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Booth Applications Are Now Open for 28th Shanghai TV Festival (STVF) Market


The 28th Shanghai TV Festival(STVF) will be held from June 20 to 24, 2022. STVF MARKET is scheduled to take place at Shanghai Exhibition Center from June 20 to 22. Booth applications for STVF MARKET are open online from January 1, 2022 to May 31, 2022.



The 28th STVF MARKET will adopt a brand-new hybrid format which keeps the physical market while holding the International Film & TV Online Market. The online market will be building a bridge for Chinese and international participants to efficiently connect, as well as providing a digital option for showcasing and finding quality content.


STVF MARKET, founded at the same time as Shanghai TV Festival, has focused on delivering excellent client services and facilitating the deal-making process over the past thirty years. As one of the most unique, influential and well-established markets in Asia, it has built a great reputation for its international reach, professionalism, and foresight.



The 28th STVF MARKET consists of the exhibition and market events. 


The exhibition will accommodate companies from different institutions of the TV industry, such as production, post-production, broadcast, shooting locations and streaming platforms. 



The market events will offer a one-stop platform to TV shows and projects following a “pitch and meet” model. Rights-holders from both China and the rest of the world are invited to pitch or screen their lineup via either in-person or online sessions, and attend subsequent business meetings specifically designed for different genres, including dramas, documentaries, animations, and formats. Participating companies may also hold their own events for announcing new shows or other promotional purposes.



The International Film & TV Online Market will once again run in parallel with both Shanghai International Film Festival and Shanghai TV Festival, from June 13 till June 22, 2022. In 2021, the physical and online market attracted 751 exhibitors from 92 different countries to participate, of which 402 were international companies, accounting for 53% of the total. The International Film & TV Online Market builds a digital display and negotiation platform for exhibitors and contents from all over the world, promotes the exchange and trade of film and television works, and provides a more economical and convenient way for international industry professionals to attend the conference. Booth applications for the International Film & TV Online Market are open from January 1, 2022 to May 20, 2022.



For more details on participation and booth application for the 28th STVF MARKET and the International Film & TV Online Market in 2022, please refer to the regulations for STVF MARKET and International Film & TV Online Market available on www.stvf.com.

Host Units: State Administration of Radio and Television   China Media Group   Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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