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Nomination List of the 22nd STVF’s Magnolia Awards Unveiled


More than 800 productions from around the world submitted to the Magnolia Awards at the 22nd Shanghai Television Festival (STVF). Those productions were categorized into four sections - TV dramas, documentaries, animations and variety shows.

On May 19, the nomination list of the 22nd STVF’s Magnolia Awards was released, including ten Chinese TV dramas, seven foreign TV dramas, ten documentaries, ten animations and 20 variety shows. Those shows have come to the final and will compete for the four section awards.

The year 2015, the initial year that the “One Series, Two Satellite” policy was enacted by SAPPRF and the first year of an era featuring “Intellectual Property”, witnessed “dramatic changes” taking place on TV. After rounds of selection, the best-known phenomenal productions appeared on the nomination list of the hottest TV drama awards as expected, including Tiger Mom starred by Vicki Zhao, who won the Best Actress named by Hong Kong Film Awards and came back to TV plays after seven years; rating record breaker The Journey of Flower, a fantasy romance series adapted from an online novel;highly-praised Nirvana in Fire, the Disguiser, Two Families from Wenzhou and Once upon a Time in Tsingtao produced by Shandong Film and TV Group; The Legend of Miyue, the “Drama Champion” of 2015; Theater, whose scriptwriter was Yan Geling, a famous Chinese-American writer;In the Silence, a dark horse among a batch of national security series and Young Marshals tarred by Li Xuejian. Besides, outstanding actors and actresses such as Hugh, Wallace Huo, Jin Dong, Li Xuejian, Tong Dawei, Song Jia, Sun Li, Yan Ni, Zanilia Zhao and Vicki Zhao were also among the nomination list.

The 22nd STVF’s Magnolia Awards

Nomination List

TV Drama

Best TV Drama

Best Director

Best Scriptwriter

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Best Actress in a Supporting Role


Best Documentary Series

Best Documentary


Foreign TV Drama

Variety Show

Best Variety Show(Broadcast by Season)

Best Variety Show

In order to make sure that the assessment was fair, authoritative and professional, the Organizing Committee of the 22nd Shanghai TV Festival (STVF) invited Deloitte-Touche, one of the “big four” accounting firms as the independent scrutinizing agency to observe the vote counting.

Taking TV drama selection process as an example, the vote distributing, returning and accounting are all hosted by Deloitte independently. This is one of the important measures taken by the Organizing Committee to perfect selecting mechanism and to be in line with the international practices.

All Chinese TV dramas applying for the STVF’s Magnolia Awards have to undergo four rounds of selection before winners are determined.

Round 1

The Organizing Committee will select Chinese dramas applying for the Magnolia Awards according to statistics such as ratings and hits, and invite professional selectors to decide upon top 40 products during the primary selection.

Round 2

The Organizing Committee will entrust Deloitte to give out ballots to 100 professional selectors from all over the country. After the selectors vote for and score the TV dramas applying for the Magnolia Awards, the votes will be returned to and accounted by Deloitte, and the nominees will be produced automatically according to the votes.

Round 3

The 100 professional selectors will receive new ballots again, and vote for and score the automatically produced nominees. Meanwhile, a jury in the final round of TV drama assessment will vote for and score the nominees. Scores provided by professional selectors will account for 70% of the total score while those of the jury, 30%. A pending list of nominees will be produced based on the total scores and be decided by the jury finally.

Round 4

Based on the previous determined list of nominees, the jury will discuss or vote for the winners of the TV drama awards of the Magnolia Awards. Each member of the jury can vote once only, while the jury president can vote twice. In case that a judge is an interested party of any nominees, he/she shall avoid or abstain from voting, so as to ensure the fairness and justice of the assessment.

The 22nd STVF’s Magnolia Awards Ceremony will be held from June 6 to 10, and winners of all the sections of the Magnolia Awards will be released at the ceremony on the evening of June 10. After reading this article, you can name yourself a know-it-all of the selection process of the Magnolia Awards and share the related knowledge with your families and friends while watching the ceremony.