2021-06-06 15:34:57

Open Screening | SIFF Open Screening Will Open for Reservations from June 6

The opening of the Shanghai International Film & Television Festival 2021 is just around the corner. To fulfill the idea of "The City Built by the People, and for the People", this year, the open screening events of Shanghai TV Festival (STVF) and Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) will further expand the areas covered to light up the summer night of Shanghai with the art under lens for the general public. The open screening of the 24th SIFF will start on June 11. 21 films in 70 sessions at home and abroad will be screened at 7 screening venues in Global Harbor, the INLET in Bingang Commercial Center, Jinqiao International Commercial Plaza, Life Hub Upbund, Songjiang Yunjian Granary Cultural and Creative Park, Fengxian Museum, and Jiading Xiyun Tower. This is also the first time that the open screening of SIFF is organized in the new urban areas in Fengxian and Jiading.


The 23rd SIFF in 2020 Opening Screening at Jinqiao International Commercial Plaza


The films to be screened this year is rich in themes and diversified in types. There are not only cinema blockbusters with good box office and word-of-mouth performance, but also overseas masterpieces from Panorama of this year’s SIFF, in addition to animations popular among children and documentaries spotlighting humanities and history, providing a variety of choices for audiences of different ages. Among them, " The Eternal Wave " and " Sacrifice " and other mainstream works offer a Party history class to the audience to convey the power of faith; "The Captain", "The Bravest", "The Wandering Earth" and other visual effect blockbusters, on open-air big screen, will bring a more shocking audio-visual experience; and overseas films such as "Contratiempo", "A Royal Night Out" and "Helene" will lead the audience to embark on the journey to discover different countries and cultures and to experience the colorful world and a different kind of life; " Muumit Rivieralla”, "New Happy Dad and Son 3", "What We Did on Our Holidays" and other parent-child masterpieces with harmonious family vibe are undoubtedly the best choices for family audiences. In addition, overseas documentaries such as "Rivers and Tides", "Life in A Day" and "The White Diamond" with distinctive and unique styles are also trying to fit the preferences of the current young audience. It is sure that these brilliant screen masterpieces can further meet the diverse, quality, and individual cultural needs of citizens, leaving for them a beautiful light and shadow memory.

This year's Shanghai International Film & Television Festival open screening events are open to citizens for free reservations. Among them, the ticket reservation for the offline open screening of STVF has started on June 3. Tickets for the open screening of this year’s SIFF will be available for reservation from June 6. There are several reservation channels based on different screening locations. Please refer to the Q&A section below for the specific reservation methods.

To effectively follow the regulations on epidemic prevention and control and provide the audience with a safe and comfortable viewing environment, each screening venue will take necessary epidemic control measures, and the audience is requested to actively cooperate with the on-site epidemic prevention work. As the INLET in Bingang Commercial Center, Jinqiao International Commercial Plaza, and Jiading Xiyun Tower adopt open-air screening, the screening may be cancelled when weather does not permit. Please pay close attention to the latest information released by the above screening venues.




When can I make a reservation?

The open screening of the Global Harbor will be the first to start reservation from 8 a.m. on June 6. From 12 noon on June 7, reservations for other open screening sessions during the 24th SIFF will be available. Please refer to the "Open Screening Schedule" at the bottom of this article for screening session and schedule details. Some screening sessions may be adjusted, and the actual reservation information shall prevail.



How to make a reservation for the screenings at Global Harbor?

Please pay attention to the reservation pushes by the "Shanghai Putuo" and "Wenlv Putuo" official WeChat accounts at 8 am on June 6. You can reserve tickets for all the screening sessions during the SIFF through the Applets in the pushes. Each person can reserve multiple sessions, and each person can only make one reservation for one session on a limited basis.



How to make a reservation for the indoor open screenings at INLET in Bingang Commercial Center?

Search and follow the "directube" official WeChat account on WeChat, and follow the relevant instructions to complete the reservation.



How to make reservations for other sessions?

Except for the indoor open screening venues at Global Harbor and INLET in Bingang Commercial Center, sessions at other screening venues can be reserved through the "Culture Cloud" official WeChat account from 12 noon on June 7 onwards. Reservation method: Search on WeChat and follow the "Culture Cloud" official WeChat account, enter the dialog box and click "Culture Shanghai Cloud" in the bottom menu bar to enter, and click the "Open Screening" poster on the new page to enter the reservation page. The reservation requires real-name registration, and each mobile phone number is limited to make reservation for one session. In addition, the official WeChat accounts of "INLET", "Life Hub Upbund", "Jinqiao International Commercial Plaza", "Renwen Songjiang", "Fengxian Museum" and "Xiyun Tower" also accept reservations.

Tips: You must click to confirm the "Health Commitment" to complete the reservation.



If I didn’t make a reservation, can I come directly to the venue?

Online reservations will be closed one day before the screening. Audiences with online reservations will be given priority to enter the venue. If there are still tickets left on the screening day after the online reservation closes, the audience not making reservations in advance can enter the venue after real-name registration in a first-come-first-served fashion.



How far ahead of time can I enter the venue?

45 minutes before the start of the screening, the audience can queue up at the entrance with the SMS for a successful reservation to enter the venue.



What else should I pay attention to when entering the venue this year?

The audience must cooperate with the epidemic prevention inspection. When entering the venue, the audience must scan the QR code on site to show the health code. Those with a non-green code are prohibited from entering, and the audience whose body temperature exceeds 37.3 degrees will be suggested to seek medical treatment. You must wear a mask and maintain social distancing during the entire screening process.



What should I do if the outdoor screening venue is affected by wind or rain?

In case of special weather warning before the screening, the outdoor screening venue may cancel the screening. Please pay attention to the latest news released by the screening venue's official WeChat account. If the screening is interrupted by wind or rain, raincoats will be distributed among the audience or the screening will be suspended depending on the situation.


Open Screening Schedule