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STVF Drama MasterClass: Focus on the Creation Method, Type and Actors\' Specialization of Realistic

On the afternoon of June 13, STVF Drama MasterClass was held as scheduled in the Central Hall of Shanghai Exhibition Center. Zhao Dongling, screenwriter of RED SORGHUM and IN LAW WE BELIEVE, Fu Dongyu, member of the China Television Director Committee, director of THE THUNDER and actor Wang Jinsong shared their own observation on the current development trend of TV drama creation as keynote speakers.

Scene of STVF Drama MasterClass

Trend 1
Zhao Dongling talks about creation method of realistic theme

Zhao Dongling, a screenwriter with more than 30 years\' experience, believes that under the current trend of advocating realistic themes, in creation, a very important point is not only attitude but also method.

Screenwriter Zhao Dongling said that her original intention in creating IN LAW WE BELIEVE was to position herself as a writer, hoping to make even a small contribution to social progress and to keep it longer.

When it comes to methods, Zhao Dongling mentions that as a screenwriter, she has to always think about the future when dealing with the subject matter. The story level should be handled in accordance with the law of creation, and questions should also be raised from the most serious and worthy point of view. "I would choose to write it in an objective and calm way. It seems to be a skill, but it is in line with the law of artistic development."

When it comes to summing up the feelings of the screenwriter industry, Zhao Dongling said that you should uphold your own values, your aesthetics, and treat this industry objectively and seriously. This is probably the best time for you. Screenwriting is a kind of creative work, which is the greatest charm of this industry.

Trend 2
Fu Dongyu talks about typification of film and television works

Fu Dongyu, director of THE THUNDER, believes that one of the important signs of maturity and specialization is that film and television works strictly follow the typological creation style, that is, the typological works can meet the audiences\' psychological expectations before accepting the works.

Fu Dongyu said that the first principle and standard of creative methods is to first set the type and then try to approach this creative direction. At present, China\'s film and television industry is still far away from professionalism, and needs to lay a good foundation before innovation. The director should put himself in the position of a craftsman, and shoot the subject matter into typed works through pioneering thinking.

Fu Dongyu said "When you get any script, the first question is, what is its target and type? Having done this step, we have taken the first step towards successfully. "

At the same time, we should also follow the industrialization process in the shooting of film and television works. Fu Dongyu said that the director should know the details of the shooting process, encourage the staff to point out mistakes and tell the actors how to perform so as to win the trust of the others as soon as possible. Finally, a good working atmosphere for actors on site was formed.

Trend 3
Wang Jinsong talks about professionalism of actors

Wang Jinsong, who has performed many types of roles, combined his 32 years of performance experience and shared his experience as an actor in how to show professionalism and close to reality from details.

Wang Jinsong said frankly that he prefers realistic themes, because the soil and culture that gave birth to these characters can be found in both the adaptation of current real events and historical stories.

In fact, the role of actor is the carrier to complete the dialogue between the role and the script, the script and the audience. Therefore, all the roles are related to the actors themselves. Even if there are various departments to assist the actors in performing, the actors should play their own initiative and cannot rely on them.

At the same time, Wang Jinsong also believes that actors should not only care about the lines, but also the subtext beyond the lines, including "your clothes and every button, your opponent, every dispatch you make at the scene, whether there is any empty focus and blank spot in the place where your eyes pass. This is what we concerned most. Apart from this, nothing matters." Wang Jinsong said.

As part of the traditional quality activities of the festival, three of STVF Masterclass focused on three sections of documentary, animation and TV drama. The lecturers of the three master classes are all important people at home and abroad who have rich practical experience in their fields, as well as creative patterns and accumulated experience in the industry. Under the common context of discussing the future development of China\'s TV content categories, the speakers proposed to return to the content-based creative essence and to explore in depth the creative paths and development modes of different content categories.

From June 11 to June 13, the Magnolia TV Forum was composed of 5 industry dialogue forums and 3 master classes, all of which were presented by the leaders of TV industry at home and abroad. The Magnolia TV Forum, which has always been regarded as a weathervane for the TV industry, this year\'s overall theme highlights the sense of the times and mission. It takes cultural inheritance as the keynote and strives to give full play to the platform effect of the TV Festival, gathering the wisdom of the global industry for the development of the TV industry in the new era, promoting the TV industry to keep pace with the times, and showing the vigorous strength of China\'s TV industry to the world.


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