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Open Mic Now! STVFORUM Invites You to Discuss Emerging Trends in Visual and Audio Entertainment


Be it popular TV dramas, variety shows, or diverse documentaries and cultural programs, online audiovisual content is rich in creativity and meets the needs of a wide audience. Recent years have witnessed major platforms investing heavily in the production of online audiovisual content, not only continuously innovating in content but also reaching new heights in production standards and presentation methods, launching a series of hit programs that inject new vitality into the entire industry.


STVFORUM is embracing the trend and specially launching an open mic session, inviting Qi Kang, the general producer of TO THE WONDER, Xu Qing, the project supervisor of THE EXCITING OFFER, and Luo Yuan, the producer of TOUR AROUND THE WORLD, to discuss emerging trends in visual and audio entertainment.


Get ready for a collision of ideas through brainstorming!



New Format: “Open Mic”



For the first time, this audiovisual cultural trend event will adopt the format of “open mic”, allowing guest speakers to take turns to share their ideas for creation, anecdotes during production, and program highlights in a down-to-earth and lively manner. With a gathering of renowned program creators popular among young people, the live interaction is bound to be exciting.


Audiences aspire to interact with program creators, understand the latest industry trends, and explore new audiovisual trends? No problem! This forum will provide hand cards to the audience for active interaction with the speakers on stage regarding the core content of audiovisual culture in a relaxing atmosphere.


Emerging Trends in Visual and Audio Entertainment



What exactly are the representative visual and audio entertainment trends in your mind? Is it TOUR AROUND THE WORLD, which leads you to a journey for deeply experiencing overseas cultures, THE EXCITING OFFER, which focuses on the growth and transformation of young people, or TO THE WONDER, which showcases the beauty of local customs and land in northern Xinjiang? This forum will invite producers of many popular programs beloved by the audience to share behind-the-scenes stories of program production through “new” narratives, “trendy” forms, and “interesting” anecdotes.


Time and tide wait for no man. If your content is eye-catching enough, you are welcome to take the stage of STVFORUM with an open mic and share your planning ideas and behind-the-scenes stories with more audiences.


Contact for Registration:

+86 21-22009829


Time is relentless. If you want to participate in STVFORUM, listen to the wonderful sharing of program creators up close, raise your hand card to express your thoughts. Log in to https://login.stvf.com/ immediately, complete the registration and payment of the registration fee to attend. You can also register on-site by scanning the QR code on the day of the event and pick up a single-day visitor pass.


Contact for Registration:

 +86 21-62808991


Event Time:

June 26, 2024 (Wednesday) 9:30-10:30



Hall 1, Central Hall, Shanghai Exhibition Center


Specific arrangements are subject to official schedule releases



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