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Variety Programs for Magnolia Awards | There Is always a Song for You to Sing Along to Gently!


"Is there such a song that will make you follow it gently?" The music variety programs have been popular on the TV screen for many years, which carries the memory of an era and leads the iterative update of TV screen creation continuously. Among the entries for the Variety Program Unit for the Magnolia Awards at this year's Shanghai TV Festival (STVF), there are a group of representative music variety programs, high-rated and reputed, which value both feelings and innovation: SISTERS WHO MAKE WAVES witnesses the stage dream journey of "30+ women", NEW SPRING OF ANCIENT RHYME traces the cultural connotation of the Chinese New Year, YOUTH AND MELODY explores the youthful expressions of the golden songs of the times, CONCERT IN TIME AND TIDE talks about the moving stories behind the music, THE TREASURE scouts for the excellent singers with concealed identity, OUR SONG Season 3 focuses on the inheritance and innovation of three generations of musicians, THE BEAUTIFUL AXIS revives the brilliance of the cultural heritage of the era, 2060 introduces a new scene of virtual performance...


These variety programs, while unlocking the new ways of music variety shows, have been committed to stimulating creative vitality and refreshing the audience’s experience through the fusion and collision of music and various cultural realms.




The program records the journey of 30 "30+ women" who have singing and stage dreams and finally regain their dreams, break through the age limit and form a team through hard singing and dancing training and competition in groups. The program encourages women to crash the constraints of age and occupation and achieve self-growth, showing the self-confidence and fighting spirit of contemporary women. Closely following the hot topics of the times, the program also invites outstanding female role models from various sectors, such as the fight against the epidemic, poverty alleviation, and technological innovation, to communicate with the "sisters" on the same stage and share their stories of growth and struggle, to highlight the glamour of women of the times, and convey the high-spirited strength.




NEW SPRING OF ANCIENT RHYME, with cultural relics as clues, combines cultural interviews with artistic performances to search the traditional Chinese New Year traditions from ancient times to the present and lead the audience to retrace the cultural connotation of Chinese New Year. The program, developed around the idea of "one song for every relic", innovates the interpretations in various art forms such as songs and dances accompanied by Qin and Xiao, costume performances, etc., to show the cultural heritage and aesthetic identity that run deep in the blood of the Chinese nation in a never-ending journey. By virtue of cutting-edge technologies such as XR, and immersive stage design, the program builds a multi-level audio-visual experience, allowing the audience to experience the lively atmosphere of the ancient Chinese New Year.




As the first domestic music label confrontation show, YOUTH AND MELODY, for the first time, gathers the emerging forces of the six major domestic music labels to present a new interpretation of the classic works of the Chinese music scene in the form of confrontation and qualifying, leading the audience to explore the relationship between the birth of golden songs and the changes of the times, and experience the aesthetic commonality and emotional value contained in classic works. The program provides an opportunity for young musicians who are pursuing innovation to express themselves, showing the vigorous and aspiring youthful look new to the music scene.




CONCERT IN TIME AND TIDE ingeniously introduces the outdoor concert mode by inviting seven groups of cross-generational musicians to sing their masterpieces and share the memories of different eras. The program draws on the elements of a "slow variety program" and sets the concert stage in a beautiful natural environment, thus shaking off the sense of ritual of traditional performances. The musicians and the audience before the TV screen seem to gather together like old friends to share the music in the singing of birds and the aroma of flowers, and feel the life. Informed by the pleasure of returning to nature, it conveys the warmth and the power of music and also opens up a new genre of music variety program.




The program selects 26 professional singers from thousands of singers who hide their names to win the recognition and support of professional recommenders with pure singing. There is no elimination or promotion in the competition system, thus providing equal performance opportunities for each singer. Instructed by predecessors, the "Treasure Singers" have to go through stage trials time and again, to constantly know about themselves, and finally find their future directions. Among them, there are both formerly well-known veteran artists and street singers debuting on stage. Their unique musical styles and life experiences have enriched further the facets of the program.


OUR SONG Season 3


For this season, the program invites singers of the old, middle and young generations of the Chinese music scene to innovate and interpret the classics of the times through "blind matching". As an intergenerational music variety program, OUR SONG Season 3 engages a group of backbones as a connecting link to fill the generational gap between the predecessors and the newcomers in the music world. Popular groups such as "Milk and Mustache", "Yuni in the World", and "Charming Co., Ltd." create new possibilities with whimsy every now and then, allowing the stage to witness the exchange, collision and mutual achievement of three generations of singers in music. The program's in-depth excavation of the emotional stories of three generations also arouses the audience's resonance with life experiences.




The program is based on the application for including Beijing's Central Axis in the World Heritage List and invites a number of musicians and cultural experts to form a "music collection group". Through the collection of scenic spots on the Central Axis, such as the Bell Tower and the Drum Tower, Wanning Bridge, Jingshan Mountain, and Zhengyangmen, they display the long history and cultural connotation of Beijing's central axis in the form of music creation and performance. The traditional culture buried in the pile of old papers has been reactivated in the form of pop music and fashion images, making the history "perceivable", making the architecture "speakable", and building a bridge for ancient buildings to communicate with young audiences.




2060 invites 26 V-life (virtual characters) and their producers as teams to finally select a group of V-Life combinations that were deeply loved by the audience through multiple rounds of competition in different forms. The program introduces the concept of a full virtual scene, combines virtual technology with the variety program content, and realizes real-time interaction between virtual images and live guests with the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, holographic projection, and online AR live broadcast. In modeling design and stage performances, the program fully integrates national style elements to promote the spirit of Chinese aesthetics and cater to the preferences of young people with youthful expressions.


Examining the above works, it is not difficult to find that "fusion" is becoming the keyword of current music variety programs. While adhering to the guidance of value, music variety programs are actively broadening the creative ideas and further moving towards a more subdivided and vertical direction. Through the combination of cross-circle elements such as national style, slow life, and virtual idols, the atmosphere of youth and trend is overwhelming, thus completely solving the pain points of aged themes and rigid models and winning the recognition and love of the audience.

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