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STVF MARKET丨A Vivid Portrayal of the Industry at Present and in the Future


As a traditional annual event in the TV industry, the 28th Shanghai TV Festival has been fully back offline. The STVF Market took place at the Shanghai Exhibition Center from June 19th to 21st, appealing to many TV program producers, distributors, buyers and investors and other professionals and institutions from home and abroad to participate. With rich content to display and 9 themed events, the STVF Market seeks to align with the public aesthetic taste, serving China's major strategies at the same time. It not only focuses on current hot issues, but also aims at future trends, and stresses the characteristics of "diversification" and "leading".


Continuing enthusiasm



A 13,000 sqm exhibition area was provided at the Shanghai Exhibition Center for the STVF Market this year. Given the continuing international film and television cloud market since 2020, nearly 150 exhibitors from around the world participated in various forms, among which about 40% were from overseas. At the present when the industry is "starting again", various film and television institutions remain active in participating, in the hope that they can find new inspirations, create new opportunities, and open up a new track from this industry gathering.



Walking into the Shanghai Exhibition Center, one will be mostly drawn to the Exhibition of Posters of Outstanding TV Dramas Produced in Shanghai for the New Era. Shanghai has long been one of the important centers for creating TV dramas in China. Quality TV dramas produced in Shanghai, especially in the new era, have become the new normal. Out came a large number of excellent works with the people as the protagonists, to show the style of the times and praise the glorious years. Classified by year, 50 works known to viewers are covered by the exhibition, including MEDAL OF THE REPUBLIC, LIKE A FLOWING RIVER, BEYOND, WITH YOU, A LITTLE REUNION, BREAKING DAWN IN THE EAST, THREE-BODY, MILES TO GO, WILD BLOOM and A DREAM OF SPLENDOR, leading viewers to relive the classics. These dramas, from one point to the whole dimension, represent the new direction of TV creation.


In the market, apart from traditional multimedia display, various exhibitors managed to attract viewers to linger and participate with new technological means, like VR technology and green screen shooting. Some small and medium-sized exhibitors, though with a limited area, have also attracted many professional visitors to sit down and negotiate on the strength of novel contents.


Focus on current hot issues


The STVF Market is the most intuitive display of the current development of the TV industry. In this year's STVF Market, a number of themed events were held, with a focus on hot topics in the TV industry.



Based on the boom of Shanghai literature, film and television, since 2017, Shanghai Writers' Association has worked together with cooperative units to create Shanghai literature, film and television venture capital salons, committed to re-developing Shanghai's literary works, film and television dramas, seeking more opportunities for literature works to be presented again and to show new vitality in new platforms and fields. The first themed event of the STVF Market is IP Film and Television Development Conference: Shanghai Literature, Film and Television Venture Capital Salon.


At the Salon, new works including THE SUN THROUGH THE GLASS by Xue Shu, THE HAPPY PRINCE by Teng Xiaolan, FEVER by Wang Ruoxu, OUR DAY AND NIGHT by Yao Emei, THE WORLD CAN HEAR by Bai Xiaokui and Zhou Fei, as well as works including PEACEFUL AGING, CRITICAL PATH, SURGING, With The CBO and ON THE SEA from the online literature platform Qimao, promote efficient connection between the source of content and film and television adaptation in the form of special promotion of literary works and one-on-one matching negotiation, and increase the possibility of adapting literary works into film and television.



The "going global" of Chinese TV products is also a hot topic in the industry. Since the new era, Chinese TV dramas have continued to improve quality, dealt with more abundant themes, and increased the scale, channels, platforms and methods of international communication. With international cooperation and synergy, Chinese TV products have improved both in scale and quality. A large number of realistic dramas reflecting the current life in China, such as LIKE A FLOWING RIVER, MINNING TOWN and NOTHING BUT THIRTY are brought to the world mainly by private firms and online platforms and well received by overseas viewers. In the special event Focus on Overseas - How to Create International Hit for TV Content, TV industry representatives from all over China and overseas discussed and analyzed the needs and changes of the international TV market, and shared the sales difficulties and future direction of the international TV market. They reached a consensus that overseas viewers are curious about Chinese works, but the key part is that we have to output quality works with appealing stories.



Micro-short dramas have been developing fast recently, emerging as a new form of the online audio-visual industry, and winning the attention of major video content creators, platforms, and investors. On June 21, Tencent Video held the Tencent Video Private Sharing Exchange on Micro-short Dramas in the STVF Market, and discussed the development trend of micro-short dramas on the theme of Segmentation, Diversity, Growth, and Innovation. Based on the concept of Segmentation and Diversity of micro-short dramas, how to create exemplary micro-short drama works was a main topic of the Private Sharing Exchange. According to Li La, Deputy General Manager of Tencent's Online Video Platform Operations Department, Tencent Video, having launched a number of works well received both in evaluation and commercialization in the past two years, has been advocating the positive energy, polishing, and creating new experience for micro-short dramas. As to the development of micro-short dramas, Tencent Video proposed three directions of content: life, youth, and freshness. Since then, the diversification of micro-short dramas has been seen as a new track. In the future, Tencent Video will work together with cooperative partners to develop and try more different vertical tracks and themes towards Segmentation and Growth.



Animation is also seeing a great era. With the development of technologies, more types of cartoons emerge. Regardless of realistic themes, historical themes, or mythological themes, all stories can be presented in the form of cartoons and are being under the test of market segmentation. With the consensus of the rise of Chinese animation, Chinese animation is advancing towards the industrialization direction of seeking steady progress and diversity based on quality. On June 20, Tencent Video held an animation roundtable salon in the STVF Market with the theme of Chinese animation: from all-round rise to diversification. Around popular stylized works such as SOUL LAND, FIGHTS BREAK SPHERE, PERFECT WORLD, THE ISLAND OF SILIANG and LEFT-HAND LAYUP!, representatives present at the meeting talked about the prosperous status and bright future of the animation industry. They agreed that innovative expression is the real boost to the rise of Chinese animation.


Aiming at future trends


The STVF Market is industry-leading, not only in content, but also in audio-visual technology. Currently, radio and television are facing the application of new technologies such as AI, media integration, big data, cloud computing, and blockchain. Technological innovation has helped bring an era of great integration. AI technology represented by ChatGPT is now sweeping the world at an unprecedented speed. How can the rapid development of cutting-edge technologies enhance the positive impact on radio and television? How to accurately respond and develop by taking advantage of it? The STVF Market specially held 5 technology-themed events, to aim at future trends, and brainstorm and analyze related new topics.



The Seminar on Smart Radio and Television Network Security Ecosystem Innovation held on June 20 focused on network security. The seminar paid special attention to the concept of network security under the new situation of smart radio and television. Domestic authoritative network security agencies, top universities, scientific research units, radio and television operators, and industry experts discussed the trend of smart radio and television network security technologies from the academic and technological frontiers, exchanged new experience and achievements in security ecosystem innovation, gathered consensus from all walks of life, and looked ahead to the new prospects for smart radio and television ecosystem innovation planning and security development.


AIGC is the content generated by AI technology. It can automatically generate content in the forms of text, pictures, audio and video according to the needs and preferences of users, so as to provide users with richer, more diverse and personalized content experience. In the era of AIGC, the rapid advancement of AI technology has become a global topic. The Seminar on High-tech Audio-visual and AIGC Technology Innovation held that day focused on the integrative innovation and latest application of high-tech audio-visual and generative AI in smart radio and television scenarios, and how to apply AIGC technology to promote the high-quality development of the audio-visual industry. Experts and scholars from well-known firms and research institutions shared their latest research deliverables and practical experience in related fields. Experts said that the powerful generation capability of AIGC technology will enable various content-generated scenarios. The new audio-visual industry will also look at more opportunities and challenges.



With the advent of the intelligent era, almost all industries are striding into a new stage. The TV and online audio-visual industry is promoting the construction of a modern big audio-visual development pattern with innovation drive and technological enabling. In the process of upgrading, digital intelligence and interaction are bringing new opportunities for industry development. How does digital interaction technology enable the industry? What inspirations can be brought from interactive innovative applications? At the Seminar on Cloud Interaction Technology and Application Innovation held on June 21, representatives from industry, academia, and research institutions, changing topics from technology to business, and from standards to ecology, gathered to discuss technology innovation and development trends with a focus on high-tech audio-visual and cloud interaction, promote win-win cooperation, and give an  outlook to new opportunities and new journeys in the industry.


As the time goes, technologies are iterating. In the future, technology-enabled TV will grab the share of large and small screens with better audio-visual experience, more convenient interactivity and smarter services, so that TV can be available to everyone anywhere. In the final analysis, it is intended to better meet the people's new expectations for a better audio-visual life.


Forward thinking


The STVF Market this year provided many active forward-looking ideas in promoting the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta and the integration of culture and tourism.


The Seminar on Convergence Media Technology in Districts and Counties of the Yangtze River Delta held on June 21 was a typical case of Shanghai giving suggestions for the development of Convergence Media in districts or counties of the Yangtze River Delta as a leading city in the Yangtze River Delta and taking advantage of its platform. Promoting the deep integration of media, implementing the all-media communication project, strengthening the new mainstream media, and building and applying county-level Convergence Media centers are some of the important measures to implement the outline of China's 14th Five-Year Plan. Media, business experts and professionals from the Yangtze River Delta region were invited to this seminar to conduct extensive discussions on core issues around Convergence Media, including but not limited to the application of innovative technologies, media transformation and innovation, digital content generation and dissemination. The event helped districts and counties in the Yangtze River Delta achieve digital and integrated transformation, in the hope of working together to create a new chapter in the smart development of districts and counties in the Yangtze River Delta.


Film and television products are playing a more prominent role in driving the cultural tourism market. After watching a popular TV drama or video, numerous viewers tend to pay a visit to the place of scenarios therein. Not long ago, directors of tourism bureaus throughout China took the role of online celebrities in short videos to promote local tourism resources. This is a typical use of such dissemination characteristic.


In Shanghai, a city full of charm and stories, there are sources of inspiration and creation for film and television works everywhere. From the style of old Shanghai to the prosperity of modern Shanghai, from the Bund by the Huangpu River to the old streets by the Suzhou River, from Lujiazui with many high-rise buildings to ancient Fengjing Ancient Town... From these shooting locations, we can see Shanghai's profound historical and cultural heritage, dynamic fashion trend, and future full of infinite creativity. In order to further play the two-way enabling role of film and television and cultural tourism and fully demonstrate the urban style of Shanghai, under the guidance of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, Shanghai TV Festival worked together with Shanghai Municipal Culture and Tourism Development Center and Shanghai Municipal Film and Television Production Services to select the 2023 Best Shooting Locations in Shanghai. After solicitation, preliminary evaluation, expert review and public voting, two lists, i.e. 2023 Top 10 Best Shooting Locations in Shanghai and 2023 Most Potential Shooting Locations in Shanghai, were announced at the opening of the 28th Shanghai TV Festival and gained the attention of many citizens.



In addition to offline combination of cultural tourism, online digital cultural tourism means unlimited potential. The STVF Market also held the Seminar on High-tech Audiovisual and Digital Cultural Tourism Innovation to discuss and promote the construction of a new development pattern for the virtualized, immersive and digital cultural tourism industry. New technologies such as Metaverse were mentioned at the seminar in a forward-looking manner. Five experts and scholars in high-tech audio-visual and digital cultural tourism technology discussed the digital generation of calligraphy and paintings, the application of digital humans, the innovation of virtual and real interactive spaces, open alliance chain and digital cultural capitalization, and digital development of cultural relics and museums, providing valuable suggestions for the construction of a new track for Shanghai cultural tourism Metaverse.


The 3-day STVF Market at the 28th Shanghai TV Festival provided exhibitors with an international professional trading platform, and showed the details of the current colorful and creative cultural life for the audience, depicting a moving ecological landscape for the industry in the future.



Host Units: State Administration of Radio and Television   China Media Group   Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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