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Internet Television - Quality Forum | Analyzes the \"New Online Drama\". These Creators Outline the

On the afternoon of June 12, the Internet Television - Quality Forum was held in Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center of International Sourcing with the theme of "Online Drama to Drama Series: Breaking Old Concepts and Cultivating New Ecology" at the Internet Summit of Shanghai International Film and Television Festival in 2019. Representatives from platform, creators and guests discussed the current development and future trend of online drama.


Spot of Internet Television - Quality Forum and Online Drama Forum

Luo Jianhui, Vice President of China Netcasting Services Association, said in his speech that the rapid development of the network audio-visual industry has provided a perfect environment for the development of online drama. With the rapid development of online drama, there are still some problems that need to be solved, such as insufficient proportion of high-quality dramas and lack of originality. Therefore, he put forward three points in his speech: one is to deepen the understanding and respond to the time proposition; the second is to keep the culture inheritance and reward the audience with excellent products; third, keep pace with the times and cultivate new ecology.

"Circle" and "National Orientation" of Online Drama

With the rapid development of audio-visual content market, whether based on the trend of entertainment consumption, industry scale or industry pattern, it is time to examine the fragmented concepts of "TV series" and "online drama".

On the forum, Cheng Shenglin, Director of the Drama Center of the Weibo Internet &Television  Operation Department, mentioned in the sharing named "Social Drama Following Promotes the Refinement of Online Drama" that more than 100 sub-sectors of the current Internet secondary market were emerging, the attention of users continues to fragmentation, consumption grading, decentralization, de-circle trend is obvious. Therefore, it has become the key to the development of network drama to meet the needs of some circle users and then split the circle.

At the same time, Cheng Shenglin also mentioned the theme characteristics of the 2019 online drama at the scene, "creators have slowly transferred the production of the network drama to vertical and anti-popularization." She also mentioned that in the process of promoting the refinement of online drama by social drama, it is necessary to find out who are the effective audiences and make a precise position according to their preferences.

With the increasing number of "back-feeding satellite TV" works such as THE THUNDER and so on, the pursuit of high-quality TV series has also become the core proposition analyzed by this forum. As a representative of the data platform, Cui Yanzhen, Managing Director of China Mainland Media Research Co., Ltd., said that the online drama market has developed rapidly in recent years, especially under the same standards of Internet &television, the creation of online drama has entered a period of "improving quality and output". Cui Yanzhen analyzed that this year\'s online drama is moving towards standardization and refinement.

As a representative of the video website, iQIYI has not only launched a series of realistic hot works in the past two years, but also gradually explored a suitable platform for the development of quality production. For the new development of network drama, Dai Ying, Vice President of iQIYI and General Manager of iQIYI Self-produced Drama Development Center, put forward three key words: innovation, quality and original content IP. 

As far as Dai Ying concerned, online drama completely opens the user pay market, and the key to the success of online drama depends on its originality and uniqueness. "Whether there is a unique theme within the project, whether the story is novel, whether the character setting is unique enough, these are the most critical. When we really finish a good work, it is an IP, and the original content will become IP."

What is the "tomorrow" online drama like?

While the major platforms are constantly seeking innovative development of online dramas, the question before the creators is that how can online dramas be further developed and become top quality?

Cui Yanzhen analyzed the development trend of 2019 online dramas according to this problem. He said that science fiction themes will have a new trend in 2019 and have greater potential; the suspense drama will become more popular; the youth idol drama is still one of the layout types; Short videos, network short plays and vertical screen plays have become new fashions.

At the same time, Cui Yanzhen said, "The younger, personalized and layered network drams will also become a new development trend. Excellent network plays can break the circle of the network and spread to the masses, to become excellent works.

In the round-table forum, the representatives of the three creators also had an in-depth exchange around the theme and creation of the online drama.

THE THUNDER, which was recently broadcast on the iQIYI platform, is a "hot style". The online drama, based on the 2013 Guangdong Thunder Anti-drug "1229 Special Campaign," has attracted the attention of the entire network since its broadcast and has successfully broadcasted on CCTV, Satellite TV and other platforms. On the spot, Fu Dongyu, chief director of THE THUNDER, said: on one hand, the popularity of THE THUNDER lies in its typological creation; on the other hand, it is the quality of filming according to the requirements of the film.

Dongyu Fu said that in terms of whole industry, the creation of realistic themes is a big direction. For him personally, he "prefers dramatized and masculine scripts and likes to push the characters to the extreme."

Wu Bai, a well-known director, founder of the Give ME Five and initiator of the ARC LIGHT Alliance, "revealed" the three works to be met with the audience, namely PING PONG, which is based on the development history of Ping Pong in China, THE SIGHTING, which focuses on the story of two snipers, and FEARLESS WHISPERS, a life drama of the Republic of China.

We can see that the changes of audience and platform are also affecting the creative methods of film and television creators. Gao Xuan, movie and TV screenwriter, said at the scene that she used to pay more attention to or only pay attention to the themes she wrote, but now she is more concerned about whether what she wants to write is the same as what the audience sees, and looking for the greatest common denominator between the two. At the same time, she mentioned that for herself, the creative principle of realism will not change, but how to find a universal work that is more conform to the interaction between Internet and television and more conform to the young audience will be her next creative direction.

Dai Ying pointed out that for the next development of online drama, technological innovation will inevitably bring content innovation. In her view, there will be more room for future series of innovative forms such as short drams, interactive dramas and vertical screen dramas. 

As for the topic of "what\'s the next hot style of online TV series" that everyone is very concerned about, Gao qi, the forum host and Editor-in-chief of NATIONAL RADIO AND TELEVISION ADMINISTRATION REVIEW, concluded that "the emergence of THE THUNDER at this time node has sample significance, because it has a strong continuity to the excellent tradition of Chinese TV series for the theme types and expression methods, and does not belong to the type of the so-called" online feeling" and "hot style". However, it has still gained the recognition of the audience and the market, which shows that the development of the series, including online drama, has developed into a new stage. Only works produced by heart and works of high quality have hot style potential."

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