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Style, Morality and Warmth - The "Truth, Goodness and Beauty in Film and Television Works" Film and TV Review Solicitation Activity of 2021 Comes to an End

The "Truth, Goodness and Beauty in Film and Television Works" film review solicitation activity jointly organized by Shanghai International Film and Television Festival, Shanghai Citizens Art Festival and QQ Music came to an end.



Since its inception in 2014, the “Truth, Goodness and Beauty in Film Works” activity has been committed to guiding and inspiring citizens to discover the ethos of family and country in films while appreciating, carrying forward the merits of truth, goodness and beauty, spreading positive energy, bringing closer film fans and films, and further promoting the synergy between Chinese film creation practice and market review. The activity has long attracted the attention of the public. The fans watched the films during SIFF, and then wrote down their thoughts and insights, which is an invaluable "wealth" for the festival itself.


Over the past seven years, Shanghai International Film and Television Festival has been reflecting on how to make this review solicitation activity further meet the needs of the times and audiences. In 2019, the "Truth, Goodness and Beauty in TV Works" activity was launched with soliciting scope expanded to the works showcased by Shanghai TV Festival and "short review" within 140 words added as one of the soliciting forms, which lowered the threshold for participation in the event and attracted more film and TV drama fans. In 2021, with the rapid development of online new media review platforms, Shanghai International Film and Television Festival and QQ Music held for the first time the "Truth, Goodness and Beauty in Film and Television Works" podcast film and TV review solicitation activity, which further enlarged the types of works and channels for participation and built a platform for film & TV and podcast fans to convey truth, goodness and beauty through sound.


This year, the "Truth, Goodness and Beauty in Film and Television Works" activity lasted two months, attracting hundreds of film and television fans in different age groups and regions. Among them, there are 246 contributions for text-based film and TV works review solicitation; 106 podcast users took part in the activity, and the page views on the activity page of QQ Music reached nearly 200,000, with about 30,000 voting participants, and over 100,000 views of works under review in total.


Among the film topics, the films from the SIFF Classics, Tribute to Masters, and the New Horizon were under the spotlight. Many well-known classic films such as "Amelie" and "The Legend of 1900" are frequently mentioned. Acclaimed domestic films such as "The Wandering Earth" were also popular among participants. There were also reviewers who discussed the conceptual changes of female images in films from the perspective of horizontal contrast through works in Film Panorama with a large time span, showing profound insights into the art of film...



Thanks to the rich shortlisted themes of Magnolia Awards at this year's Shanghai TV Festival, the selection of TV drama topics showed the characteristics of different participating groups. For example, student groups preferred "The Age of Awakening" and "Mining Town" to express their feelings about their homeland. In the podcast category, the work with the most votes "What Inspires Modern Youth from the ‘Age of Awakening’" explained the reviewer's feelings and thoughts after watching the work as a young man in the new era, which aroused strong resonance in the comment section. Urban white-collar groups tend to explore the life choices of urban women through works such as "Nothing but Thirty" and "My Best Friend’s Story".


In the future, Shanghai International Film and Television Festival will put more efforts into promoting the effective interaction between creation and review, enhancing the effectiveness, persuasiveness and influence of literary and artistic review, and improving the spiritual level, cultural connotation and artistic value of literary and artistic works to expose more excellent film and TV review works featuring style, morality and warmth available to film fans.



From August 23, the WeChat official accounts of Shanghai International Film Festival and Shanghai TV Festival will also publish this year’s award-winning works to revisit and share with you the truth, goodness and beauty in film and TV works screened during the 27th STVF and the 24th SIFF.

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