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Foreign TV Series for Magnolia Awards | Let's Set Off for a Warm and Healing Spiritual Journey!


Every year, the official selection for the Magnolia Awards of Shanghai TV Festival will receive the submission of an array of foreign hot TV series that cast a spotlight on the real world and warm the soul. These works, mirroring the observations and reflections of TV workers around the world on reality-themed TV series, are a breath of fresh air for the creation in the past year on the global screen before the audience’s eyes. As for the foreign TV series unit this year, there is no lack of remarkable realistic works that emerge one after another - BECAUSE OF VICTORIA conveys the "her power" of women's self-transformation and growth; SOUL OLD YET SO YOUNG reflects the real dilemmas in the aging society; THE LOST LUCAS focuses on the "self-saving" path of a family with an autistic member; AUDREY IS BACK unfolds a woman's journey of seeking after self-identity after sleeping for 16 years... These foreign TV works reflect real life from different dimensions, and convey the heart-warming power through the lens, bringing to the audience both spiritual comfort and emotional resonance.




This work revolves around the story of three young women, Jasmine, Emma and Barbara, who raised the daughter Victoria together to tell the life experiences of three new-hand mothers where difficulty and surprise intermingled with each other, and examine deep topics such as the current workplace situation, family life and parent-child relationship faced by women. Just like many young women who become mothers for the first time, the protagonists have also experienced the growth and transformation from identity crisis to identity recognition and finally realized that childbirth is not the only way for women to fulfill their lives, and that only by following your heart and truly realizing your self-worth can you embrace a better future.




Two old people, Shi Wenfeng and Bai Xiangguo, were rejuvenated after accidentally drinking the magical stream in the mountains. What’s even more shocking was that as long as they tried to identify themselves to their families and tell about their experiences, the other party would faint and woke up the next day and forgot about everything. Facing "a can of worms" in life, the two who have returned to their youth strain to turn things around. The play adopts the “fantasy + comedy” language to tell the wonderful story of two elderly people trying to "modify" others’ memories after rejuvenation, which shows the no-way-out dilemmas in the aging society. The comedy elements in the work bring the audience both laughter and tears, painting the tragic story with a warm hue.




The work develops around the "disappearance" of an autistic teenager Lucas, revealing to the audience the pain and toughness of a family with an autistic member. The relationship between Marion and Alexis was fractured by their autistic son and came to a deadlock. At this time, the unexpected "disappearance" of the son tied the two together again. In the race against time to find their son, the two let go of the burdens in mind, and the broken family finally had a happy end. Different from previous autism-themed film and TV works, THE LOST LUCAS provides a unique perspective to arouse people's concern over and attention to the psychological crisis of adults in autistic families, which is of practical significance.




Following a coma that lasted for 16 years, Audrey suddenly woke up and found everything in front of her completely changed. She had to learn to walk and talk again, trying to find her real self again. At the same time, the scenes on the night of the accident 16 years ago kept flashing in her mind, guiding her to find out the truth. The work, novel and ingenious, combines inspirational and suspenseful elements. As the character’s growth in adversity and the crack of the mystery develop in parallel, the audience will have a spiritual experience oscillating between cheering on the heroine's tenacious will, and being immersed in the suspicious plot reasoning.


At any moment, the noble characters of human beings will break through the geographical and cultural barriers and shine. And the above TV series that depict the highlights of human nature have conveyed the soul-stirring warm power across national borders and languages. Although the protagonists in the works are ordinary people in real life, they have created their own beauty with extraordinary courage and perseverance, and provoked the audience to reflect and discuss issues such as women's growth, aging society, families with autistic members, pursuing of self-identity and self-realization.


Which foreign masterpiece will win the favor of the Magnolia Awards? Just find the answer at the announcement moment for this year's Magnolia Awards!

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