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2012 Asian Animation Pitch & Catch


Project in Selection

Bingbing Bear World (The Gate Studio)

Super Boy Ma Mingjia (Toonmax Media Co., Ltd.)

Monster Mountain (Dancing Digital Animation Co., Ltd.)

Happy Music And Painting (East Power Interactive & Media Art Group)

H2O Mermaids (Fantasia Animation International Limited)

Cell Phone Boy (Fujian Topani Co., Ltd.)

Chicky Rainbow (Studio TThunDer)

The Big Adventure of Xiaoyi (Shenyang Yiguo Culture Communication Co., Ltd.)

Happy Land (UYOUNG Media Co., Ltd.)

Zhao Yun and Kada Box (Shijiazhuang DeepCG Animation Technology Company Limited)


Excellent Project

Kaisei Kun (Hajime TSUTSUI)

The Legend of Little Buddha (Ningbo Da Ci Cultural Dissemination Co., Ltd.)

The Phoenix (Magic Animation Studio Ltd., Chengdu)

Mr. Curious (Toonmax Media Co., Ltd.)

Happy He’s Family (Jilin Mingnuo Culture Communication Co., Ltd.)

Emergency Survival for Kids (Shanghai Fenghui Animation Design Co., Ltd.)

Jinjin & Tongtong (Huzhou Red Motion Animation & Design Co., Ltd.)

Happy Baby – Happy Starry Planet (MSC Co., Ltd.)

Rabbit Lange and Wolf Tuge – Another Trial on Searching for Arcadia (Suzhou Ori Animation Co., Ltd.)

Cruise in Xiamen (Xiamen Anime Network Technology Co., Ltd.)

The Adventures of Riverside Scene during the Qingming Festival (Gujing Creating Art Animation Company)

Kamon (Shanghai I-MAX Culture and Creative Co., Ltd.)

Defender (Nanjing Zhuge Animation Limited Company)

Fruit Babies 2 (Guangzhou Adodo Science Company Ltd.)

Four Persons under One Roof (Nanjing Zhuge Animation Limited Company)

Listen to Dadida (Xiamen Bluebird Cartoon Co., Ltd.)

Rabbit Gang (Toonmax Media Co., Ltd.)

Particle (Beijing Kaku Media Company, Ltd.)

Shalen (Beijing Rocen Digital Science & Technology Co., Ltd.)

A Leisurely Tour of the World Season 2 (Shanghai Jieyue Cultural Movie Media Company)


Student Project

Abu’s Story ( LI Wenyu)

The Sleeping Guagua (Huanggang Normal University)

The Sheep Fly (Digital Entertainment G-9 Studio, New Media College, Jilin College of the Arts)


Most Creative Project

Bingbing Bear World (The Gate Studio)


Most Market Potential Project

H2O Mermaids (Fantasia Animation International Limited)

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