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STVF Animation Masterclass: Creative Strategy, Industrial Cooperation and Internationalization

On the afternoon of June 12, STVF Animation Masterclass was held as scheduled in the Central Hall of Shanghai Exhibition Center. Max Howard, American animation producer, animation consultant, chairman of the juries of the 25th Magnolia Award Animation; Shuzo John Shiota, chairman and CEO of Japan Polygon Pictures, jury of 25th Magnolia Award Animation, and Liu Kuo, Chinese animation director and jury of 25th Magnolia Award Animation, shared their views on the current trends of television animation as key speakers on Wednesday.

Scene of STVF Animation Masterclass

Trend 1
Max Howard talks about animation creative strategy

Max Howard, who has many years of experience in Hollywood animation production, believes that the original content structure of the animation is being rebuilt and the creative strategy shall be adjusted accordingly as the differences between TV and film become narrower, especially as the broadcast platform changes greatly.

Max Howard said that the success of film and television works is based on the story, when telling stories, corresponding rules should be established, that is, structured content. Chinese movies can be understood by Western audiences because many emotions are common. For example, we can find the western classic stories ROMEO AND JULIET, CINDERELLA and other corresponding versions in China. China does not lack good stories, but what we lack is the link of telling stories and the talent of constructing stories when transforming the essence of Chinese classical literature and art into film and television works. 

"The structure of the story is the key, so that many Western audiences can understand such films." Max Howard said.

However, Max Howard also pointed out that any episode has a structure and a successful formula, but the formula is not rigid. Creators not only need to abide by some existing rules, but more importantly, they need to know the rules, innovate constantly and break the rules of convention and thinking. If you don\'t follow the common rules, you can attract the audience\'s attention and start to win. 

Max Howard, American animation producer, animation consultant, chairman of the juries of the 25th Magnolia Award Animation

Trend 2
Shuzo John Shiota talks about industrial cooperation

The global animation industry is entering a new era, cooperation and innovation has become the driving force of the development of animation industry in various countries. Combined with the new trend of mergers and acquisitions and overseas cooperation in the Japanese animation industry, Shuzo John Shiota said that the Japanese animation industry is gradually changing its introverted attitude and working with global partners, including China, to promote the new prosperity of the animation industry.

As far as Shuzo John Shiota concerned, most of the innovative breakthroughs in the Japanese animation industry began with streaming media. Streaming media has helped Japanese animation solve many problems, including the limitations of the original media and content form, thus helping animation circulate nationwide and go further overseas.

At present, the Japanese industry and China\'s bilibili, Youku, Tencent, iQIYI and other platforms have carried out a lot of cooperations, more than 900 Japanese animations are being played on China\'s Internet platforms.

Shuzo John Shiota said that the animation industry is entering a new era of explosion and has great potential in the future. Because the imagined needs and realities of each other may not be the same, Sino-Japanese cooperation can be better improved. In the future, only by getting to know each other better, finding the real agreement points and demands, and through close communication and cooperation can we find a better win-win solution.

Shuzo John Shiota, chairman and CEO of Japan Polygon Pictures, jury of 25th Magnolia Award Animation

Trend 3
Liu Kuo talks about animation internationalization

In recent years, while Hollywood and Japanese animation seek opportunities in the Chinese market, Chinese animation is also actively exploring ways and means to go abroad, such as the co-production of animation between China and the United States, or the export of Chinese traditional animation themes and art forms.

However, Liu Kuo believes that the current stage of Chinese animation is not urgent to promote overseas, the reasonable step should be to win the recognition of the local audience first, and then to promote abroad. Hollywood films conquered American audiences before they were recognized around the world. 

"We can\'t rule out the fact that individual films have been successful overseas, but this is an example. Animation needs to develop an industrial model before it can be strong enough to export." Liu Kuo said.

As for the gap between Chinese animation and international animation, Liu Kuo said that China still lacks a lot of experience in story frame and structure. Many domestic creators have not yet mastered the most basic creative formula, and only by doing the most basic things can they subvert and innovate. 

Finally, Liu Kuo also said that most human emotions resonate around the world, but there are some unique differences in emotional expression between countries. Therefore, if you want to export overseas, you must first study your own culture, conquer your own audience, and then have the ability to produce content that is different from overseas and produce themes and works with more universal value.

As part of the traditional quality activities of the festival, three of STVF Masterclass focused on three sections of documentary, animation and TV drama. The lecturers of the three master classes are all important people at home and abroad who have rich practical experience in their fields, as well as creative patterns and accumulated experience in the industry. Under the common context of discussing the future development of China\'s TV content categories, the speakers proposed to return to the content-based creative essence and to explore in depth the creative paths and development modes of different content categories.

Liu Kuo, Chinese animation director and jury of 25th Magnolia Award Animation

From June 11 to June 13, the Magnolia TV Forum was composed of 5 industry dialogue forums and 3 master classes, all of which were presented by the leaders of TV industry at home and abroad. The Magnolia TV Forum, which has always been regarded as a weathervane for the TV industry, this year\'s overall theme highlights the sense of the times and mission. It takes cultural inheritance as the keynote and strives to give full play to the platform effect of the TV Festival, gathering the wisdom of the global industry for the development of the TV industry in the new era, promoting the TV industry to keep pace with the times, and showing the vigorous strength of China\'s TV industry to the world.

Forecast for Tomorrow\'s Forum
STVF Drama MasterClass
Time: June 13, 2019 (Thursday) 14: 00-16: 00
Venue: Central Hall, Shanghai Exhibition Center

For the first time, STVF held a series of Drama MasterClass to provide face-to-face exchanges and learning opportunities with industry leaders for domestic TV dramas creation and producers.

How to create excellent realistic drama?

How to create "hot cake"? What kind of business model has it adopted?

The forum invites domestic outstanding TV drama directors and screenwriters to serve as lecturers of MasterClass to share their experiences and feelings in terms of creative ideas, techniques and career paths through case sharing. At the same time, the forum invited "new forces" of domestic TV drama creation to act as viewers. Through face-to-face communication with the master and listening to the master\'s on-site explanations and answers, hoping they can obtain creative guidance and inspiration. 

Guests: (in alphabetical order by last name)
FU Dongyu | Director of THE THUNDER, Member of China Television Director Committee, Director
Born in February,1968.The director of Shanghai Film Group, Member of Shanghai Film Association, Member of China Television Director Committee. Studied in Shanghai Theatre Academy from 1986 to 1990, Majoring in Film Directing. He worked in Shanghai Film Group from 1990 to now. His works include film PHURBU & TENZIN, teleplay SHAOLIN TEMPLE & ZEN, THE DOCTORS, THE THUNDER.
Wang Jinsong, an actor in mainland China, was firstly known by the public as Yang Jinshui in MING DYNASTY 1566. His other characters include: Mr Qu in BLOODY XIANGXI, Wang Puchen in ALL QUIET IN PEKING; Marquis Yan Que in NIRVANA IN FIRE, Xun Yu of THE ADVISORS ALLIANCE, Zhang Sunjiong in LEGEND OF FU YAO and Lin Yaodong in THE THUNDER, a recent hit show. He believes that each character holds a piece of an actor’s life.
ZHAO Dongling | Scriptwriter of RED SORGHUM, IN LAW WE BELIEVE
STVF Drama MasterClass
Time: 14:00-16:00
Date: Thursday, June 13
Venue: Central Hall, Shanghai Exhibition Center
STVFORUM is hosting its first ever TV Drama MasterClass in the aim to provide Chinese TV artists and producers with opportunities to learn from the industry’s movers and shakers.
How did they create high-quality TV dramas rooted in realism?
How did they make them appeal to the audience?
What business modes did they apply?
Top-notch directors and scriptwriters with a focus on realistic storytelling will be invited to lecture, sharing their work experience, artistic conceptions, creative skills, career path, etc., with reference to their projects.
New forces in China’s TV drama industry will be invited to meet and talk with the lecturers, getting guidance and inspiration on their own creation and production.
Guest Speakers:
FU Dongyu | Director of THE THUNDER, Member of China Television Director Committee
ZHAO Dongling | Scriptwriter of RED SORGHUM, IN LAW WE BELIEVE


Host Units: State Administration of Radio and Television   China Media Group   Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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