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Registration for the 28th Magnolia Awards Still in Progress with the Wave of "Ice and Snow Sports" in Reign


The mascot of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, "Bing Dwen Dwen", went viral immediately, attracting the attention of the whole world. In the past year, new film and television works with the theme of Winter Olympics and winter sports also dominated the screen to interpret the winter sports and sports competition ingeniously in this "inspiring" ice and snow season.


As the wind vane of China's TV industry, the submission of works underway for the Magnolia Awards of this year's Shanghai TV Festival also shows the "passion for ice and snow sports" ignited on the screen. Among entries for the 28th Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Awards so far, there are a number of outstanding winter sports-themed works, both refined and reputable. Some depict Chinese athletes who constantly surpass themselves in realistic strokes to convey the sports spirit of never giving up and challenging a new height bravely, and resonate with the audience emotionally; some responding to the call of “engaging 300 million people in ice and snow activities”, show the beauty of ice and snow sports, stimulate the public’s enthusiasm for ice and snow sports and create a strong atmosphere for this unprecedented ice and snow season.




TO GO BEYOND takes the success of Beijing's bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics in 2015 as the historical background, and tells the story of a roller-skating girl, Chen Mian, who took short-track speed skating as her career goal in the tide of "developing ice and snow sports from the north in the south". The girl, going through all the difficulties, finally became a member of the national team as the main player and won glory for the country at the Winter Olympics and winning. The drama is novel in theme and angle and cleverly adopts the dual time-and-space narratives. The two parallel timelines of "Winter 1989" and "Summer 2014", developed in an intertwined way, zoom in on the persistence and inheritance of the spirit of "To Go Beyond", and record the growth journey of China's short-track speed skating and winter sports, as well as the development and changes of China's social life by retracing the life experience of the two generations of athletes.


Documentary EILEEN: I’M 18


The documentary EILEEN: I’M 18 has altogether 4 episodes, each of which is 25 minutes long, starring Gu Ailing (Eileen), the champion of women's freeski big air final at the Beijing Winter Olympics, to faithfully record the multi-faceted life of this Z-era genius ice and snow girl. In this documentary work, Gu Ailing shows the spiritual outlook of the "post-00s" young generation in her own way, reveals her growth experience winged by innate skiing talent and diligence, and conveys the enthusiasm of the Z-era young to break through themselves with courage.


Variety show ROARING RACING 2021


As the first domestic auto event program present through Media Convergence, ROARING RACING 2021 pioneered the "online race" + "offline race" dual arena mode to launch a competition both in virtual racing and real racing. Among them, the online competition features simulator-based racing, and is all recorded in Macau. The offline one lays its track on the beautiful Jingpo in the world of ice and snow, to redefine curling, giant slalom and other games through car racing with the inspiration from the Winter Olympics. The show, being favored by racing and sports enthusiasts, also recorded the charm of China with clear waters and green mountains, and popularized ice and snow sports to build up the atmosphere for the Beijing Winter Olympics.




LITTLE CHEERLEADERS is about the story of small animals in the world of Maomao Town, who wore sports equipment like human athletes, and experienced the fun of Winter Olympic sports in ice and snow games. The works, both entertaining and educational, unveils the charm of ice and snow sports through the form of a series of comedy animation short films, and arouses the interest of the audience, especially the children, in the Winter Olympics sports, who will gain further understanding of the Winter Olympics, follow and expect to see the performance of Chinese national team at the Winter Olympics.


Through these entries, it is clear that compared with previous years, be it dramas, variety shows, animations or documentaries, the creation of sports-themed content on the screen has taken a new look, with the constant emerging of excellent masterpieces. The inheritance of the competitive spirit of the two generations of sportsmen in TO GO BEYOND overwhelms the audience deep in their soul; EILEEN: I’M 18 inspires the young people to stick to and struggle for their dreams like Gu Ailing; ROARING RACING 2021, where cars boom in the snow world, sounds a "Song of Ice and Fire" before the audience, and LITTLE CHEERLEADERS helps popularizing the knowledge of the Winter Olympics for children with full childishness and playfulness. An array of TV workers, focused on the Winter Olympics, show respect to the ice and snow athletes, and continue the Olympic spirit with vigorous creative power. While paying tribute to the new era, they also fuel the audience's enthusiasm for the Winter Olympics outside the stadium through the expressions unique to TV workers.


Can this prevailing "ice and snow enthusiasm" "shine through" all the way to this year's Magnolia Awards Ceremony? Let’s find it out together when the magnolia is in full bloom!


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