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2011 Asian Animation Pitch & Catch


Nomination Project

BoBo & ToTo (B&T Co., Ltd.)

The Adventures of Bauer ( Jilin Mingnuo Culture Communication Co., Ltd.)

Qland (Zhejiang Kubela Anime Co., Ltd.)

Tiny D (Jetoon Animation)

Plato and Carefree (Hangzhou Sky Wonders Studios)

Elves Chapter (Endless Crystal Digital Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

Par Par Is A Crocodile (Tan Xiaojia)

Kungfu Legend (Wuxi Gunzen Cartoon Movie Technology Service Company)

Biography of God Garan (Beijing Rocen Digital Science & Technology Co., Ltd.)

Spiny Life (Infotainment China Media)


Excellent Project

An Dou Family (Zhu Xianfeng)

Bolooloo and the Green Dust (Beijing Ying Fu Tong Culture Communication Co., Ltd.)

The Mighty Green (D.N.A. Media)

Fantasy Friend (Shanghai Bing-E Communications Ltd.)

Sarira Spirit (Shanxi Bough Animation Company)

Protecting (Protecting Life Fuzhou Five-color Animation & Digital Technology Co., Ltd.)

The Old and The Little Afanti (Shanghai Afanti Animation Art Co., Ltd.)

Jet’s Adventure (Jetoon Animation)

Fall Well (Shao Bing)

Papa Mr. Ladybug and His Magic (Suzhou Heaven Animation Co., Ltd.)

The Fighting Kitchen (Crystal Digital Technology (Shanghai) Limited)

Candy Planet (Suzhou Heaven Animation Co., Ltd.)

To Steal the Malayan Tapir Dreams (Shao Bing)

The Lost Dinosaur Valley (Dancing Digital Animation Co., Ltd.)

Lan Duo (Sun Jin)

Small Pillow (Shao Bing)

Wu Xing (Institute of Digital Media Technology (Shanghai) Limited)

Shoes (Magic Animation Studio)

Duck-571fleet (Beijing Feicui Gena Culture Limited Company)


Most Creative Project

Par Par Is A Crocodile (Tan Xiaojia)


Most Market-Promising Project

Qland (Zhejiang Kubela Anime Co., Ltd.)


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