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Shanghai International Film & Television Festival Open Screening Kicks Off Today


Tonight, the 2021 Shanghai International Film & Television Festival Open Screening held launch ceremony at INLET, Bingang Commercial Center, Hongkou District. Leaders of the Publicity Department of Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, and Shanghai Municipal Administration of Radio and Television, and the leaders of Hongkou District, as well as Luo Fei, director of the documentary “The Six”, Wang Zhao, actor of a leading role in the film “I Am Somebody”, Zheng Dasheng, director of the film “1921”, producer Ren Ning, and actor Wang Renjun attended the ceremony.



To fulfill the idea of “The City Built by the People, and for the People”, this year, the open screening events of Shanghai International Film & Television Festival will further expand the areas covered by screening 35 homegrown and overseas fine TV and film works in 95 session in 7 screening venues in Global Harbor, the INLET in Bingang Commercial Center, Jinqiao International Commercial Plaza, Life Hub Upbund, Songjiang Yunjian Granary Cultural and Creative Park, Fengxian Museum, and Jiading Xiyun Tower


In the past year, China’s film and television industry has forged ahead against all odds, created a series of masterpieces featuring breadth, depth and warmth, providing the audience with a high-quality and diversified cultural feast. This year’s open screening will offer the general public the chance to share the fruits of the development of China’s film and television. These excellent film and television works that convey positive energy will stir people’s souls and inspire people to strive forward. Focusing on the theme of the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the open screening will zoom in on the Communists' firm ideals and faith and spiritual pursuits through a series of film and television works revisiting history and paying tribute to heroes, leading the audience to recall the struggling past of our nation and embark on a new journey. 



At the launch ceremony, the representatives of the crew of the film “1921” and the audience watched the trailer together. “1921” tells the story of the first group of Chinese Communists in the stormy era to establish the Chinese Communist Party, which brought hope and peace to the suffering Chinese nation. In the trailer, to explore the way out for the Chinese nation, passionate young people came together. With a firm voice of “Go!” from the masses, the melody of “Internationale” sounded, and the young generation then, in their prime years, fought for their ideals. The touching scene full of passion deeply moved the audience.



Director Zheng Dasheng said that compared with the restoration of historical scenes, the restoration of the characters in “1921” is more important and more difficult. “How did young people live 100 years ago? What are they thinking? Why do they behave in this way? They are no longer the names in textbooks, but living people, how to understand their thoughts and understand their emotions. This is very challenging.”Producer Ren Ning hopes that the audience can see how the revolutionary generation has overcome difficulties to create everyone's happy life today through this film.


When talking about how to play the great role of Mao Zedong, the leading actor Wang Renjun revealed that he had done a lot of desk work before the film was shot. “I read a lot of materials and listened to a lot of lectures to learn about as much as possible his hobbies and growth experience, as well as the social background at the time.” Wang Renjun also specifically mentioned that there is a running shot in the film, which implies the growth process of a juvenile to a young man. To shoot this scene, the director “punished” him for several runs in several days until the most satisfactory shot was captured.




This year's Shanghai International Film & Television Festival has introduced the open screening to Hongkou district for the first time to carry out Party history education activities in organic combination with Hongkou’s red cultural heritage and film genes. After the launch ceremony, INLET, which is the open screening venue in Hongkou District, screened the fourth episode of the documentary “Shanghai”- “The Birthplace of the Red Revolution”, which, as“Project No. 1” in Shanghai's documentary creation in recent years, records the history of more than 170 years since the opening of Shanghai as a port, providing citizens with a good opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of this red land.




Over the years, the Shanghai International Film & Television Festival has always been adhering to the philosophy of public welfare and benefiting the people, and has continuously upgraded the people-benefiting means to meet the cultural needs of the general public. This year's open screening will also leave a beautiful memory of light and shadow for the public with a wealth of wonderful Chinese and foreign masterpieces.

Host Units: State Administration of Radio and Television   China Media Group   Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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