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The 22nd Shanghai TV Festival Releases Official Poster Formally



The 22nd Shanghai TV Festival released its official poster formally on March 21. In addition to retaining the classic background color of green of Shanghai TV Festival, the poster adopts alternate blank or solid color blocks and lines, representing the profound artistic and cultural deposits of the TV Festival.

Magnolia Blooming Resplendently 

Themed with "Motivate the Whole World with Magnolia Blooming Resplendently", the official poster of the 22nd Shanghai TV Festival is composed with overlapped round colored blocks of different sizes, creating the shape of Magnolia Awards Cup through the use of alternate blank and solid colors and highlighting the harmonious rhythm unique to the TV media. Also the poster is full of multi-elements and fashion of new media that enrich people's cultural life constantly.    The poster adopts several colors, the classic color of green of Shanghai TV Festival, the blue color symbolizing the innovation of Shanghai and the color yellow full of vitality, which converge into an art milieu  full of dynamic effect for the artists drawn to the Festival to display their skills to the full on the platform created by Shanghai TV Festival. The large blank area, representing the abundant vitality and the blazing enthusiasm of magnolia, symbolizes that the professional and interactive Shanghai TV Festival will offer a visual feast to the public and bring joy to the whole world.

The poster embodies the cultural deposits of Shanghai TV Festival to a proper extent with an oriental expression method of freehand brushwork and also expresses a good vision that Shanghai TV Festival will welcome the guests from all over the world with a brand-new image and provide a platform for the exchange and development of the TV and culture among different countries and regions.

Since its first launch in 1986, Shanghai TV Festival, centered on the front of the world film & TV industry, has become one of the most influential TV festivals in the industryworldwide by holding a series of official activities such as Magnolia Awards competition, screening of international TV programs, TV market and Magnolia Forum.

The Organizing Committee of the 22nd Shanghai TV Festival has unveiled chairpersons for the three categories of Magnolia Awards recently. Chinese renowned director and actor Zhang Guoli will lead the jury for TV series; US well-acclaimed producer Lois Vossen will chair for documentaries; and Bozidar Zecevic, Serbian scriptwriter, director and critic, will be in charge of animations.