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STVFORUM Agenda | Open for Registration

Due to COVID-19 prevention and control requirements, the number of seats at this year’s STVFORUM is limited. Online registration is required to gain admission and is only open to Shanghai TV Festival badge holders. Please refer to the following article for registration details. Thank you for your cooperation.


All forum sessions will be recorded live and broadcast online on a delayed basis to share high-quality television resources and the dynamics of the television industry with enthusiasts and industry practitioners.


Broadcast platforms: Tencent Video, Tencent Weesee, MIGU Video, BesTV, CCTV APP, and Xuexi Qiangguo.



Opening Session: Chinese Television Industry Summit


Time: 14:00-16:00

Date: Sunday, June 6

Venue: Central Hall, Shanghai Exhibition Center


At the historical node of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, how should we strengthen creativity, enhance national cohesion, and portray the new era? With the growing cultural and spiritual needs of the audience, how should media platforms and production companies make use of their respective advantages to produce high-quality film and television works? Since the ever-changing information technology has become the cornerstone of multi-media development, how could the 5G technology improve public services and facilitate the construction of the emerging mainstream radio and television media? The forum invites leaders from television stations and television production companies to hold discussions on building a new development pattern for China’s television industry.


Moderator: HE Jie | Chief Anchorperson of SMG NEWS



International Television Cooperation in the New Era


Time: 14:00-16:00

Date: Monday, June 7, 2021

Venue: Central Hall, Shanghai Exhibition Center


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the global communication of film and television hits a bottleneck. At the same time, the increasing demand for online content has benefited streaming and short video platforms, shifting the focus of global film and television industry towards online media formats.


Under such context, what trends do international television cooperation exhibit? How could Chinese television programs integrate into the international context? How should film and television companies and platforms expand their overseas distribution channels? As internet platforms become more active internationally, how should various internet platforms innovate with regard to their modes of cooperation? In the 5G era, how can technology foster cooperation within the film and television industry, and what new changes will occur for future international television cooperation? With the above questions in mind, the forum invites representatives from major Chinese and overseas film and television companies to discuss new channels, modes, and contents of international cooperation as well as the blueprint for this new era.


Moderator: LIANG Andrew | Actor and TV Host


Guest Speakers:

CAI Anne | Assistant to General Manager and Director of Overseas of TV Program Marketing Department of China International TV Corporation

Vikram CHANNA | Discovery, Inc. Vice President and Head of Content & Products for East and Southeast Asia

DAI Hua | General Manager of Media and Local Original Content at The Walt Disney Company, China

LI Fude | Chairman and CEO of Century UU

QIU Yuanyuan | Director of International Department and Jiangsu International Channel, Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation and General Manager of Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation International Company Limited

REN Shiwu | Deputy General Manager of Future TV Co., Ltd, mainly in charge of international and copyright businesses

YANG Le | Co-Founder and CEO of Huanyu Entertainment

YU Jie | Vice President of Oriental Pearl Group and General Manager of SMG Pictures and WingsMedia



New Trends in High-quality TV Drama Production


Time: 10:00-12:00

Date: Wednesday, June 9

Venue: Jin Jue Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Shanghai


Both historical events and present life tell us that reality is the basis of human empathy. With the profound historical and cultural heritage and social evolutions form a rich source of material, reality becomes the core of creation. It prompts artists to enrich content and subjects in all dimensions, explore novel ways of expression, and re-enact deep collective cultural memories of life, passion, and romance.


Facing the extensive amount of first-hand materials, how should creators make selections, find inspiration and creativity through the construction of authentic stories and vivid fictional characters to present rich and realistic social images? What does reality truly mean for artists—artistic fiction or historical re-enaction? How does the development of realist television dramas impose new challenges for television drama production in this new era? In an effort to address the above questions, the forum invites professionals from domestic television dramas to share behind-the-scene stories and discuss the future of television drama production.


Moderator: WANG Liping | Vice President of China TV Artists Association and National First-class Screenwriter


Guest Speakers:

DONG Yachun | Director and Cinematographer

JIANG Xiaoping | Vice President of Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation and Board Chairman of Omnijoi Media Corporation

KE Liming | Founder and CEO of Ruyi Films, Producer, and Presenter

LV Leo | Chairman and CEO of YOUHUG MEDIA

REN Shuangyou | CEO of 2016 Entertainment Co., Ltd. and Senior Producer

WANG Leiqing | Vice President of SMG and Director of Dragon TV

WANG Sanmao | Screenwriter and Writer in Mainland China

YUAN Jingui | Former Deputy Secretary of the Leading Party Group and Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Fujian Provincial People’s Congress

ZHANG Xuemei | Deputy Director of New Media Department, Film and Documentary Center, China Media Group

ZHANG Yongxin | Director of “The Age of Awakening”

ZHU Yan | Director of the Program Trading Management Center of Hunan Broadcasting System



- How to participate in STVFORUM -


* STVFORUM is only open to 2021 Shanghai TV Festival badge holders. Online registrations are required to gain admission. 


Method I:

1. Scan the QR code below to log into the Shanghai TV Festival WeChat Mini Program, or log into the official STVF APP.

2. Go to “Forum Registration”, select the forum session you want to attend and click “Register”.

3. The registration will be completed when the verification is approved.


Method II:

1. Click on the link to go to the official registration page of Shanghai TV Festival (https://login.stvf.com/). Click on “Guest Center” on the top right corner and log into your account.

2.  Go to “Forum Registration”, select the forum session you want to attend and click “Register”.

3. The registration will be completed when the verification is approved.


*On the day of the forum, guests with successful registrations are required to wear masks and enter with the guest e-badge and the green code of Shanghai QR Code on Wechat.


*Please guarantee your attendance if your registration is successful. If you fail to attend two successful registrations, your subsequent registrations will be cancelled.


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