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TV Market: Link the \"Belt and Road\" with High-quality Service and Tell \"China Story\" with High-t

The 25th Shanghai TV Festival TV Market was officially launched in Shanghai Exhibition Center. As one of the most characteristic, influential and mature trading platforms in Asia, this year\'s TV market has attracted 276 domestic and overseas film and television companies to participate in the exhibition and exchange and synchronize industry information. Among them, "The Belt and Road" Pavilion and the TV market equipment exhibition, which gathers the top exhibitors in the technical and professional fields at home and abroad, have become the highlights of this year\'s TV market.




"The Belt and Road" Pavilion organized 14 promotion sessions for Chinese and foreign programs from June 11 to 13, including "from content output to co-production, the \'Belt and Road\' triggered new thinking and new path" promotion meeting, China-Russia co-production TV series promotion session and European Film Commission promotion session etc. The China-Russia co-production TV series promotion session introduced the highlights of cooperative projects as SPACE HOTEL and MAGIC CHILDREN. At the promotion site of the European Film Commission, Ms. Angelica Kantisani provided a detailed list of the services of the European Film Commission, for example, it provides film and television production agencies which is interested in entering the European Union with services such as filming permit application, filming location, contact with local employees, fund declaration, legal consultation, etc. And after the movie and TV play is completed, the work can also be publicized through the European Film Commission. In short, "the European Film Commission is willing to be the gateway for all film and television companies to enter the EU."



In addition to cooperation and exchange, the annual Shanghai TV Festival TV market will also become most sophisticated technology and equipment display platform in the radio and television industry. The new generation of technological changes represented by 5G, 4K, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence are speeding up the reshaping of communication ecology, which has been fully reflected in the TV market this year.



The "4K+5G Ultra High Definition Fusion Production Enabling Platform" displayed by CTVIT on the spot has attracted much attention. The "black technology" product, "the billion-pixel array camera", which was unveiled at last summer\'s Davos Forum, is also on display in this year\'s television market. Through the combination of hardware and algorithms, the pixels of this camera can reach 100 million to 1 billion, and even if the images are taken 100 meters away, the display images can all reach the 4K standard, breaking through the bottleneck of long-distance ultra-high definition shooting and greatly improving the live broadcast quality of large-scale outdoor activities and sports events. In addition, the 8K playback solution brought by Sony has also impressed many people in the industry with the rapid development of high and new technologies.



This year\'s TV Festival also held the Magnolia International Seminar on Radio, Film and Television Technologies to discuss how radio and television can develop in multiple dimensions under the theme of "New Starting Point for Convergence Media, New Technologies for Smart Broadcasting and Television." In addition, corporate promotional activities such as "digital help to upgrade production management mode" have also opened up ideas for the industry insider.

Host Units: State Administration of Radio and Television   China Media Group   Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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