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2019 STVFORUM Agenda

Opening Session: Chinese Television Industry Summit


Date:Monday, June 10

Venue: Jin Jue Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Shanghai

As stressed by the 2019 National Radio and Television Conference, industry professionals should pay close attention to creativity and quality of radio and television programs. Eventually, a breakthrough with an emphasis on content quality should be achieved. As we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China, industry professionals should implement such goals above by seizing opportunities of the new era.

New media, such as internet, television and mobile phone, has changed the way of information dissemination as technology rapidly develops. New media, converging with traditional media, becomes the essence of media publicity and the main platform of television broadcasting, which brings up the following questions:

How could we achieve an efficient resource integration of both while taking advantage of traditional television broadcasting?

How new media platforms insure originality and creativity of its content while co-existing with traditional television broadcasting?

How could platforms and distributors in television industry better serve the content?

The forum invites industry leading figures to discuss new trends and media convergence in Chinese television industry.


HE Jie | Host of Convergence Media Center, Radio and Television Shanghai

Invitation Only

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STVF Documentary MasterClass

Time: 10:00-12:00

Date: Tuesday, June 11

Venue: Central Hall, Shanghai Exhibition Center

Renowned documentary directors, producers and decision-makers will share their understanding of documentary industry and observations on new trends in non-fictional content across different countries, highlighting documentary’s identity as a cultural product and the recorder of the times.

Mark Edward, American producer with decades of international co-production experience, will share his insights and tips about managing international co-productions with reference to his projects, as well as predicting the future of documentary co-production.

Japanese director-producer Ryota Kotani will analyze the changing size of documentary: As more and more filmmakers are developing bite-sized and serialized content, how do stories function and teams work when scales shift? What makes a good subject for short form anthology vs. limited series? How are the development and exhibition paths for this work different than features?

Chinese documentarian and scholar Fu Hongxing will advise Chinese documentary filmmakers on being supplemented by a variety of helpful resources and programs in support of a long-term career in China.

Guest Speakers:

Mark Edwards | [U.S.] Documentary Producer; Jury President of the 25th Magnolia Award for Documentary

FU Hongxing | [China] Documentary Director, Doctoral Supervisor; Jury Member of the 25th Magnolia Award for Documentary

Ryota Kotani | [Japan] Director & Executive Producer at NHK; Jury Member of the 25th Magnolia Award for Documentary

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Chinese Variety Shows Reinvented:

Originality in Production Mode and Distribution Strategy

Time: 14:00-16:00

Date: Tuesday, June 11

Venue: 9F at STV Mansions, 298 Weihai Road Shanghai

“Adhering to the right course and innovating to breakthrough” requires every TV practitioner to have the will power to adhere to the right path, the courage to do what’s never been done before and the ability to detect and solve difficult problems. One should never be satisfied with their achievements, but think about the long-term and push Chinese television industry to the next level.

“Small Budget, Positive Energy and Broad Feelings” defines the innovative pathway of television and internet content creation. THE READERS, NATIONAL TREASURES and EVERLASTING CLASSICS and other cultural, historical and musical original variety shows won both critical acclaim and viewership. It should be noted that over the past two years many original Chinese variety shows such as THE READERS, NATIONAL TREASURES, THE SOUND AND SUPER VOCAL had signed contracts with Western mainstream platforms that allow their models to be exported. They proved once again that exporting Chinese culture products is possible and the role of Chinese creative producers had been reshaped.


CHEN Chen | Host of Dragon TV Center, TV Producer

LENG Song | Secretary-General, World Media Research Center, Institute of Journalism and Communication, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

GAO Qi | Editor-in-chief of REVIEW

Panel 1

Adhering to the right course and innovating to breakthrough: Explore Chinese Cultural Treasures, Create New Variety Show Model

Guest Speakers:

GUAN Zhengwen | Founder and Chairman of Share Television Media Cultural, TV Program Planner, Director and Producer

WANG Xinyi | Assistant Director of Dragon TV Center, Vice President of Shanghai Entertainment Team Media Group

YU Lei (Renee Yu) | Executive Producer and Chief Director of NATIONAL TREASURES

Panel 2

All Media Communication: A New Era for Mainstream Communication

Guest Speakers:

Percival Fang | Assistant President & General Manager, Advertising Center, Hunan Mgtv.com Interactive Entertainment Media Co., Ltd.

MAO Jia | Chief Director of NEW ARRIVAL OF THE PALACE MUSEUM, Chief Content Officer of Hwachain Culture, CEO of Chuntian Media

SONG Jiongming | Vice President of Shanghai Media Group, Executive Director of SMG News and Kankanews.com

Panel 3

From Buyer to Seller: How Chinese Variety Show Model Transformed

Guest Speakers:

LUO Xin | Hunan Satellite TV(HNTV) Director of Innovation and R&D Center, former producer and general director of HAPPY CAMP

William Tan | Managing Director, Endemol Shine China

WU Tong | Deputy director of the Programing Department,Zhejiang Satellite TV,Chief Director of BEST OF THE BEST and I AM THE ACTOR

Vivian Yin | CEO of Fremantle China


IFORMATS Chinese Formats Database

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Television Criticism in the Age of Media Convergence

Time: 14:00-16:00

Date: Tuesday, June 11

Venue: Central Hall, Shanghai Exhibition Center

Under the context of media convergence, different from traditional media criticism, how does television criticism utilize a large variety of platforms to develop itself? How does the prosperity of television industry promote the diversity of commentary forms? Lacking involvement of cyber users, how does traditional media criticism co-exist with burgeoning online reviewing? How does traditional media criticism make adjustments to its content and forms? As audience shift their roles from passive content receivers to active content creators, how does it affect TV drama creation in terms of topic, casting or even plot? The forum invites talents, critics from television industry and representatives from Internet platforms to explore new forms of commentary and how to boost quality of television drama by utilizing new commentary forms.


LI Xingwen | Film and Television Critic, Founder of WeChat Public Account “Film and Television Critic”

Guest Speakers:

DENG Kai | Executive Director of Literature and Art Department of Guangming Daily

GE Chengzhi | President of data research institute of iQiyi.com

LI Jingsheng | Vice President of China Alliance of Radio,Film and Television

LI Zhenlin | Chairman of School of Film and Television of Shanghai Theatre Academy, Dean of Graduate School of Shanghai Theatre Academy, Professor, Ph.D., Supervisor

WANG Sanmao | Scriptwriter; Writer of ALL IS WELL

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The Recipe of a Series: Reality Driven, Zeitgeist Defined

Time: 10:00-12:00

Date: Wednesday, June 12

Venue: Central Hall, Shanghai Exhibition Center

Bai Juyi, a poet from Tang Dynasty, put forward that articles should be for the times while poems should be for current affairs. We believe that only creations derived from truthful observations and sentiments can inspire the audience. Chinese television drama, such as period and contemporary drama, achieves its pluralism by covering a variety of topics and creating its unique aesthetics by touching essence of story.

Focusing on ordinaries is the eternal theme of realism creations. However, eternity also needs innovation. How could creative artistic approaches apply to screen works and arouse intense involvements from audience? How could audience resonate with characters’ stories? The forum invites professionals from distinguished Chinese realism television dramas to discuss how to capture the essence of story in an era of diversity.


Andrew Liang | Actor; TV host; Ph.D in Cinema Studies

Guest Speakers:

FU Dongyu | Director of THE THUNDER, Member of China Television Director Committee

HOU Hongliang | President of Daylight Entertainment Co., Ltd.

LIU Jiacheng | Vice President of Beijing Television Artists Association; Director; Director of ZHENG YANG GATE: A YOUNG LADY


ZHAO Dongling | Writer; Writer of RED SORGHUM, IN LAW WE BELIEVE

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STVF Animation MasterClass

Time: 14:00-16:00

Date: Wednesday, June 12

Venue: Central Hall, Shanghai Exhibition Center

How are VR and AR affecting animation creation and production? What are the storytelling challenges animators have to face? How is the animation industry preparing new talents and business for tomorrow’s change?

What about emerging tools and innovative creation process for animation? Automation vs. Creativity: are they friends or foes? 

Distinguished animation directors, producers and heads of production companies will share with us how to create and promote excellent animated contents, with reference to their decades of experience in animation creation, production, financing and distribution.

Max Howard, renowned animation producer and consultant will unveil the innovative strategies from U.S. animation producers and distributors on drawing audience. 

Shuzo John Shiota, President and CEO of Japan’s Polygon Pictures will give an overview of Japanese animation on the international stage.

Chinese animation director Liu Kuo will address the following: How should China’s animation industry enhance its international competitiveness? How to promote China’s high-quality animation to the whole world?

Guest Speakers:

Max Howard | [U.S.] Animation Producer, Consultant; Jury President of the 25th Magnolia Award for Animation

LIU Kuo | [China] Animation Director; Jury Member of the 25th Magnolia Award for Animation, China

Shuzo John Shiota | [Japan] President, CEO of Polygon Pictures; Jury Member of the 25th Magnolia Award for Animation, Japan

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Drama Without Borders: Chinese Narratives for Global Audience

Time: 10:00-12:00

Date: Thursday, June 13

Venue: Central Hall, Shanghai Exhibition Center

Contemporary Television dramas, such as LIKE A FLOWING RIVER, ENTREPRENEURIAL AGE, ODE TO JOY and THE THUNDER, gained rave reviews overseas by utilizing exquisite camera language and including elements of modernity. While paying close attention to its quality, Chinese television drama also aims for overseas market. Under such circumstance, how could TV artists reflect contemporary Chinese values and traditional Chinese culture? As more and more international broadcasting platforms purchase rights of Chinese television dramas, how could we attract more international buyers?

A growing number of film and television companies in China seek international cooperation. Instead of working independently, they establish alliances with domestic companies and expand overseas market in company with each other. Considering the achievements that the new strategy has made, what other strategies could be employed? How could we further optimize partnership and form a joint effort? This forum invites experienced Chinese television professionals who have worked with overseas companies and experts from overseas broadcasting platforms to discuss how to create television drama which reflects the reality of Chinese society and unique Chinese aesthetics while maintaining a global perspective.


HE Jian (Jason He) | International Channel, Shanghai Media Group

Guest Speakers:

Janice Cheng Puay Hoon | General Manager Content of Dimsum,Star Media Group

Karen Fu | Vice President of Huace Group, President of Beijing Division and Chairman of Huace Pictures

Jonathan Spink | Chief Executive Officer, HBO Asia

TANG Shiding | Vice President of China International Television Corporation,Chairman of China Television Media, Ltd.

Felix To | Deputy General Manager (Programme and Production), Television Broadcasts Limited

XIE Ying | General Manager, TV series Unit, Youku

Co-organiser: YOUKU

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STVF Drama MasterClass

Time: 14:00-16:00

Date: Thursday, June 13

Venue: Central Hall, Shanghai Exhibition Center

STVFORUM is hosting its first ever TV Drama MasterClass in the aim to provide Chinese TV artists and producers with opportunities to learn from the industry’s movers and shakers.

How did they create high-quality TV dramas rooted in realism?

How did they make them appeal to the audience?

What business modes did they apply?

Top-notch directors and scriptwriters with a focus on realistic storytelling will be invited to lecture, sharing their work experience, artistic conceptions, creative skills, career path, etc., with reference to their projects.

New forces in China’s TV drama industry will be invited to meet and talk with the lecturers, getting guidance and inspiration on their own creation and production.

Guest Speakers:

FU Dongyu | Director of THE THUNDER, Member of China Television Director Committee

ZHAO Dongling | Scriptwriter of RED SORGHUM, IN LAW WE BELIEVE



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Host Units: State Administration of Radio and Television   China Media Group   Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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