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Red Carpet Ceremony for the 28th STVF’s Magnolia Awards Ceremony Now Calls for Registration



The red carpet ceremony of the 28th Shanghai TV Festival’s Magnolia Awards Ceremony will be held in June 2023. From now on, the registration channel will be officially open for crews of new TV drama works.


Founded in 1986, Shanghai TV Festival is one of the most influential international TV exchange and cooperation platforms in Asia with functions such as awards, markets, forums, and showcase. After more than 30 years of brand building, Shanghai TV Festival enjoys a wide reputation and influence in the industry. Especially, as one of the key events of Shanghai TV Festival, the red carpet ceremony of the Magnolia Awards Ceremony offers a professional and international display platform for sophisticatedly made new TV dramas.



Crews of new TV dramas at the red carpet of the 27th STVF▲


Every June, a plethora of masterpieces that echo the main melody, the positive energy, and the realistic themes, and embody the mainstream values, the spirit of the times, and the international perspective will all be unveiled at STVF.


The crews of new TV dramas attending the red carpet ceremony will also be invited to the meet-and-greet session for new dramas to promote and publicize the excellent dramas that are planned to be broadcast in the second half of the year or are still under progress, to keep abreast to and reflect the development trend of the industry. More than 100 domestic and foreign mainstream media will cover the event to build hype for new TV dramas.


Crews at the meet-and-greet session for new dramas



STVF warmly welcomes film and television workers

and domestic and international film and TV organizations to Shanghai for this grand event

And STVF sincerely looks forward to

the reunion with you in Shanghai in June!


The 28th STVF

Registration for the new TV drama red carpet


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