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Internet Television - Quality Forum | Pay Attention to IP Development: IP Can Bring New Energy into

"New Era, New IP, New Direction, New Value." On June 12, 2019, the Shanghai International Film and Television Festival Internet Television - Quality Forum·IP Development Forum was held at the Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center of International Sourcing. It not only unveiled the top 100 IPs in 2018, but also made special recommendations for 30 quality IPs, and launched brainstorming on the theme of "How to Make Super IP Play Super Effect" to jointly explore the new IP ecosystem of cross-border synergy, sustainable development, symbiosis and win-win.

Tong Ying, deputy director of the Shanghai International Film and Television Festival Center, attended the forum and delivered a speech. Hou Xiaoqiang, founder of Jinying Technology  &China Wit Media Co., Ltd., Dai Ying, vice president of iQIYI and general manager of iQIYI Self-produced Drama Development Center, Bai Yicong, founder and CEO of Linghe Media, Li Kun, founder and co-CEO of Nicefilm, Zhu Zhenhua, founder and chairman of Sugarman Media, Zeng Hanxian, well-known film and television producer/supervisor, Liu Chaohui, founder of Wunandaolai, and Gao Mingqian, founder of Radiant Pictures were divided into two groups and held round-table dialogues on the two topics of "How to Accumulate IP\'s Rich Storage Capacity" and "How to Implement the Serialization of IP". Tao Yunyi, Managing Director of Fosun Film and Television, Duan Yilun, producer of Disney\'s original content, Li Yuhao, assistant president of Sunac Culture, Sun Yi, editor-in-chief of Migu Digital Media, and Chen Caiyun, general manager of Huayaoshi Film and other special guests were invited to attend. Together more than 300 industry delegates attended the meeting. The guests\' discussion stimulated deep thought and aroused heated discussions.

Guest Photo of Shanghai International Film and Television Festival Internet Television - Quality Forum • IP Development Forum

As a permanent part of the Shanghai Film and Television Festival, the Internet Summit builds a platform to promote exchanges and accelerate the in-depth integration of the Internet and the film and television industry. During this period, the value of IP is obvious. With the fast development of times, how to deeply study high-quality IP, reshape the commercial and social value of IP, and comprehensively build the sustained influence of IP have become the focus of the industry and the problems that need to be solved urgently at present.

"We hope that through the exchange of this IP development forum, we can constantly think and discuss, exchange ideas, form consensus, and constantly create stories that conform to the spirit of the new era. We also believe that in this era of rapid integration of culture and technology, high-quality IP will still release new energy and reflect new value." Tong Ying said at the forum.

At last year\'s Internet Summit, IP was used as a link to connect the upstream and downstream of the film and television industry, which not only enhanced the popularity and influence of the works, but also promoted in-depth exchanges and cooperation among film and television capital, production teams and content sources. This year\'s Internet Summit will further explore the source of internet film and television, providing a broad space for industry cooperation upstream and downstream. The "2018 IP Top 100" announced at this forum not only targeted at literature, but also broadened categories based on last year. For the first time, the forum selects high-quality IP from the field of comics, forming the situation of tripartite confrontation including publishing, online writing and comics. Tong Ying, Hou Xiaoqiang, Dai Ying, Bai Yicong, Li Kun, Zhu Zhenhua, Zeng Hanxian, Liu Chaohui and Gao Mingqian and other 9 guests also jointly made special recommendations on 30 high-quality works such as STARTING A NE LIFE, ENGERY POWER  and THE ORPHANS OF RED PLANET.

Times have changed dramatically, IP emerged one after another, but there is still a lack of outstanding works. So what is a good IP? 

"Not all stories can be called IP." Hou Xiaoqiang, who has been writing IP for many years, believed that IP needs potential energy, i.e. user base, and need to be tested; IP requires identification, that is, the story is unique; IP must be scarce; moreover, IP must have a most excellent character setting, and can not be a very ordinary character. 

From the producer\'s point of view, Bai Yicong is more concerned about "whether it can be shot or not", "some IP is very good, but we can\'t shoot, even if we have advanced technology and sufficient investment, there is no way to achieve it". At the same time, he pointed out that making IP plays is also promoting technological upgrading and "forcing us to study new shooting methods", but after IP "was picturized, the audience will always remember the characters".

As a representative of the platform, Dai Ying pointed out that in terms of practical operation level, choosing an IP mainly depends on three points: one is the theme, the other is the story, and the third is the character setting. Of course, the theme should conform to the mainstream values of the current society and the background of social development. The narrative angle of the story should be new, the innovation update is very crucial to the development of the film and TV industry of the whole Internet environment, and the classic lines produced by the most excellent character setting are especially helpful for the later dissemination. These comprehensive factors determine whether the project can be recognized by the market and whether the works can be published.

Li Kun, the founder of Nicefilm, also has her own rules in choosing IP. First of all, it has the developability of producing film and television, and has less challenging; secondly, its types and subjects are supported by the government; thirdly, it must be popular. In addition to purchasing IP, she also mentioned particularly that the channels and methods of IP development are upgrading. "We strive to make our own original works into IP, that is, the reverse output of IP. Moreover, we hope that through multi-dimensional and three-dimensional development, IP fans can be gathered in different circles to truly form the value of IP". 

It is difficult to find IP, and it is even more difficult to develop IP. The guests on the scene have different insights, accumulated different experiences and mastered different methods on how to make IP in series.

"In the process of preparing for film and television, whether novel or original, the most important thing is to transform the control in the middle." Zhu Zhenhua, known as the producer, said that the transformation process ultimately determines the level of the final work, and the middle is actually a correction process. We need to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of IP, "what to keep and what to remove, the adjustment process takes the longest time in our development logic." At the same time, in this transformation process, we must respect the rules of video or audio-visual creation, we must respect people of all professions, and we must respect the professional advice of every node from the ecological point of view.

Zeng Hanxian, a well-known producer of such famous IPs as THE TAG-ALONG, believed that whether you\'re making an IP or creating an original, you need to find a process that interacts with the environment or the marketplace, a process that can come from emotional weaknesses or a constant resonance. "After the core of the original IP is captured, a lot of things can be changed. After the production of our work, we need to face the audience one year or two years later, so we must find a new process to let everyone see that this work can continue the process of concern, which may be more commercial and valuable after such things are adapted in the future."

Is it worth spending more than 30 million yuan to make a big IP movie? For Liu Chaohui, it does not seem to be a problem because of "strong content confidence". Even without a single member on the platform, he said, "I still want to produce a good work and bring new users to them, which is what the platform needs most, and for the work, it also needs to break the circle strongly". In addition, top-level IP and top-level imagination must be linked with top-level resources, such as "selecting the team with the highest understanding and industry standards in this industry".

Gao Mingqian, who once created the circle-breaking masterpiece EAGLES AND YOUNGSTER, attached great importance to the execution of IP: In order to incubate IP into a good script, you first need to find the core of the story. And in order to implement it well, it still needs the support of industrialization. At present, the picture and visual effects of movies and TV programs have reached a certain degree of industrialization. While real industrialization still needs a process.

As we all know, IP is only a starting point for serialized development. Practice has repeatedly proved that as long as the way is reasonable and the method is appropriate, each high-quality IP can generate cross-border high-quality products of different formats. We expect more high-quality IP will play the role of lead effect, continue the value of the long tail, play the high-quality mission and continue the new mission of the times.


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