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List of Winners of the 22nd STVF’s Magnolia Awards


Chinese TV Drama:


Best Chinese TV Drama

Legend of Miyue

Jury’s Comments: The drama interprets in depth, from the perspective of a woman’s vicissitudes, the heroic history from conflicts to unification of the Qin Dynasty. The magnificent drama is well-made and unique with excellent sense of history, so it is able to standout from a number of great TV Dramas. 


Best Director

Kong Sheng; Li Xue

Nirvana in Fire

Jury’s Comments: The drama creates grand historic space for drama in virtuality, and featurescold tone and accurate rhythm, which embodythe director’s aesthetic concepts and mature control.


Best Scriptwriter

Jiang Qitao

Young Marshal

Jury’s Comments: Jiang Qitao, with his wisdom, offers a new perspective and reflection ona periodof history, expressing his historical and humanistic affection.


Best Actor in a Leading Role


Nirvana in Fire

Jury’s Comments: Hugh, with his accurate understanding of the pace of the story and proficient acting, accomplisheshis metamorphosis like a butterflyduring role making.


Best Actress in a Leading Role

Sun Li

Legend of Miyue

Jury’s Comments: Sun Li, with great passion and natural acting skills, accuratelyinterprets a classic historical figure, accomplishing a multi-level transition from a domineering governor to a delicate woman.


Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Zhao Lixin

In the Silence

Jury’sComments: Zhao Lixin perfectly presents the character and details to the audience with attentive and exquisite design.


Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Tamia Liu

Legend of Miyue

Jury’s Comments: Tamia Liu vividly develops the character with her fresh and refined acting as well as incredible explosiveness. 


Best Foreign TV Dramas(Short)


No Second Chance(France)

Jury’s Comments: The drama is of novel narrative technique, lively rhythm and rich emotions. It is a well-made classical drama which is both storytelling and entertaining.




Best Documentary

Tora’s Family - 22 Years Story(Japan)

Jury’s Comments: The jury unanimously elected Tora’s Family - 22 Years Story directed by Oura Masaru as the Best Documentary. The documentary seems to be a simple family story about a udon workshop’s owner and his wife and seven children, but it reflects the touching and powerful spirits of hardworking, the inheritance of traditions and attachment to the family. Over 22 years of unremitting shooting successfully seizesthe pleasure, anger, sorrow and joy of an ordinary Japanese family at every important moment.


Best Documentary Series


Jury’s Comments: The jury elected Shark directed by Steve Greenwood as the Best Documentary Series. With the images of movie texture, the documentary series shoot 30 different kinds of sharks and rays, revealing the dramaticismand vitality in the depths of ocean. The narration is full of poetic flavor and humor, admiring the breathtaking scenery ofthe nature. The series are not only a masterwork in the nature category, but also a marvelous spectacle.




Best Animation

Stick Man(UK)

Jury’s Comments: Stick Man is novel and unique in creating characters, leading the audience to experience the world from the perspective of a stick. Itsplot is complete and smooth, surprising the audience in every minute. The production is fine,with different production techniques applied skillfully, making it an extremely exquisite animation with traditional British style.


Best Animation Script

One Punch-Man(Japan)

Jury’s Comments: One Punch-Man overturns the traditional form of a superhero story in plot. The major character One Punch-Man wins every battle in one punch without experiencing complicated and hard struggle. This unique form poses a great test and challenge for scriptwriter.