2016-03-15 11:17:41

Winners of 18th STVF Magnolia Award


TV Film

Best TV Film: Homevideo (Germany)

Best Director: Wolfgang Murnberger (The Kebab Incident, Austria)

Best Screenplay: Tac Romey, Don Shubert, Rupert Henning (The Kebab Incident, Austria)


TV Series

TV Series Golden Award: Cliff

TV Series Silver Award: Indelible Designation

Artistic Contribution Award: Rural Woman Xiaomai to the Metropolis

Best Director: Zheng Xiaolong (Empresses in the Palace)

Best Screenplay: Quan Yongxian (Cliff)

Best Actor: Huang Haibo (Indelible Designation)

Best Actress: Song Jia (Cliff)



Best Documentary (60 minutes and up): A Film Unfinished (Israel)

Best Documentary (under 60 minutes): Life in Stills (Israel)

Best Chinese Documentary: The Surging River

Best Director: Zhu Yu (Cloudy Mountain, China)

Best Photography: Liu Zhifeng (Cloudy Mountain, China)

Jury’s Grand Prix: Generation Kunduz (Afghanistan)



Best Animation: Kioka (Korea)

Best Animation (Shorts): Scritch Scratch (Germany)

Best Chinese Animation: Dragon on the Way

Jury’s Grand Prix: Happy Town (China)


Foreign TV Series

Best Foreign TV Series Golden Award: Downton Abbey (UK)

Best Foreign TV Series Silver Award: I\'m Mita, Your Housekeeper (Japan), Moon Embracing the Sun (Korea)


Host Units: State Administration of Radio and Television   China Media Group   Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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