2024-05-28 17:28:33

Shanghai Micro-Short Drama Conference to Be Held During STVF


To strengthen the guidance on micro-short drama creation and the demonstration effect of quality production, while in pursuit of further cross-industry integration with cultural consumption, cultural tourism and other industries, the Shanghai Micro-Short Drama Conference will be organized for the 29th Shanghai TV Festival (STVF).



As an emerging and dynamic form of art, the micro-short drama industry is now at the stage of rapid development. The industry has not only seen a fast-paced growth in scale but has also become a significant force in the development of the film and television economy.


The Shanghai Micro-Short Drama Conference will focus on topics such as the “quality” creation of micro-short dramas, the application of “digital intelligence”, and the “new quality” development. It aims to build an international exchange and trading platform to promote the new quality development of the micro-short drama industry. Leveraging Shanghai’s advantages, the conference will gather resources from various sectors and invite a diverse range of institutions from the global and national micro-short drama industry chain to participate. Discussions will center on the development of high-quality micro-short dramas, exploring innovations in micro-short drama models, technological applications, and extending value chains. The conference will also push for the convergence of micro-short dramas with traditional culture, tourism resources, and the offline economy, uncovering opportunities for industry integration such as “micro-short drama + cultural tourism”.



In 2023, STVF, aligning with industry trends, was the first in the industry to incorporate the “Micro-Short Drama Project Roadshow” into the STVFORUM segment. This year, during STVF, the Shanghai Micro-Short Drama Conference will host a series of activities centered around the micro-short drama industry. These activities will include policy releases, quality support programs, thematic forums, project showcases, project investment and negotiation sessions, micro-short drama workshops, and more. Together with various market activities, these efforts aim to build a comprehensive micro-short drama industry ecosystem serving creators worldwide. Leading platforms and top domestic and international micro-short drama enterprises have been invited or have registered to participate and will hold several industry events during the conference.




Moreover, this year’s conference will showcase and promote Shanghai’s unique cultural tourism destinations, regional industrial ecosystem, micro-short drama filming locations, and production support services to creators worldwide, highlighting Shanghai’s vibrant city life and glamour. This will support the development and innovation of Shanghai’s distinctive micro-short drama industry. 



The registration channel for the micro-short drama showcase and the micro-short drama project investment and negotiation sessions of the 29th STVF has already opened, with the deadline set for May 28. Detailed registration methods for participating in the Shanghai Micro-Short Drama Conference are provided at the end of this announcement.


For inquiries about the showcase submission:

+86 21-22009829

+86 18402172530 (WeChat available)


Registration channel for micro-short drama showcase

Registration channel for micro-short drama project investment and market institution



How to participate in the Micro-Short Drama Conference:

Log in to https://login.stvf.com/ 

and complete the registration and payment to attend.

Conference registration contact:

+86 21-62808991

Host Units: State Administration of Radio and Television   China Media Group   Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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