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Magnolia Awards, Studded by Top-rated and Reputable TV Dramas, Still Calls for Entries


The solicitation of works for Magnolia Awards for foreign TV Drama of the 28th Shanghai TV Festival (STVF) has come to an end on February 28. This year's foreign drama unit, as always, has attracted an array of applications of word-of-mouth hot dramas that have received high scores on major platforms around the world. Among them, PASSPORT TO FREEDOM depicts the beauty of human nature with the story of an ordinary Brazilian girl who helps a group of Jews escape from their predicaments; OUISTREHAM zooms in on the struggle and perseverance of two German women under the changing times; BLANCA witnesses the extraordinary growth journey of a blind young woman; ROLLERCOASTER RIDE reproduces the legendary life experience of a double agent during the Cold War; MARE OF EASTTOWN casts the spotlight on the ordinary families touched and overwhelmed with joy when the dark is dispelled by the sun... Among these hot foreign dramas, some with fine production have gathered a group of big names in performance; some bluntly reveals human nature around topics such as morality and justice, conscience and compassion. Varied in narrative expressions and with distinctive characters and ups and downs of the story structures, they have been sought after by thousands of audiences worldwide.




Set in Germany under Nazi rule in 1938, the work tells the story of Aracy de Carvalho, a clerk at the Brazilian consulate in Hamburg, who secretly issues passports to Jews to help them escape from Germany. In the drama, although Aracy de Carvalho is a young Brazilian girl, she is very wise and brave. Driven by a strong sense of righteousness, she overcomes difficulties and risks of losing her post and life, and saves the lives of hundreds of Jews. Although her native country, Brazil, has strict immigration rules, she does not enjoy diplomatic immunity. Carvalho, with firm beliefs, owns the universal love that transcends borders, and makes a legendary story out of the ordinary.




In the early 1950s, the United States stationed massive forces in West Germany, thus breaking Germany’s long-standing calm and order. In the face of the temptations in the "new world", the protagonists of the drama, two young girls who know little about the world, must make their own choices between the enduring friendship and the yearning for love and freedom. Also, different living environments and family backgrounds are also disaffecting the two. Although the drama depicts the great changes of an era, it, instead of being confined to the reflection upon history, focuses on showing how the two young girls get rid of the constraints of reality and resist with the tough will. It is a rather full-bodied female-themed work.


BLANCA (Italy)


Blanca is a lively, sunny and energetic girl who lost her eyesight at a very young age because of a fire that took her sister's life. When she had the opportunity to work in the police station, she bravely faced her past with an optimistic, positive and confident attitude, and gradually uncovered the truth of her sister's death in the process of dealing with difficult cases. Adapted from Patricia Rinaldi's novel of the same name, the work not only shows the protagonist's efforts and persistence in overcoming her physical disability, but also touches on issues such as the young women's workplace conditions and sexism.




The show is about the 40-year life of a British double agent and his family in the Soviet Union. The theme of espionage warfare has always been a representative of Russian film and television works. Different from the same type of works that emphasize tension and suspense, ROLLERCOASTER RIDE unveils the impact of an era on an individual's destiny in a large time span. The brief encounter between the protagonists should call up the roller-coaster-like life ups and downs in nearly half a century, which fill one with emotions.




MARE OF EASTTOWN with the theme of crime suspense is undoubtedly one of the most popular topical American dramas on social networks last year. In addition to the impressive reversal of the plot, the related extended topics such as the rise of feminism and Hollywood movie actress’ performance in TV miniseries are also frequently discussed. In the fictional EASTTOWN in Pennsylvania, USA, Ellen, a 17-year-old girl, was shot to death. The town policewoman Mare began to investigate the case and gradually uncovered many unknown secrets in the town. Under the cloak of suspense, MARE OF EASTTOWN excavates the individual’s human nature and reveals the social trauma with great courage and strength, and thus presents a group portrait of women who are forbearing and tenacious.


The annual official selection for Magnolia Awards of STVF has long been attracting excellent foreign TV dramas to display and exchange on this international platform and to compete. Among the above-mentioned high-quality foreign TV dramas, it is noticeable that the outstanding foreign TV workers are leading an unprecedented era of innovation through theme exploration, artistic expression and narrative techniques of their works. STVF, with its platform effect, will provide as always a stage for exchanges and mutual learning for TV masterpieces from all over the world to promote the common growth of global TV workers.


So, which works will finally shine on the stage of Magnolia Awards? Just stay tuned!

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