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Drive the Development of the Industry, and Write a Chapter of the Present Age - the 27th Shanghai TV Festival Kicks Off Today

This morning (June 6), the 27th Shanghai TV Festival (STVF) hosted by the State Administration of Radio and Television, China Media Group and Shanghai Municipal People's Government officially kicks off at Shanghai Exhibition Center. During the five days from June 6 to 10, TV workers from all corners of the country will gather in Shanghai to pay tribute to the centenary of the Communist Party of China with exquisitely made works, create a festive ambiance, drive the booming development of the industry, and write a chapter of the present age.



Show a True China in a Three-dimensional and Comprehensive Way


This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Coinciding with this important historical moment when the glorious past meets with the new journey of the current era, the 27th STVF will be held with the theme of the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and create a celebrating ambiance for this anniversary in all aspects.


As a communication platform for the television industry with extensive international influence, though there still lingers the gloom of COVID-19 across the globe, STVF has never stopped to promote international cultural exchanges. At the opening ceremony of this year's STVF, the global screening event - "The Century of Glory, An Audio-video Feast for All” was launched. Casting spotlight on five major themes, namely, the 100-year struggle, a moderately prosperous society in all respects, the Belt and Road Initiative, anti-pandemic cooperation and a global community of shared future, 50 fine TV series, animations, and documentaries, such as “Minning Town”, “Crossing the Yalu River”, “WITH YOU”, “Da Yu”, “China Reinvents Itself”, are to be screened on TV stations and new media platforms in more than 100 countries on five continents including Germany, Brazil, Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand from June to October to tell stories about the pursuit of dreams of the Chinese people and people all over the world.


"Minning Town" is an excellent domestic TV series with the theme of poverty alleviation. At today's opening ceremony, many well-known figures in the industry, including Hou Hongliang, the producer of "Minning Town", are confident that Chinese TV creations are mostly dedicated to the people. Hou Hongliang said that the responsibility of the TV people is to try our best to record the changes of our ages and to record the heroes. Sun Weimin, the starring actor of "Crossing the Yalu River" and the actor of Zhou Enlai in the play, believes, "As an artist, it is the glory of a lifetime to be able to play such a role. Therefore, I should continue learning, working hard, and making progress. Only by making artistic creation with excelsior, can we live up to our mission.”


Today, the “‘Ideal lights up China’ TV Series Poster Exhibition to Celebrate the Centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China”  held by the STVF will also meet guests and audiences from all corners of the country in the TV market. The 49 outstanding TV series posters on display are from the repertoire recommended by “Work Creation Exhibition and Broadcast Activities with the Theme of ‘Ideal lights up China’ to Celebrate the Centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China” held by the State Administration of Radio and Television. These works have diversified expressions from different angles, different fields, and different artistic styles, and the main themes are highlighted and the positive energy is strong, which reflects our Chinese TV series are full of diversity and popularity from the aspect of creation and production.



Efforts to Improve the Quality of the Industry Platform


As one of the sections of this Shanghai TV Festival, the TV market and the international film and television cloud market also kick off today. Last year, facing the challenge of the COVID-19 across the globe, the Shanghai TV Festival finds opportunities in a creative way of cooperating with the Shanghai International Film Festival to establish an international film and television cloud market, which allows the film and television institutions all over the world to communicate, show and cooperate online. This year, the Shanghai TV Festival resumed the off-line TV market, further sorted out the ideas for digital transformation to organize the festival, and completed the transition from “on-line market assists the off-line” to “the on-line and the off-line should be side-by-side”, providing the film and television industry institutions with more opportunities for show and participation, and greatly enhancing the industrial attractiveness and international influence of the Shanghai International Film and Television Festival. This year, there are a total of 751 exhibitors registering in the TV market, film market and international film and television cloud market, of which 402 are overseas exhibitors, accounting for 53.5%. The quality of the industry platform has been significantly improved.


The good quality of the Shanghai TV Festival's platform benefits from that the emerging Internet film and television industry also regards it as an important "activity base", and multiple industries authoritative officially announce that they will continue publishing works on this platform. The 2021 Internet Summit of Shanghai International Film and Television Festival held during the Shanghai TV Festival will release authoritative reports such as "Audiovisual New Media Development Report (2021) in China" and "2020 Analysis Report on Program Development of Original Web Drama", and promote the development of high-quality on-line audio-visual industry with high coverage, big structure and great data.


Magnolia Award Selection Leads the Trend of Creation


Today, the Chinese Jury of Magnolia Award of Shanghai TV Festival directed and led by Liu Jin, the Jury President, have gathered in Shanghai. Together with International Jury in various countries, they will adopt a  judging method combining the off-line with the on-line, to produce the final results for the Magnolia Award.


With a history of more than 30 years, the Magnolia Award Selection of Shanghai TV Festival adheres to a fair, just, and authoritative judging mechanism and the earnest, serious and professional attitude towards art, to select the best among the best for the four major categories including Chinese and foreign TV series, documentaries, cartoons, and variety shows, which has become the "professional vane" of TV program creation. In particular, the selection of the annual works of Chinese TV series continues leading the trend for creation, making the Magnolia Award be an authoritative "professional award” as before. The finalists for the Magnolia Award in this year’s TV festival are all realistic themes, from telling the story of the early days of the founding of the Communist Party of China to the movement to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea, from reflecting the magnificence of reform and opening up to the great practice of poverty alleviation, from epidemic prevention and epidemic struggle to ordinary people's life in the Great Time, covering all aspects of the politics, economy, society, culture and other fields in a century of China, and all of them are high-quality works that are bursting with word of mouth. Therefore, the announcement of the shortlist for this year's Magnolia Award immediately aroused heated discussions among the public and the industry. The final results will be revealed at the Magnolia Awards Ceremony to be held on June 10.



Look Forward to the Future, and Share the Achievements by Basing on the Present Age


This year’s Shanghai TV Festival will hold three STVForums: the “Opening Session: Chinese Television Industry Summit” held in the central hall of the Shanghai Exhibition Center this afternoon, with the theme of “New Journey of A Century, Endeavour for A New Age”, will invite the heads of TV stations as well as film and television production companies from all over the country to discuss the construction of a new development for China's TV industry; the "New Situation, New Platform, New Opportunity - International TV Cooperation Forum" held on the 7th, will focus on new channels, new models and new contents for international exchange and cooperation , and will look forward to the blueprint for the development of Chinese TV culture communication in the new age; the "High-quality TV Series Creation with New Trends in New Era Forum” held on the 9th, will share the  behind-the-scenes stories of high-quality TV series told by the creative teams of outstanding domestic TV series and industry representatives, and will discuss the development direction for creation of TV series. The forums will provide the live recordings, and will also provide the delay broadcasting through Tencent Video, Migu Video, BesTV, CCTV channels and other platforms, allowing the majority of film and television enthusiasts and practitioners to watch and share high-quality film and television resources and understand the dynamics of the film and television industry through on-line viewing.


The broadcast exhibition of Magnolia international TV program of this year’s Shanghai TV Festival has been broadcast on four TV channels of Shanghai Radio and Television Station since last night. The "Magnolia Guided Tour" off-line Huimin ( aiming at benefiting the people) screening event  was launched today. This year's Huimin screening will expand its coverage. And there will be 14 excellent TV works at home and abroad showed for 25 rounds in 6 places including THE INLET of Bingang Commercial Center, Jinqiao International Commercial Plaza, Shangbin Life Plaza, Songjiang Yunjian Granary Cultural and Creative Park, the Museum of Fengxian District, and the Jiading Xiyun Building, so that the people can share the latest creations of Chinese and foreign TV workers. This is also the first time that the Huimin screening of the Shanghai TV Festival has entered the Fengxian New City and Jiading New City.

Host Units: State Administration of Radio and Television   China Media Group   Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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