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Centering on “innovation and creation undertaking” and “creation quality improvement”, adhering to the themes of “creating for people” and “telling stories of China”, the STVFORUM carries forward discussions around TV dramas, variety shows, documentaries, animations, etc., touching upon topics including “how TV dramas showcase cultural confidence”, “the independent innovation of original variety shows”, “the development direction of documentaries”, “reflections on the animation industry”, and so on.


How Chinese TV Series Showcase Culture Self-confidence

Time: 10:00-12:00

Date: Tuesday, June 13rd

Venue: Central Hall, Shanghai Exhibition Center 

Brief: Cultural self-confidence refers to a nation or a country’s full recognition and active practice of their own cultural values, and firm confidence in cultural vitality. As a program form loved by large audience, TV drama should consciously practice cultural self-confidence during the creation process; the TV drama creation isolating itself from valuable cultural foundation is like water without a source, which is hard to produce excellent works. In recent years, the investment volume and remuneration for main cast in the TV industry have shown a soaring trend, but works showing cultural profoundness are still rare; without a large number of refined domestic dramas backing, the TV drama export "2.0 era" will still have a long and hard way to go. How can TV quality and capital complement each other? How should domestic dramas incarnate cultural self-confidence? The forum invites the jury president of the Magnolia Awards TV drama unit and industry veterans to discuss how to extract the essence of traditional culture, create TV works with thoughts, emotions and quality, tell Chinese stories and display cultural self-confidence.


Moderator: WANG Liping | National First Grade Screenwriter


Guest Speakers:

LI Lu | Director, Producer

MAO Weining | Director

MA Zhongjun | Chairman,President of Ciwen Media Co.Ltd

Suman WANG | Editor-in-chief of Tencent Video

Wang Leiqing | Director of Drama Center ,SMG


Co-organiser: Tencent Entertainment



Documentary: The Multi-platform Distribution and Audience Developing

Time: 10:00-12:00

Date: Tuesday, June 13rd

Venue: Shanghai Exhibition Center, 3F, Western Hall No.2

Brief: In the last few years, the hard-working and joint efforts of documentary practitioners have helped documentary gain popularity. To reach a further development of the documentary industry however, not only requires the artisan’s spirit which ensures the high quality of content creation, but also needs extra efforts in distributing the documentary and cultivating the audience. With the changing media environment in China, professional channel, satellite television and new media has become the three principal forces in distributing TV documentary. New dissemination platforms bring in new audiences and new profit points. How to seize this opportunity to take the documentary industry a step further? How to discover richer content and foster more audience in such new scenario? What kind of experience from foreign documentary industry can be used in China for reference? The forum invites guests from China and abroad, focusing on the discussion of distribution and audience fostering in documentary industry.


Moderator: LI Lun | Deputy Editor in Chief, Tencent


Guest Speakers:

LIN Xudong | Researcher on Documentary Films

Simon KILMURRY | Documentary Producer, USA

Rakesh SHARMA | Director, India

XIA Meng | Director



Opening Session: Cultural Heritage and Modern Innovation -- The Chinese Television Independent Innovation Summit

(Invitation Only)

Time: 14:00-16:00

Date: Tuesday, June 13rd

Venue: 298 Weihai Road, Shanghai

Brief: In June, 2016, in order to promote “Independent Innovation” of TV programs in China, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China issued a new management policy, which has achieved remarkable results. Keywords such as "indigenous innovation, full intellectual property rights, joint research and development, format management" have become hot topics in television industry at home and abroad. 2016 was defined as the first format year of "original variety show in China".

However, after experiencing sky-high price of overseas program formats and the dispute on copyright of original program formats, how could Chinese TV professionals get rid of the dependence on introducing overseas program formats? How to effectively build an innovative operation mechanism under the call of "Independent Innovation"? How should Chinese TV programs achieve modern innovation? How will traditional cultural values lead to promising chemical reaction during the creation process of original program formats?

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the implementation of the policy of "Independent Innovation", the opening forum with the theme of "Cultural Heritage and Modern Innovation" is held to showcase the achievements of "China’s original variety show" formats, exchange experiences on producing outstanding cultural programs in China, and explore export channels of Chinese cultural value. It will further clarify the development direction of " Independent Innovation ", further establish the cultural confidence of “being Chinese original", effectively cultivate new talents of program development, dig new value of original program formats as well as build a new pattern of Chinese TV programs.


Moderator: LU Di | Professor and Ph.D. Supervisor of Journalism and communication School, Peking University. Director of Audio Visual Research Center, Peking University


Guest Speakers:

DONG Qing | Producer of The Reader

HU Zhengrong | Professor and President of the Communication University of China, Director of the National Centre for Communication Innovation.

LI Yi |Managing Director of DragonTV, Shanghai Media Group

WANG Jianjun | President of Shanghai Media Group

Wu Keyu | Director of Program R&D Department, Program Controlling Office, CCTV  

YANG Hui |Founder and Chairman of Vivid Media

YANG Jing |President/Editor-In-Chief, Heilongjiang Broadcasting Station

Chairperson/General Manager, Heilongjiang Media Group Ltd.

ZHANG Yimin | Vice President of Inner Mongolia Radio TV Station


Co-organiser: SMG


New Content, New Model, New Opportunity--TV/Video Ecological Innovation in the context of Media Convergence

Time: 14:00-16:30

Date: Tuesday, June 13rd

Venue: Central Hall, Shanghai Exhibition Center

Brief: Media Convergence has been pushed into a new phase by the rapid development of cloud computing and big data technology, intelligent terminal and OTT TV, new prospective visual-audit technology, etc. Deep media convergence gives a large amount of industry opportunities for channel innovation, content production and so on. PGC and UGC respectively created by media organizations and users mutually construct new ecology in video content. Faced with rapid iteration and revolutionary environment of convergence, how do TV media, video websites, program production organizations, advertising companies seize the opportunities and produce phenomenal contents, create new business models and make powerful strategy map for video ecology? This forum focuses on TV-video ecological innovation in the context of deep media convergence from upgrading of TV coverage channel to living room market content operation to video eco-innovation, from content ecological strategy to new phenomenal content production to business model innovation, using big data to start the double-wheel engine of channel upgrading and content innovation, and providing help for the production of TV-video ecological strategy map.


Moderator: YU Li | Individual Project Manager of Shanghai Entertainment Team Media Group (Dragon TV Center)


Guest Speakers:

CAO Zhigao | COO of STAR Group Limited

CHEN Jiawei | Director of Fujian SETV

Blair CUI | Managing Director of China Mainland Media Research Co.,Ltd.

GE Chengzhi | President of Research Institute of iQIyI.com.

Katrina JIN | General Manager Assistant and Operations Department Director of China Mainland Media Research Co.,Ltd. Director of Video Big Data Project

LI Lan | Director of Information Department of Development and Research Center of State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China. Subeditor of Blue Book of China’s Radio, Film and Television

YANG Zongling | Founder & President of Century KP International Media Advertising Co.,Ltd.

YU Detong | Director of GDTV

YU Guoming | Executive Dean of College of Communication & Journalism in Beijing Normal University

ZHAO Shuqing | Dean of Internet Information Research Institute of Communication University of China


Co-organiser: China Mainland Media Research



How Do Web-based Variety Shows Deliver Positive Values?

Time: 10:00-12:00

Date: Wednesday, June 14th

Venue: Central Hall, Shanghai Exhibition Center 

Brief: Right after the arrival of the mobile Internet era, young people’s demand for entertainment keeps increasing, leading to the continuous flourishing of the television, film, variety show industries, and creating huge hits one after another. At the same time, from perspective of those who hold traditional values, the fable of "Amusing Ourselves to Death" is also on the way of being fulfilled. Just when "no tolerance for traditional culture" gradually becomes the stereotype of the Internet era, a group of special and fresh programs emerge, allowing us to see the other side of the coin – young people enjoy the sarcasm and teasing in U Can U Bibi and Roast as well as the calm and refinedness in Letters Alive. The forum invites variety show producers from two generations, represented by Guan Zhengwen, Yan Min, Mu Di, Shang Hui, etc., to discuss:in the current contexts, how variety shows combine entertainment and true values, balance amusement and aesthetics, and weigh between following and leading? How to eliminate the gap between the two generations, and make better use of entertainment to convey values and to pile up culture?


Moderator: Scott YANG | The Founder of Cool Vision on TV, TV Critic


Guest speakers:

GUAN Zhengwen | Chairman and Founder of Beijing Share Television-Media Cultural Development Co.,Ltd.

Judith | MEWE Media Co-Founder & CCO

Evan SHANG | Producer of Tencent Penguin Pictures Tianxiang Studio

Sean | Independent Producer of Dragon TV

Woody WANG | The Deputy GM & Producer of Vision Media

YAN Min | The Director of Go Fighting and Recruitment & the independent producer of Dragon TV


Co-organiser: Tencent Entertainment



Future of Chinese Original Web Series

Time: 14:00-16:00

Date: Wednesday, June 14th

Venue: Central Hall, Shanghai Exhibition Center

Brief:Started from 2014, the year iQIYI announced the production of the super web series - 『The Grave Robber’s Journal』(『Dao Mu Bi Ji』), the whole web series market has shown its trend of blossom. In 2014 – 2016, the web series industry stepped into a scale development, with strong support from both the capital and the platform. When the time comes into 2017, the web series content industry has a more mature business mode, more movie production teams in the market, and more open and systematic cooperation mechanisms of platforms, which make its future more imaginative. Meanwhile, the literary IP is at the top of the industrial chain. iQIYI has initiated original literature business in 2016. In the coming days, iQIYI will concentrate on the high-quality original literature IP, utilize the platform’s powerful operational capabilities, and leverage the unique strength of the IP adaptation industrial chain, to create the movie and TV content in a young and positive attitude. The web series has now entered into a golden age. In what form will it develop further?


Moderator: LV Xiang | iQIYI Chief Host


Guest Speakers:

BAI Yicong | CEO of ShanghaiShili/ LingHe Film and Television Production Ltd

DAI Ying | Vice President and WEB Drama General Manager of iQIYI

Ivy DONG | General Manager of iQIYI Literature Department

Leo GENG | Senior Vice President of iQIYI

HOU Xiaoqiang | Founder of China Wit Media and Beijing Jinying Technology

Queque | Famous Writer and Screenwriter

WANG Xiaohui | Chief Content Officer of iQIYI

Wubai | Director/ Founder of ARC LIGHT Union and Givemefive

YIN Xiangjin | General Manager of WANDA IM-POWER MEDIA CO., LTD 

ZHU Zhenhua | Sugar Man Media Chairman, Founder, Producer


Co-organiser: iQIYI



The Development and Production of Animation IPs

Time: 14:00-16:00

Date: Wednesday, June 14th

Venue: 3F, Western Hall No.2, Shanghai Exhibition Center

Brief: Animation IP refers to deliberately centering on a given image or an existing story when creating animation works. When an animated image or story is shaped into a brand image and generates fan effect, the creator will start a long-term creation of the IP and develop it into other related cultural products. Globally, the animation industry has become an important product of the knowledge economy era and a cultural industry that every country will not hesitate to develop. The Chinese animation industry is also experiencing vigorous growth. The exploration and production of Animation IP in China begin to take root, leaving a huge space for it to develop. Professional development, marketing and management of Animation IP, will play key roles in improving the ROI of the Chinese animation industry, as well as the overall development. The forum brings together the jury members of the Magnolia Awards for Animation this year and domestic animation practitioners, merges together cases from home and abroad, and shares experience of and discuss reflections on the Animation IP production.


Moderator: Leo WANG | President, BenLai Pictures


Guest Speakers:

Chawalit KAEWMANEE | Director, Thailand

Joan LOFTS | Animation Producer, UK

LUO Li | Vice President of China Reading Limited



Innovation and Quality of Screenwriting

Time: 10:00-12:00

Date: Thursday, June 15th

Venue: Central Hall, Shanghai Exhibition Center

Brief: In recent years, both film producers and the audience have been paying more attention to the creation and the quality of film and television scripts. As the "guardians" of the scripts, screenwriters not only need to adhere to the quality with craftsman spirit during the content creation process, but also have to keep exploring towards innovation and novelty. But can content innovation and script quality truly be achieved at the same time? Is there any skill or shortcut in content innovation? How to explore more abundant content and to cultivate more audience in the new context? 

Based on the theme, we will aim at the difficulty of script innovation, concentrate on the creation of script quality, and invite renowned scriptwriters from home and abroad to share with the critics and the audience about their own reflections and experience from the perspective of creation. At the same time, we have invited famous overseas producers to look at the market reactions of a variety of film and television works, and to discuss the importance of content innovations from the perspective of capital.


Moderator: ZHOU Liming | Literary Critic


Guest Speakers:

Nicole CLEMENS | Producer, USA

Vaun WILMOTT | Producer, Screenwriter, USA

ZHANG Yongchen | Screenwriter, Chairman of Pilot Media


Co-organiser: Pilot Media



Audience Study of Current Stage TV Drama -- Realistic Theme and IP Adaptation

Time: 14:00-16:00

Date: Thursday, June15th

Venue: Central Hall, Shanghai Exhibition Center

Brief: Following the huge success of historical IP adaptations, The Journey of Flower and Nirvana in Fire in 2015, Ice Fantasy and The Legend of Chusen did not catch much attention in 2016, which casted a shadow over the prospect of large historical IP adaptations. Eternal Love and Fighter of the Destiny started broadcasting at the beginning of 2017, and a series of new IP dramas including Agent Princess and Lost Love in Times will be shown during the summer break. What connections do the success or failure of the IP adaptations have with the development of the entire industry market?

In 2017, In the Name of People, Surgeons, Ode to Joy II, Midnight Diner and other dramas have realistic themes are gaining more and more popularity, which accelerate their speeds to occupy the market. Many creators once claimed that realistic themes were barely appealing to the young audience, and the purchasing side was unable to appreciate quality works. Yet, the status quo makes us to rethink: what indeed constitutes our audience group? Is it necessarily true that the young audience rejects realistic themes?

A TV drama of any genre may face success or failure. Genre is not the key, yet content is always the king. Instead of complaining about the chaos and disorders in the market, it is better for the creators to spend more time studying the preferences of the audience as well as the latest time-phased rules to create more entertaining and meaningful contents for the public.


Moderator: ZHANG Ben | Sina Entertainment, Deputy Editor


Guest Speakers:

DAI Zhongwei | Chief Editor of Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group Co.,Ltd

FANG Ying | CROTON MEDIA Vice President / GCOO ENTERTAINMENT General Manager

Chiang Karchun | Director and Producer 

LIU Yijun | Actor

TANG Lijun | New iPicture Media (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. / Founder, CEO

ZHANG Zhijian | Actor


Co-organiser: Sina Entertainment


Host Units: State Administration of Radio and Television   China Media Group   Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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