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Entries of Magnolia Awards 丨 The 2D IP Sweeping All Over the World


A quality IP can always awaken the emotional memory of the public. This year, characters widely known among the people through comics, novels, and film and TV works will gather and appear on the stage of Magnolia Awards.


BOCCHI THE ROCK! continues the dream-chasing journey of the guitar girl; MOB PSYCHO 100 Ⅲ tells the growth and transformation of a super-powered teenager; in MONKIE KID 3, a team of heroes assembles to safeguard peace in the universe; THE BOSS BABY: BACK IN THE CRIB unveils the thrills and hilarity of undercover life; PIPIRU AND LUXISI: THE ADVENTURES OF THE EARTH CLOCK SEASON 1 witnesses the brother and the sister restoring the world order together; NOVOLAND: EAGLE FLAG outlines the passion of a group of young people who persist in struggling; LOVE BETWEEN FAIRY AND DEVIL is about the love between the immortal and the demon that relieves obsession...


These characters, familiar yet taking on new looks, will further show their charm in the two-dimensional world.




Country/Region: Japan


Hitori Goto, nicknamed "Bocchi-chan", is a shy and awkward girl who has a passion for playing guitar. Failed to make friends as wished in junior high school, she could only practice guitar by herself at home every day. One day at high school, Goto was invited by a drummer, Nijika Ijichi, on the road to form a band together. From then on, she met a group of like-minded friends who loved music, and her "lonely" life began to change.




Country/Region: Japan


A youthful superpower story that happens at the value 100, and a boy, Mob, who’ll gain the astounding psychic power when a certain value reaches "100". Mob, looking nothing special, actually possesses strong superpowers. His mentor, a counterfeit psychic - Reigen Arataka runs the Spirits and Such Consultation Office. Helping the mentor deal with difficult commissions every day, can Mob who hopes to spend his teenage years in a simple way usher in a peaceful life? Driven by pulse of youth, the superpower is about to get out of control.




Country/Region: USA/Australia


Lady Bone Demon is about to complete her final plan to fulfill her destiny! With the heroes scattered, Monkie Kid and his friends now face a severe test. He must reunite his team and take on Lady Bone Demon. The fate of the world is at stake, and heroes must embrace their destiny if they are to save the entire universe!




Country/Region: US


Framed for a corporate crime, adult Ted Templeton turns back into the Boss Baby to live undercover with his brother, Tim, posing as one of his kids. During the thrilling and funny case-solving process, the two re-examined the meaning of family and understood that love is the true meaning of life.




Country/Region: China


This film is adapted from Zheng Yuanjie's original works "Pipiru Biography" and "Luxisi Biography". The naughty Pipiru accidentally entered the fairy tale space and set the "Earth Clock" upside down, causing all the people on the earth to fall asleep. Trying to repair the Earth Clock, he and his younger sister Luxisi met Qiqi who wanted to take this opportunity to occupy the Rubik's Cube City. During the scramble, the Earth Clock fell off and broke into six parts. At the same time, the fairy tale universe and the real universe were partially fused. To find the parts and restore the world, the brother and the sister embarked on interesting adventures one after another in places such as the "Three-Eyed Country", "Snack Kingdom", and "Lake of Tears", and learned the true meaning of unity and tolerance while confronting Qiqi.




Country/Region: China


Set on the virtual land of China, it tells the story of Lu Guichen, Ji Ye, Yu Ran and other unsophisticated teenagers, who, going through hardships and ups and downs, persistently struggled, helped each other, grew up, and were rewarded with true friendship and love.




Country/Region: China


After a war in the remote ages, the Demon Lord Dongfang Qingcang fell. Ten thousand years later, the demons unsealed the Demon Lord for the great cause. And the Demon Lord, who gained life again, was expected to lead the Demon World to achieve some hegemony. However, influenced by the sincere, kind and sympathetic Orchid Fairy, the Lord gave up his obsession with overthrowing the three worlds, and assumed instead the responsibility of protecting all living creatures.



When animation pushes ahead the boundaries of genres and target audience, high-quality IP becomes the key of market breakthrough. Looking at the above-mentioned popular IP works, we can find that they’re adapted not only from comics of the same name, but also children's books, best-selling novels, popular online literature works, etc. The high expectation brought about by the film and TV dramas derived from IP provides, especially, an unparalleled market foundation for the crossover spreading of the animation works. So, which works will stand out on the stage of this year's Magnolia Awards? Stay tuned!

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