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Registration for Magnolia Awards in Progress with an Overwhelming Wave of Healing "Cuties"


The mascot "Bing Dwen Dwen", great at playing cute, went viral inside and outside the Winter Olympics arena, becoming the "top star" among fans of all ages. The works submitted for the animation unit of this year's STVF Magnolia Awards also feature a large number of the cute and healing screen "cute things". They, either making the audience laugh with naive images, or capturing people's hearts with their considerate and warm demeanor, vividly prove that saying: no one can resist the cute and adorkable little creatures!


Among this year's entries, RANKING OF KINGS tells the growth journey of Prince Bojji, which empowers the people with courage and strength; WOOL WOOL TOWN SEASON 3 arouses the children's curiosities with various magical "visitors to the earth"; SIMON SEASON 3 advocates the optimistic spirit of "sunshine always comes after the storm"; PIP AND POSY is entertaining and enlightening, and shows us the value of friendship; Vlady and Mirò depicts the funny daily life of the small animals before and after the hibernation, which makes the people smile... These masterpieces, well-made, ingeniously conceived, and shaped with lovely images, convey a positive attitude while catering to the psychology of the vertical audiences as an aesthetic and moral education textbook for all ages.




RANKING OF KINGS tells the story of a deaf-mute dwarf prince who bravely challenges his fate and gradually develops a deep friendship with an alien. Under the "coat" of a typically passionate and inspirational animation, this work does not teach the audience bluntly but shows the prince's growth and transformation through confrontations and self-challenges one after another, which makes the story full of dramatic tension. As an adult-oriented animation, the plot of this work has a lively rhythm, which caters to the binge-watching habit of young people today, and the use of fairy tale picture book style shows a sharp contrast between the picture in pastel colors and the cruel plot.




WOOL WOOL TOWN, produced by Escape Velocity Animation Studio, has won many awards at major festivals and exhibitions at home and abroad. In the third season of the story, in addition to the four fixed protagonists of Fox, Zebra, Elephant and Crocodile, there also come some new neighbors. Soon these little creatures joined in the action of turning waste discarded by humans into treasure. As an environmental protection-themed animation, WOOL WOOL TOWN SEASON 3 continues the fine production and picture book style of the previous work but also helps the little audiences to see big things through small ones, that is to know the value of unity and friendship through cooperation and growth of the protagonists in the film.




Simon, the protagonist of the work, is an energetic little rabbit. Like many other animal figures, it is naughty, mischievous, and full of childishness. At the same time, it also shows many human-like characteristics, such as positive, optimistic and full of vitality. The creative team integrates many current popular elements into the work, and through the interesting interaction between little animals, it presents the thinking and respect for life and nature and conveys positive values in the work. In the film, even if Simon encounters haze, he will say, "there will always be sunshine after the rain", passing on warmth and the healing power to the world.




PIP AND POSY is about the precious friendship between the mouse "Posy" and the rabbit "Pip". They live in a wonderful game world and spend most of the day playing together, and the humorous and heartwarming images make the people laugh. The works are entertaining and educational, not only vividly depicting the troubles and temperament that the children encounter in the process of growing up but also making the children aware of the importance of friendship and social interaction through imaginative and creative narratives.


Vlady and Mirò  (Italy)


The animation creates a dramatic scene – Vlady, the raccoon, and its best friend Mirò, the bear, were about to go into hibernation, but Vlady was awakened by Mirò's snoring and can't sleep. He did everything possible and finally managed to fall asleep. He began to have a series of dreams, in which he became a superhero, a special agent, a race car driver, an outstanding athlete, a famous actor, etc.. While he was still immersed in the happiness of dreams, the reality again gave him a blow, Mirò started snoring again... The work is full of Italian humor, which is quite decompressing.


It is not difficult to find from the above entries that, as an artistic expression, the animations can not only impress the people with cute images, heart-warming stories and witty expressions but also entertain and educate the people with universal values arouse the resonance of audiences of different age groups. They let the adults recollect innocence, and the children feel the beauty and purity of the world and gain the power to grow.


Which works will become the winners of this year's Magnolia Awards? Let's wait and see!

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