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Animation Works for Magnolia Award | Happy First, No Matter How Old You Are!


In the fast-paced life, funny animations that bring people laughers, a moment of relaxation, as well as some insights into life, have always been the favorite of many audiences. As in previous years, among the entries for the animation unit of this year's Magnolia Awards, we can find a group of funny "little horrors" who find interest in playing tricks, such as the cool "Master Tony" in A QI'S PARALLEL TIME TRAVEL A Qi; the well-known born optimist Vivi in THE DAILY LIFE OF VIVICAT; Lamput, who tries to escape from the laboratory but never succeeds in LAMPUT; the three superpower team members in THE COURIER TEAM; and the interstellar hero – the mysterious rabbit - in RABBIDS INVASION: MISSION TO MARS... These naughty, cute and humorous animation characters lead the audience into a world of unrestrained imagination. Let us forget about the real-world troubles for a moment, and enjoy the power of happiness to the fullest to beat the odds in life.




As a derivative animation of the refined Chinese cartoon SCISSOR SEVEN, A QI'S PARALLEL TIME TRAVEL comes with a new storyline while retaining the original character settings, in which the top hairstylist on Chicken Island A Qi turns into a detective and travels through parallel time and space to capture the thief, and fight against formidable enemies to protect the homeland with his friends. The work continues the funny style of the SCISSOR SEVEN series, and Q-processed all the characters with more cute profiles. In addition, some guest characters in the previous work also return unexpectedly to enrich the storyline.




From the perspective of Cat Vivi, the work records the "small blessings" of the protagonist and friends in a slow-paced life through short and concise stories, creating a utopian fairy tale world. With a good attitude and extraordinary wisdom, Cat Vivi always manages her life in an orderly manner and can face any life dilemma with a smile. It welcomes every important day in the life with a full sense of ritual, cares for those around her, and helps others with warmth and kindness. The story develops in a warm and healing way from the beginning to the end, and Cat Vivi has always been reminding people that there are no difficulties in life that cannot be overcome with her optimism.


LAMPUT (Singapore/India/Malaysia/Australia)


The work’s protagonist, Lamput, is a little orange and slimy creature. To change the destiny of being taken back to the laboratory, he contends with the two scientific kooks with the amazing ability to deform at will. In the plot of the new season, the student who visits the laboratory, Tuzki, lost his way. While helping him to find the way to the classroom, the orange creature battles with the scientists with wit again. The novel subject and the witty and exaggerated style make this work popular among white-collar workers. It is regarded by many as a must for "decompression" after busy work.


THE COURIER TEAM (Hong Kong/UK/France)


THE COURIER TEAM, set in the express delivery industry, which is closely related to the audience's life, tells a novel story of three boys with superpowers running a special express company. In this work constructed with ingenuity, the three-team members' express delivery business expands smoothly from earth to space, breaking the boundaries of time and space; their customers also travel through ancient and modern times, and come from history, fairy tales and legends. Facing all kinds of ridiculous customer demands, the three-team members manage to travel across time and space again and again by virtue of their intelligence and wisdom.




RABBIDS INVASION: MISSION TO MARS is adapted from the series of games of the same name. From the perspective of a little rabbit with a space dream, it tells the story of how four rabbits turn into superheroes and go to save Mars. In the journey away from the earth that doesn’t go as planned, the four rabbits in a muddle stage absurd and funny plots time and gain. In the end, the rabbits sent in a crazy, fearless in the face of peril, help each other overcome their weaknesses, and successfully complete the "mission impossible". The film continues the typical nonsensical style of the Raving Rabbids Series, creating a highly hilarious and laugh-to-tears viewing experience.


It is not difficult to find that behind these light-hearted and frisky animation works are the careful observation and precise refinement of social life by TV workers day after day, and their initiative innovation and active practice in expression. These cute and humorous animated images not only bring laughter to the audience, but also convey the life wisdom of "happy first no matter how old you are" and an optimistic and open-minded attitude towards life.


On the stage of this year's Magnolia Awards, which works will become the winners finally? Stat tuned to find the answer!

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