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To Unlock Wonderful Experience in Shanghai via Film and TV Works – Selection of "2023 Best Film and TV Shooting Locations in Shanghai" Started


The city of Shanghai, open, innovative, and inclusive, provides a variety of choices for film and TV works of different genres, and each work is the embodiment of red culture, Shanghai culture, or Jiangnan culture that runs deep in the storylines of popular films and TV dramas in recent years. After more than 30 years of development, Shanghai TV Festival (STVF), complementary to the urban culture of Shanghai, has accumulated a wealth of market influence and built an open platform for the construction of urban culture.


To further bring into play the mutual empowering role of "film and TV" and "cultural tourism" and fully showcase the image of Shanghai, under the guidance of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, the Shanghai International Film &TV Festivals, Co., Ltd. will join hands with Shanghai Culture and Tourism Development Center and Shanghai Film and TV Production Service Organization to launch the selection of the "2023 Best Film and TV Shooting Locations in Shanghai", and call for applications from shooting locations across the city from now on. And this event is designed to unlock the colorful city experience through the appeal of film and TV works, and at the same time further share the beauty of life with more people through these works.



After that, STVF will shortlist 30 shooting locations and select the top 10 best shooting locations in Shanghai through offline selection and public online voting, aside from 16 most potential shooting locations.


"Nostalgic" or "tasteful", landscapes at these locations that stand for the depth of life will unveil for people the warm, agreeable and poetic facets of Shanghai in a visual and brand new way.


I. Qualifications

1. Shooting locations located in Shanghai.

2. Shooting locations open to the public.

3. Shooting locations having received film and TV crews (including films, TV dramas, online films, online dramas, documentaries, variety shows and other types of film and television programs) for filming, and the film and TV works have been released or broadcast after January 1, 2013. There is no limit to the genre and number of works.


II. Selection methods

From April to May 2023, the organizer will organize industry experts to initially select 30 film and TV shooting locations, and based on the online voting results, finally determine the top 10 best film and TV shooting locations, as well as the most potential film and TV shooting locations in Shanghai.


III. Privileges of selected units

The final 10 best film and TV shooting locations and the most potential film and TV shooting locations will receive honorary certificates issued by the sponsors during STVF, and enjoy priority in publication, promotion, recommendation, and signing of agreements; the 30 primarily shortlisted locations will have the opportunity to be promoted and displayed during STVF, with their ticketing information being integrated into the activities of STVF.


IV. Application methods and requirements

For units interested, please download the "Application Form for the Selection of the 2023 Best Film and TV Shooting Locations in Shanghai", fill it out according to the instructions and send it to the email address: ysqjdpx@126.com. The deadline for application is April 19, 2023 (subject to the arrival time of the email).


Application Form




Host Units: State Administration of Radio and Television   China Media Group   Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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