm whether to participate or not.


IV. Registration channel

Click here to learn about the regulations on calling for miniseries projects and download the "Registration Form for Miniseries Project Roadshow". Please complete the registration form, and send it to weiduanju@stvf.com. And there will be an email confirmation to tell you that the registration is successful.


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