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Nominations for The 27th Shanghai TV Festival



Best TV Series (China)

Like A Flowing River 2

The Age of Awakening

Crossing the Yalu River

My Best Friend's Story


Nothing But Thirty

Minning Town

Fearless Whispers

With You

Building the Stage


Best Director

Kong Sheng、Sun Molong   Minning Town

Li Xue、Huang Wei   Like A Flowing River 2

Shen Yan    My Best Friend's Story

Zhang Xiaobo   Nothing But Thirty

Zhang Yongxin    The Age of Awakening


Best Original Screenplay

Long Pingping   The Age of Awakening

Pu Wei、Huang Chen    Fearless Whispers

Shui Qianmo、Wang Xiongcheng   Go Ahead

Wang Sanmao、Wei Xi、Xiao Jue、Lei Zi、Lie Na   Minning Town

Zhang Yingji    Nothing But Thirty


Best Adapted Screenplay

Jia Dongyan   The Message

Ma Xiaoyong   Building the Stage

Qin Wen   My Best Friend's Story

Shen Rong、Lv Zheng   Trident

Tang Yao    Like A Flowing River 2


Best Actor in a Leading Role

Chen Jianbin   Trident

Huang Xuan    Minning Town

Wang Kai   Like A Flowing River 2

Yu Hewei    The Age of Awakening

Zhang Jiayi   Building the Stage


Best Actress in a Leading Role

Ni Ni   My Best Friend's Story

Rayza   Minning Town

Tan Songyun   Go Ahead

Tong Yao   Nothing But Thirty

Yan Ni   Building the Stage


Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Dong Zijian   Like A Flowing River 2

Li Zefeng    Nothing But Thirty

Ma Shaohua    The Age of Awakening

You Yongzhi   Minning Town

Zhang Jiayi   Minning Town


Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Huang Yao   Minning Town

Liu Lin   The Age of Awakening

Mao Xiaotong   Nothing But Thirty

Qin Hailu    Building the Stage

Ren Min   Serenade of Peaceful Joy


Best Cinematography

Like A Flowing River 2

The Age of Awakening

Minning Town

Fearless Whispers

Building the Stage


Best Art Direction

The Age of Awakening

My Best Friend's Story

Serenade of Peaceful Joy

Minning Town

Building the Stage


Best Foreign TV Film/Miniseries

The Investigation   Danmark

La Garconne   France

Louis Van Beethoven   Germany

All Creatures Great and Small   UK

The Undoing   USA


Best Foreign TV Series/Serial

Das Boot Season 2   Germany/UK

Your Honor   USA

Leonardo Season 1   Italy

This Is Us Season 5   USA

People and Gods   Poland


Best Documentary Series

Okavango-River of Dreams   Austria

Up and Out of Poverty   China

Stormborn   UK/Norway/Iceland

Japan:The Sense of Season   Japan

Little Giants   China

Seal in Time   China


Best Documentary

King Bansah and His Daughter   Germany

Agony   Poland

A record of 80 days in Jinyintan Hospital   China

Celestial Tavrida   Russia

And I Was There   Israel

Enemy on the doorstep: China's involvement in the Korean War   China


Best Animation

Best Storytelling

The King Diaries   China

Cells at Work!!   Japan

Mum is Pouring Rain   France

The Epic Adventures of Morph   UK

Shuke&Beita 2   China

Puppy Dog Pals Season 4   USA

Lupin’s Tales   France

Rattic   Ukraine

Laid-back Camp Season 2   Japan

Chinese Mythological Stories   China


Best Variety Program

2020 Bilibili New Year's Eve Gala

Keep Running-The Yellow River

Going Home From The End Of The Yangtze River

China In The Classics

Heroes In The Poster

2021 JSTV New Year's Eve Concert

Everlasting Classics

Go Fighting-Treasure Tour

Heart Pounding Again

New Arrival Of The Palace Museum  Season 3

To My Motherland

Cheers For Happiness

Dance Smash Season 2

Chinese Idol·Singing With The Legends  Season 2

2021 Spring Festival Gala Of China Media Group

Host Units: State Administration of Radio and Television   China Media Group   Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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