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STVF MARKET | Starting Off with a Wonderful Gathering of Exhibitors


On June 19, STVF MARKET of the 28th Shanghai TV Festival was unveiled at Shanghai Exhibition Center, and brought together a plethora of professionals in TV program production, distribution, purchase, investment and more from home and abroad.


As China’s television industry thrives in recent years, each edition of STVF Market, closely following the development trend of the domestic television industry, is committed to tapping the potential of local culture, presenting various thematic activities, exploring new trends and opportunities for television production in the context of the new era, and promoting the efficient networking between content sources and film and television creation, to provide communication opportunities for TV works in the industry through diverse industry perspectives.


The assembly of exhibitors


The STVF Market has gathered leading players such as China Media Group, China International TV Corporation, China Radio, Film and Television Programs Exchanging Center, Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, Capital Radio and Television Program Producers Association, Shanghai Media Group, Shanghai Hi-tech Films and Televisions City, Shanghai Film and Television Production Services Institution and Taiwan Visual and Audio Production Association, with rich industry updates available at booths of New Classics Media, Huace Fim & TV, Xixi Pictures, Sony, BBC Studios, TV TOKYO, MIP Markets, etc.




“Renewed vitality” arising from literature-film synergy


In recent years, to adapt from literary IPs in the film and television industry have become a common practice, and the synergy between literature and film has long received widespread attention and recognition. This time, STVF Market has converged the hot trends and held the “Film & TV IP Development Conference: Shanghai Literature, Film and TV Venture Salon” to discuss on the secondary development of literary works in terms of film and TV production, to renew literary IP’s vitality on new platforms and in new fields.



After the presentation at the Venture Salon, the audience met face-to-face with experts to understand and discuss the works they’re interested in, to jointly bring literary works onto the screen.


The salon promoted ten high-quality literary works that are ideal for adaptation into films and televisions, with themes covering family ethics, urban romance, campus youth, industry changes and red history, and genres spanning full-length novels, non-fiction works and online novels.


The STVF Market of the 28th Shanghai TV Festival will last for three days, during which activities, such as a series of promotion meetings and salon activities themed “Focus on Overseas”, a roundtable salon on the theme of animation, the “Intelligent Radio & Television Broadcasting Network Security Ecosystem Innovation Seminar and the “Cloud Interactive Technology and Application Innovation Seminar”, will be held, to offer a professional trading platform for exhibitors, and also a colorful and creative stage for visitors to enjoy. On June 20 and 21, more exciting events will be held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, and we look forward to your participation!

Host Units: State Administration of Radio and Television   China Media Group   Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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