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A Festival Goes with the Times and Serves the Public——Summary of the 25th Shanghai TV Festival

The 25th Shanghai TV Festival ended successfully tonight. From June 10 to 14, during this Shanghai TV Festival, TV people from all over the world and all over China gathered in the Shanghai Exhibition Center. Various theme exhibitions, STVForum, TV market and other contents are splendid. The Internet Summit held in Putuo District gathered a large number of professionals from various major Internet and film and television organizations to discuss the current situation, put forward ideas and seek development, and jointly make suggestions for the development of the emerging Internet film and television industry. The juries of the Magnolia Awards at home and abroad repeatedly deliberated and expressed their opinions on the shortlisted works in Pudong New Area. Tonight, major awards will be announced. The atmosphere was even more enthusiastic when the TV Festival further strengthened public cultural services. A large number of domestic and overseas TV works were not only shown on TV screens, but also entered major cultural venues in the urban areas for offline screening, causing a tide wave of "watching TV plays on the big screen" among viewers.

70th Anniversary of Light and Shadow, New Era of Screen

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the new China. The first forum of the 25th Shanghai Television Festival kicked off with the prelude of "70th Anniversary of Light and Shadow, New Era of Screen". This Chinese Television Industry Summit focuses on the background of the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, whose topic relate to how to grasp the new opportunities in the new era and promote the innovation and excellence of radio and TV programs in strengthening the strategic layout of creation and how to embrace new technologies, enhance the quality upgrading of audio-visual content and optimize the development of the industry, etc. From the speeches made by TV people full of confidence and motivation, we can deeply feel that standing at the new starting point of the 70th of new China, the vast number of practitioners insist on going with the times, keeping the culture inheritance of innovation as the main theme, grasping opportunities tightly, forging ahead bravely, serving the people and striving to promote the high-quality development of China\'s TV industry.

Scene of Chinese Television Industry Summit

When entering the TV market of Shanghai Exhibition Center, the first thing the guests saw was the large posters of TV series in the cloister. The theme exhibition, entitled "Seventy Years of Brilliance, Dream Together with the Country", closely linked with the major events of the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, displayed a number of new plays for the birthdays of the motherland in the form of posters, texts and videos, including THE FOUNDING OF A REPUBLIC, CASTING SWORD AT THE DESPERATE SITUATION, DIPLO MATIC SITUATION and THE LIGHT OF LIFE, most of which are "2018-2022 selected plays for 100 key TV plays". Various film and television organizations and film makers have devoted a great deal of effort to shooting these realistic works of "eulogizing the Party, the motherland, the people and the heroes". From the pictures and brief introductions, we can feel the vivid and compact plots and vivid characters. These works will be presented to the general audience before and after the National Day.

Television Market Poster Corridor

Off-line screening movies benefit the public and enrich the cultural services
On the basis of last year\'s attempt to enhance public cultural services through offline screening, the "Guidance of Magnolia -Offline Screening Benefiting for the People" program of this year\'s TV Festival has increased its screening venues, repertoire and number of shows. Since the first round of free online booking on 3 June, it has aroused strong repercussions among the public. Many of the shows have been booked up in a few minutes, showing the great interest of the general public in the screening for the benefiting of the public. Over the past few days, in the China Art Museum, Power Station of Art, Shanghai Natural Museum, the Mercedes-Benz Arena and other screening venues, many audiences would queued up early for each screening, and the audience interacted enthusiastically at each screening meeting of the cast. Audiences have reflected that the screening activity uses modern technology and equipment and plays TV series as movies, "so that we can share more and more cultural content."

"Guidance of Magnolia", a cultural brand that Shanghai Television Festival is striving to build, includes not only TV dramas, documentaries and animated films, but also 24 VR films for global collection. This also makes the activity, which art and science and technology passion collides, attracting audiences of all ages. Some viewers suggested: "Shanghai has many large landmark cultural facilities such as museums, theaters and art galleries. Although the hardware facilities are very advanced and the appearance is spectacular and unique, there are still deficiencies in the content." The Benefiting for the People screening of the TV Festival is a good demonstration. If various cultural facilities organize more thematic film and television screenings according to their own positioning, many cultural facilities can be transformed into urban cultural balconies with richer connotations, more distinctive images and more attracting."

Post-screening meeting of FLEET OF TIME

The short-listed drama is hotly discussed and the judges speak out freely

This year\'s Magnolia Award of the 25th Shanghai TV Festival has undoubtedly once again attracted numerous attentions. On May 23, the shortlisted drama of the Magnolia Award has aroused great response from the audience as soon as it was announced. In recent years, the emergence of a large number of realistic themes and realistic works has enabled many viewers to return to the front of the television, to experience the fate of various characters in the era, and to taste the connotation of life in the sweet and bitter life. Therefore, the competition for the shortlisted films of the Chinese TV series in Magnolia Award TV Section is very fierce. The works of LIKE A FLOWING RIVER, LOST IN LOVE, WITH YOU, THE STORY OF ZHENGYANG GATE, ENTREPRENEURIAL AGE, MEMORIES OF PEKING, ALL IS WELL, etc. which have won both public praise and ratings, reflect the general trend of the industry in the past year and the concentrated appeal of public aesthetics. Among them, the TV series ALL IS WELL is leading with eight nominations. The "Su Family" in the drama was shortlisted for almost all individual awards.

As famous TV experts, the juries did not hesitate to praise the Magnolia Award when they were interviewed by the media. They all think that the fair and just reputation of Magnolia Award accumulated over the years is well known in the industry and is therefore highly respected. They also adhere to the same principle and choose excellent works that are worthy of the times and the audience in their free speech. They continue to promote the leading role of the Magnolia Award in TV drama creation. According to the selection of Magnolia Award, Gao Xixi, chairman of the TV Drama Jury, raised his own expectations for the creation of domestic TV dramas: "We must overcome impetuousness and created solidly. Now the audience\'s level has also improved. If you present immature works, the audience will definitely not be satisfied."

Gao Xixi, chairman of the TV Drama Jury in Magnolia Award of the 25th Shanghai TV Festival

Accompanied by Magnolia, Always on the Road

Since the first Shanghai International Friendly City Television Festival, the Shanghai Television Festival has set up a marketing campaign, ending the history of no television market in China. The TV market of each TV Festival, just like "Assembly", attracts new and old friends from all over the world, promotes cooperation time and time again, and undertakes the platform mission of promoting industry development, displaying new screen works and promoting communication. While the TV market enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad for "communication, trading and making friends", it has also gathered a large number of film and television organizations and leading figures. As a result, the 25th Shanghai TV Festival specially held a special TV market activity entitled "Accompanied by Magnolia, Always on the Road". A group of representatives of organizations that have witnessed the development of China\'s TV industry together with the market also deeply touched when they were awarded the honorary certificate of "Market Star". Zhao Yifang, founder and president of Huace Film and Television Group, said emotionally:"In the 1990s, we were still a small company. When we first came to the exhibition, it was a very small booth. Through such a small booth, we have made many domestic and foreign partners in the TV market and found a broad space for development. Shanghai TV Festival gives us a stage, but also an important platform for the development of Huace. So, every year at the festival, we will not miss the TV market". Paul Pablo, a representative of Reed MIDEM, has been participating in the TV market for 16 consecutive years. His speech was particularly touching: "Over the past 16 years, we have helped each other and moved forward hand in hand. We send delegations to each other\'s exhibitions, learn from each other\'s advanced exhibition concept and practical skills, and replace each other in publicity, industry resources, international cooperation and other aspects, and work together to build a more professional and efficient communication bridge for the Chinese and global film and television industry. I would like to express my love to the Shanghai TV Festival personally: For the past 10 years, I have come to the beautiful city of Shanghai almost every June to participate in this industry event. Only once, I didn\'t make it. My baby was born that year. As a friend, I\'m sure the Shanghai TV Festival will forgive me for my absence."

Market activity site

With the support of friends at home and abroad, the television market in recent years has always maintained a high popularity. This year, the exhibition covers an area of more than 16,000 square meters, with 276 exhibitors from China, Britain, Thailand, France and other countries and regions, including film and television companies, broadcasting platforms, film and television bases, and technical service companies. The "Belt and Road" Pavilion, which opened last year, has organized 15 Chinese and foreign program promotions in three days. Topics such as including "from content output to co-production", and China-Russia co-production promotion in order to further deepened the cultural exchanges between the "Belt and Road" films and television programs, which have aroused heated discussions.

Scene of "Belt and Road" Pavilion

Viewpoints exchange, thoughts interweave and reflect each other

With exchange of different viewpoints and interweaving of various ideas, STVForum was always regarded as a weathervane for the TV industry. The STVForum of this TV Festival includes major themes such as TV industry development, thematic variety, TV drama commentary, TV drama creation and "going global" of Chinese TV dramas and other major themes. "Chinese Variety Shows Reinvented: Originality in Production Mode and Distribution Strategy" proposed a new trend of development: While the old popular variety shows are gradually cooling down, a number of original models of culture, history and music have emerged, which have not only attracted the attention of professionals, but also won the praise and love of the vast audience. The common characteristic of these variety shows is "small cost, positive energy and great feelings". Variety shows such as THE CHINESE POETRY COMPETITION, CHINESE POETRY AND LITERATURE, NATIONAL TREASURE and NEW ARRIVAL OF THE PALACE MUSEUM are all very popular among audience. The success of such programs is closely related to the fact that they are rooted in Chinese traditional culture and bring positive energy to the times. On the TV drama creation forum "The Recipe of a Series: Reality Driven, Zeitgeist Defined", directors, screenwriters and actors of popular TV dramas gathered together to hold in-depth dialogues on the realistic themes and realistic creation methods of TV dramas. Some artists believe that realistic themes should emphasize the value of the times, transmit the spirit of the times, pay attention to the reality, and have guidance in life. Some participants pointed out that creators should respect the laws of art, establish their aspirations in the process of creation, dare to explore new things, and present the creator\'s answers to the reality in each work.

Scene of TV Drama Creation Forum "The Recipe of a Series: Reality Driven, Zeitgeist Defined"

The form, ecology and pattern of TV drama commentary in the age of media convergence are all undergoing new changes. On the forum of "Television Criticism in the Age of Media Convergence", the commentators pointed out that the active social media has affected the pattern of TV drama review and promoted the development of TV drama review towards popularity, networking and youth. The diversification of the main body of TV commentary is changing the content and methods of commentary, which objectively not only expands the scopes of reviewers, but also updates the understanding and ecology of TV commentary. Moreover, on the Forum of "Drama Without Borders: Chinese Narratives for Global Audience", senior TV professionals at home and abroad shared with the audience the positive progress made by Chinese TV series in recent years in "exporting overseas" and the efforts to continuously expand the export of realistic themes and promote the integration and dissemination of foreign TV series. At present, the production level and story-telling quality of Chinese TV plays are continuously improving, but there is still great challenge. Many TV people need to break through the limitation of theme, tell more touching stories of contemporary Chinese people, and show the real style of Chinese society to the world with TV plays with a firm cultural confidence.

Scene of "Television Criticism in the Age of Media Convergence" Forum

Advocate the creation of excellent works and speak for the times

The second Internet Summit held in Putuo District, although only on June 11 and 12, but the energy was fully released. This is a summit dialogue to discuss the future of the industry together, a keynote forum to issue authoritative reports and lists of top-quality products, a grand ceremony of high-quality products with various artists and closer to audience, and four high-quality products forums focusing on content. In a short period of two days, the content is refined and keypoint is emphasized, gathering the top-quality small projects, hot topics and key figures in the current Internet film and television industry. Over the past two days, the number of people registered online for the summit increased by more than 70% compared with last year, and the actual number of people attending the summit also increased significantly compared with last year.

Scene of Internet Summit

In response to the industry\'s concerns, the 2019 Internet Summit also responded resoundingly with solid content and positive communication: During the Summit, the two major reports of "2019 China Excellent Network Video Research Report" and the "2019 Blue Book of China\'s Audio-Visual New Media were released, systematically combing the creation of the network audio-visual content and summarizing the current situation of the network, including the network audio-visual publicity position is constantly consolidating and expanding, the Internet audio-visual program service continues to flourish, the quality of high-quality products continues to improve, the interaction between Internet and television is further strengthened, technological innovation drives industrial upgrading, and international cooperation moves towards in-depth development etc. Among them, the 2019 China Excellent Network Video Research Report elaborates in detail on the creation of excellent works in the fields of network variety, network drama, network movie and short video content. While sharing the authoritative information of the industry, it points out the direction for future creation.
In addition to releasing the authoritative reports, the four Internet Film and Television Quality Forums focusing on IP development, Internet movies, Internet dramas, and Internet variety shows are full of achievements. The topics of "industry mission" and "quality consciousness" were mentioned most frequently by people from all walks of life. It should be said that with the official arrival of the 5G era and the continuous deepening of the integration of Internet and television, the network audio-visual industry pays more attention to the details of management structure and the guidance of values in 2019, which has become the consensus of the industry to create excellent products in the innovation of keep the culture inheritance. Through sorting out the opinions of the participants, Shanghai\'s three major advantages are very obvious: first, it has a unique geographical advantage. Shanghai is an international film and television front facing the world, and it is able to radiate to the whole country and connect with overseas countries for its important role as "bridgehead" and "dock"; The second is the unparalleled comprehensive strength, whether in economy, science and technology, culture, education or innovation atmosphere, Shanghai is a city where people "don\'t want to leave when they come". The third is its incomparable business environment. Shanghai has launched a series of active film and television policies and services, continuously improving the film and television industry facilities, and welcoming high-quality enterprises, projects and talents.

Scene of Internet Film and Television Quality Forum "New Content, New Model, New Marketing - Internet Movies Are In Changing"


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