2021-05-14 12:07:54

The 27th Shanghai TV Festival Unveils Official Poster

Themed by “Magnolia blooms with centenary glory”, the 27th Shanghai TV Festival (STVF) unveils its official poster today. Three beams in red, yellow and green portray a sky of sparkling fireworks, outlining the number of 27. A glorious blooming firework is featured as the main visual of the poster to symbolize that STVF is celebrating such a great moment to come - the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party - with a vigorous and progressive outlook.



The magnolia blooms with lingering fragrance. Over the years, the STVF has adhered to the keynote of presenting professional, international and beneficial programs to the public, continuing to enhance its platform effect and brand influence. The clash and blend of various colors in the main visual part of the poster shows that STVF serves as a stage to display colourful screen culture to the world, while the overlap between the colorful background and the lines of light and shadow reflects the sense of technology in the digital era and the spirit of Shanghai as a city embraces everything. Magnolia in bloom looks like open arms. It invites television professionals from all over the world to join the festival and further promote the development of Chinese television art.


A hundred years of prosperity brings a new era. Followed by the leadership of the Party, China's television industry has been sailing through the waves with fruitful results. The poster adopts red, yellow and green as its main colorway. Red symbolizes the tribute to a glorious century, yellow represents the firm belief and vigorous power to start a new journey, and green echoes the hue of STVF logo. The perfect combination of three colors gives an overwhelming occasion of blooming fireworks. In the center of the poster, the most striking part is the number 27, made up of bright yellow beams, indicating both the 27th session of the festival and the gorgeous form of fireworks and the magnolia. It demonstrates the spirit of Chinese television workers forging ahead into a new era.


Since its foundation in 1986, the Shanghai TV Festival has become one of the most influential platforms for international television exchange and cooperation in Asia. As a core event of the festival, the Magnolia Awards for International TV Programs has always been renowned for its authority and professionalism. The shortlisted and winners of each year have shown the artistic characteristics of being in tune with the people and walking with the times, and have been highly recognized by the industry and the audience, fully exerting the demonstration and leading role of STVF on the domestic TV screen. To be held from June 6 to 10, the 27th STVF is committed to adhere to the original intention of Chinese TV workers, develop the best works of the times with the spirit of craftsmanship, and try harder to narrate a better Chinese story of promoting the Chinese spirit, so as to creating a strong atmosphere for the celebration of the centenary founding of the Party.



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