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Magnolia TV Exhibition | Fantastic animations for children in summer



The Shanghai TV Festival is about to kick off, and the Magnolia International Animation Exhibition has been confirmed that a total of 13 animation works from all over the world will join the lineup this year. Animations shown on Toonmax TV this year cover a wide range of topics, including comedies, dramas, actions, etc., with exported Chinese animations such as Scissor Seven and the long-lasting Barbapapa series, some of which are shortlisted for this year\'s Magnolia Award’s animation unit. It is hoped that this summer gift for children can also help parents regain their childlike innocence.

Barbapapa One Big Happy Family!



The Barbapapa series is one of the first foreign cartoons to be broadcast in China, leaving a lot of childhood memories for the post-80s generation which has now become parents. The animation takes the pink Barbapapa and the black Barbamama and their seven colorful children as the protagonists and tells the story of the happy life of their family. At the 50th anniversary of Barbapapa\'s birth, the latest work of the series Barbapapa One Big Happy Family! was launched, which continues to bring joy to children.
Birds Paying Homage To The Phoenix


This is an animated film created by CCTV with a strong feature of Chinese ink painting. Based on the classic Chinese folk myth and legend Birds Paying Homage To The Phoenix, it tells the story of an ordinary bird which has gone through untold hardships to save his homeland and finally grows into a noble Phoenix. The lively and interesting storyline of the film shows the hard-working, brave and wise national spirit of the Chinese people carried in the Phoenix and shows the colorful traditional Chinese culture with the freehand brushwork technique of ink painting.
Scissor Seven


This animation is the first original animation series signed by China to Netflix and has been shown in more than 190 countries and regions around the world. The animation tells a story that takes place on a beautiful island. The whole story takes the protagonist Wu Liuqi\'s search for his lost memory as the mainline of the story, together with the branch line of love and hatred between the characters. By telling the story that the protagonist knows different people and different characters in the process of helping others and finding himself, and finally uses love to dissolve hatred and prejudice. This story wants to bring joy to the audience and express the love for life at the same time, conveying that love and tolerance can resolve everything.
A Journey To The West


It tells the story of Tang Sanzang and his apprentices guarding the people in the world, putting aside their lives, going to the other side of the world to find the “fire of creation”, and finally guarding love and justice and realizing self-growth. Benevolence is the inherent characteristic of Tang Sanzang and his apprentices. Courage is the continuous accumulation after experiencing immense difficulties and dangers. Justice is the fundamental principle and ultimate pursuit that remains unchanged throughout the whole journey.
Wings Of The World


In 1633, Lu Changfeng, the youngest captain of the Ming Navy, escorted the governor of Dong Chang to Nanyang to arrest an important criminal. The team was attacked by the sea beast fleet and wiped out. Lu Changfeng was saved by a mysterious organization and came to Lvsong Island, the international trade center of the great Navigation era. Under the guidance of Song Yingxing, a gifted man of the Ming Dynasty, the islanders set up a world fusion city called “Wings of the World”, to resist the cruel rule of the Spanish colonists. For investigation, Lu Changfeng joined Song Yingxing\'s organization “Tiangong” to fight against colonists and sea invaders together with the gifted people and scholars of “Wings of the World”.
Shooom’s Odyssey


Shooom is a little owl. When it was born, it happened to be caught in a storm. He fell from the tree and fell into the forest. To find his mother, he had to start a long journey. Even though he hadn\'t met his mother and didn\'t know what she looked like. Shooom is lovely and brave, and the journey of this furry owl chick is full of challenges and dangers.

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