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Metafilm, Asia's First Independent Film and TV Festival Metaverse, to Be Launched Soon


The 25th Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) and the 28th Shanghai TV Festival (STVF) will be grandly unveiled in June 2023. At the same time, Asia's first large-scale independent film and TV festival metaverse - Metafilm, a holographic interactive film and TV social metaverse for the new generation, will be released as well. Under the guidance of Shanghai's dual strategy of building a global film and TV creation center and a global science and technology innovation center, we will create a new benchmark application scenario for metaverse to enable real scenarios with virtual power.


City map of Metafilm



Central square of Metafilm (effect picture)


Metafilm is jointly created by the Shanghai International Film & TV Festivals, Co., Ltd., the initiator of the "National Digital Cultural Creativity Normative Governance Ecological Matrix" (hereinafter referred to as the "Matrix") - Shanghai Culture Assets and Equity Exchange, and the Matrix’s collaborative development partner and the super node of the national copyright transaction protection alliance chain - China Data Chain (hereinafter referred to as CDC). And it comes with the three major sections of Metaverse Red Carpet, Film Art Palace, and Film and TV Street.


During SIFF and STVF, related film and TV activities will be rolled out concurrently in Metafilm. Users can download the Metafilm App to log in through mobile terminals, select roles such as directors, screenwriters or performers to create virtual identities. There are various custom functions available for exclusive user profiles, such as DIY face and equipment reset. Informed by a strong cultural vibe, the Film Art Palace and the Film and TV Street will be open for you to explore the virtual interactive scenarios of the film and TV festivals.




Film Art Palace of Metafilm

(Effect picture)


In addition to the fresh updates, the latest film and TV content and news from SIFF and STVF, users can also immerse themselves in a high-quality film and TV poster exhibition, and even "walk" on the red carpet in the parallel dimension, to interact face to face with their favorite virtual digital characters and obtain a "beyond-dimension" film and TV sensory experience. Also, users can leave their names on the signature board and have a personalized video generated to capture the exclusive red-carpet moment – an immersive trip to the “Top Red Carpet in Asia”.



Virtual red carpet of Metafilm (effect picture)


There are a variety of interactive ways in the space, where users can have knowledge quizzes, or collect film fragments, etc. Based on the social system, the prop system and the task system, they can receive their favorite peripheral film and TV benefits by completing corresponding tasks.


At present, the 2023 Metafilm is officially open to brand investment and settlement of partner film and TV institutions. In addition to exposure through three-dimensional billboards, interactive posters, LED screens and other visual means in the metaverse space, as well as brand promotion via customized red carpets with title sponsors and customized booths, film and TV companies can also enjoy diversified cooperation forms such as the settlement as IP avatars, the sale of derivatives at the metaverse shop, and the development of digital cultural and creative products.


Established in 1993, SIFF is the first international competitive feature film festival accredited by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations in China, and one of the 15 international competitive feature film festivals in the world. Founded in 1986, STVF, undertaking multiple functions of competition, exhibition, market transaction and forum, is the largest and most influential comprehensive international TV festival in Asia. Built upon the strong influence, appeal, and cross-platform capabilities of SIFF and STVF, aside from Shanghai's strength in artificial intelligence, Metafilm, against the strategic deployment of building Shanghai into a global science and technology innovation center, will work to coordinate the forces in the film and TV industry, to bring about new cultural application scenarios in the metaverse, and continuously enrich the meaning and added value of the two festivals.


Metafilm also welcomes film and TV institutions and various IPs to settle permanently. With all-weather, multi-scenario normalized operations, it will create an experience interaction platform that accumulates IP digital assets with a sustainable mindset, and provide brands with a digital commodity play and consumption community for all-round display, experience and interaction. Also, diversified and novel ways here will serve to support the promotion of film and TV culture, the cross-dimensional integrated marketing of brands, and the maximization of immersive user interaction.


Settlement and cooperation

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