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Offline Public Screening | Reservation Report for Offline Public Screening at STVF


The 29th Shanghai Television Festival will be from June 24 to 28. At noon on June 17, the ticket sales for the offline public screening programme in the International TV Showcase was launched, offering a total of 32 sessions of offline screenings. According to statistics, tickets were sold out for 17 sessions within half an hour, while achieving an 81% ticketing rate within one hour. The three most popular series are INSIDE NO. 9, PLANET EARTH III, and VAN GOGH, THE MAKING OF A MASTER, with all tickets sold out within the first minute.


Before noon, Mr. Li, a 90s-born resident of Huangpu District, logged onto damai.cn. “I can’t miss the local television festival. I’m a loyal fan of the British drama INSIDE NO. 9. I heard there will be a meet-and-greet with the creators during the festival screenings, so I had to act fast to get tickets.” As soon as it struck 12:00, Mr. Li swiftly tapped the screen of his phone and secured two tickets in the end.


Fashion blogger Vivian prefers biographical documentaries. “I’ve been working in the fashion industry and always keep an eye on the latest trends. I’ve always wanted to learn about the story behind Coco Chanel’s entrepreneurial journey. Being able to watch LES GUERRES DE COCO CHANEL at the television festival allows me to fulfill this dream perfectly.”


65-year-old Mr. Zhang, an outdoor photography enthusiast, felt fortunate to grab tickets for PLANET EARTH III today. “I happen to live in the World Expo area. Being able to immerse myself into the sea and land wonders at the China Art Museum and interact with the creators is a rare opportunity. The Shanghai Television Festival brings tangible benefits to the people.”


In line with the philosophy of “Building a People’s City by the People and for the People”, and continuing to create a “television festival at our doorstep”, this year’s public screenings are free for residents. There are 20 screening venues distributed across all 16 districts of the city, which are popular places for citizens and tourists to appreciate art, such as the China Art Museum Art Theater, Power Station of Art, Shanghai Jiushi Art Museum, Shanghai’s City of Books, and Shanghai Library East, all connecting the cultural context of the city.


This public screening has carefully designed eight exhibition units, including “Joyful Childhood”, “Hot Chinese Animation”, “The Power of Life”, “The Charm of Sports”, “Colorful World”, “Brilliant Planet”, “Marvelous Journey”, and the collaborative unit with BBC Studios at the Shanghai Television Festival: “STVF x BBC Studios: Endless Exploration”, featuring a total of 33 entries including animations, Chinese dramas, international dramas, and documentaries competing for the Magnolia Awards. To enhance the viewing experience for citizens, the China Art Museum, Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai Jiushi Art Museum, Shanghai’s City of Books, and Shanghai Library East will also host multiple offline meet-and-greet sessions. Through a diverse mix of audiovisual content and urban spaces, the festival gives “watching TV” in the multi-screen era a touch of fashion and social functionality. Citizens can enjoy outstanding works at their doorstep, and interact live with creators and industry professionals from around the world, making art accessible and enriching urban aesthetics in every corner.


The 29th STVF is by the National Radio and Television Administration, China Media Group, and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, and organized by Shanghai Municipal Administration of Radio and Television and Shanghai Media Group, with co-organization by the Administration Committee of Lin-gang Special Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, and special support from Shanghai Lingang Special Area Investment Holding (Group) Co.,Ltd.


Host Units: State Administration of Radio and Television   China Media Group   Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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