2021-06-08 21:29:10

BesTV Empowers Shanghai International Film & TV Festival Online

The 27th Shanghai TV Festival (STVF) kicked off yesterday. BesTV, as the official TV new media partner of the 27th STVF and the official TV new media partner and online platform of the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF), will empower STVF and SIFF with its IPTV and Internet TV new media channels online, by livestreaming the red carpet events, ceremonies, forums, and other activities, and screening a batch of outstanding new TV programs and film works .



Online special zone meeting diverse demands


In this year's STVF, to meet the needs of citizens to know and view excellent TV programs at home and abroad, will screen 31 excellent overseas dramas, Chinese and foreign documentaries and animations on four channels of Shanghai. It will also hold the offline open screening at seven venues in the city to show 14 excellent domestic and foreign TV works in 25 sessions for free. As the “old friend” of the Shanghai International Film & TV Festival, BesTV has given full play to the value of its audio-visual platform and set up an online special zone to present all kinds of masterpieces virtually. Together with the STVF open screening, it will tell the national audience the Chinese people’s stories of chasing dreams.


Online Shanghai International Film & Television Festival for You to Enjoy Yourself to the Full


To fully fulfill the important concept of “The City Built by the People, and for the People”, BesTV will also work closely with the offline open screening of this Shanghai International Film & Television Festival, and launch the “Shanghai International Film & Television Festival Online”, to meet the viewing needs of film fans of different regions and ages. Through synchronous screening online, TV viewers can also enjoy themselves to the full.


A dazzling array of works for online view


During STVF, BesTV’s special STVF zone will fully and abundantly show the charm of outstanding TV works and actors and actresses from multiple dimensions of shortlisted works, shortlisted actors, and theme types. TV works such as “MINNING TOWN”, which has won 9 nominations, and “LIKE A FLOWING RIVER 2”, which won both praise and good rating, will all be screened in the special zone. At the same time, it also offers “selected TV dramas” of the shortlisted actors and actresses such as Yu Hewei, Zhang Jiayi, Tong Yao, and Yan Ni for audiences to enjoy.


Online communication to clear doubts


In addition to “watching TV dramas”, you can also visit the forums on BesTV: listen to famous Chinese and foreign film and television workers sharing creation experience, and clearing doubts of fans. This year's master class will still be organized online and offline to break the boundaries of time and space, allowing Chinese and foreign television and film masters to communicate online.


Covering new media across the country, BesTV will allow Shanghai International Film & Television Festival to break through geographical and venue restrictions and bring more high-quality content to hundreds of millions of users through IPTV and Internet TV.



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