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Nominations for The 25th Shanghai TV Festival

Nominees for TV Drama

Best TV Series (China)
Entrepreneurial Age
Like a Flowing River
All is Well
The Way We Were
The City, the Family
The Rise of Phoenixes
 The Story of Zheng Yang Gate
Memories of Peking
The Story of MingLan
Perfect Youth

Best Director
Jian Chuanhe All is Well 
Kong Sheng  Huang Wei Like a Flowing River
Liu Jiacheng  The Story of Zheng Yang Gate 
Shen Yan, Liu Haibo The Rise of Phoenixes 
Zhang Kaizhou The Story of MingLan 

Best Original Screenplay
Gao Mantang, Li Zhou Frontier of Love
Gao Xuan, Ren Baoru The Way We Were 
Guo Jingyu, Yang Yong Perfect Youth  
Liu Yan Memories of Peking 
Wang Zhili, Hao Jinming   The Story of Zheng Yang Gate 

Best Adapted Screenplay
Zeng Lu, Wu Tong The Story of MingLan 
Li Jia With You
Wang Sanmao, Lei Zi All is Well 
Yan Geling, Peng Sanyuan The Years You Were Late
Yuan Keping, Tang Yao Like a Flowing River

Best Actor in a Leading Role
Chen Kun  The Rise of Phoenixes 
He Bing  Memories of Peking 
Ni Dahong  All is Well 
Wang Kai  Like a Flowing River
Zu Feng  The Mask

Best Actress in a Leading Role
Jiang Wenli  The Story of Zheng Yang Gate 
Liu Bei Memories of Peking 
Wan Qian Lost in Love
Yao Chen All is Well 
Zhao Liying The Story of MingLan 

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Gao Xin All is Well 
Guo Jingfei All is Well 
Li Naiwen Frontier of Love
Liu Yijun Great Expectations
Zhu Yilong The Story of MingLan 

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Li Nian All is Well 
Liu Lin The Story of MingLan 
Sa Rina The City, the Family 
Tian Hairong  The Story of Zheng Yang Gate 
Tong Yao Like a Flowing River

Best Cinematography
Frontier of Love
Like a Flowing River
The Rise of Phoenixes 
 The Sound of Bell at Shanghai Bund
 Great Expectations

Best Art Direction
Frontier of Love
Like a Flowing River
The Rise of Phoenixes 
 Great Expectations
 The Story of MingLan 

Best Foreign TV Film/Miniseries
Les Miserables UK
Das Boot Germany
Stepmom and Daughter Blues Japan
My Brilliant Friend Italy
Humans UK

Best Foreign TV Series/Serial
The Gifted Thailand
3 Women Portugal
Pagan Peak Germany
Presumed Guilty Spain
Paths to Freedom Poland

Nominees for Documentary

Best Documentary Series
Aerial China Season II China
The Art of Museums Germany
Wild Metropolis UK
Life Matters Season II China
Wild Austria - Created by Water Austria

Best Documentary
Beloved Iran
Fukuhara Ai : A Quarter of the Century in Front of the Camera Japan
Kung Fu China
I Grew up as You Slept Poland
Third-Class Travel Russia

Nominees for Animation

Best Animation Category
Killer Seven China
Max & Maestro France/ Germany/ Italy
Cells at Work! Japan
Mini Ninjas France
Moominvalley Finland/ UK
Hello World! France
Legend of the Silk Road China
My Hero Academia 3 Japan
Perfectly Naughty Kids Russia
Zog UK

Nominees for Variety

Best Variety Program
Keep Running II
The Nation’s Greatest Treasures II
Forward to the Future III
Letters Alive III
Readers II
New Arrival of the Palace Museum
The Sound II
My Little One
I am the Actor
We Are on the Way II
The Wonderful Read
Chinese Classical Poetry Quiz Show IV
Puzzle Masters II


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