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Magnolia TV Exhibition | Enjoy national animations this summer

This Magnolia Award International TV Exhibition has selected 13 animations in total, which has been broadcast on Toonmax, including the following overseas works from France, Germany, Italy, Britain and other countries. These animations are full of children\'s interest from diversified perspectives.
If you want your children to learn about friendship, Italy\'s HANUKKAH LA FESTA DELLE LUCI, New Zealand\'s KIRI & LOU, and Britain\'s THE SNAIL AND THE WHALE are your excellent textbooks. In addition, Germany\'s PATCHWORK PALES and France\'s MIGHTY MIKE are ideal choices for you to enjoy a happy party for parents and children. If you want to spark their imagination, France’s FLOOGALS (Season 2) and Canada’s THE MOST MAGNIFICENT THING can give children soaring wings. In this summary, there is always an animation made for children to enjoy.


This series tell a story that a bunch of cute animals of patchwork live together on a huge patchwork blanket. They encounter problems, like an egg gets stuck, a fish needs water, or a fox wants to eat all of them. However, by pulling together they always find a way to help each other in the end so that they always have a happy life every day.


In post-war Rome, on the eve of the Hanukkah festival, a young leading character named Anna and her friends struggle to save a family bakery after years of persecution by the evil rich. At a time when they are difficult to make plans, friendship and solidarity will make a difference.


The show made by animation and real shooting, tells the story of three aliens who learn everything of human life. Three alien explorers, Fleeker, Flo and Boomer whose bodies are as big as cans, take the adventures on a mission to explore Planet Earth. They will see human life in their own unique way, and their fresh perspectives will inspire our little audiences.

One day, a girl has a wonderful idea that she is going to make the most magnificent things with her friend, a dog. After she makes perfect preparation, she starts to make it. However, making her magnificent thing is much harder than think. The girl tries and fails, repeatedly. Eventually, she gets really mad. Can she finish her work? What is this "most magnificent thing"?
(New Zealand)

This show follows a friendship made by and between Kiri, a feisty little dinosaur and Lou, a gentle creature. They grow closer to each other through laughter, song and taking adventures in the forest. This traditional handmade stop-motion animation presents the story of searching for empathy and learning to get along with each other between Kiri and Lou through a gentle, humorous, all-ages storyline.






Mike, a refined pug has a peaceful life at home. Every morning he wakes up with one thing on his mind that is how to make a good impression on his lovely Airs, the neighbor\'s dog. Sadly, his plans never work out, as a bunch of trouble-makers always turn up at precisely wrong time. Mike is always dragged into a series of unexpected situations.


This is a beautiful story about an unlikely friendship between a little snail and a whale. The snail comes to the tail of a gray-blue humpback whale to travel around the world with the whale. During their journey around the world, an "impossible" friendship between the ambitious nail and the whale grows. This traveling also gives us a sense of the power of the sea.


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