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Winners of the 24th Magnolia Awards


Best TV Series (China)

White Deer Plain

  Jury Comment: According to the original story, presented in a perfect way.


Best Director

LIU Jin  White Deer Plain

  Jury Comment: Broadened the content of a masterpiece while figuring the group image precisely.


Best Screenplay

QIN Wen  The First Half of My Life

  Jury Comment: Putting herself on the ground, the author tellingly interpreted the complex dilemma of the modern-day women and their independent spirit.


Best Actor in a Leading Role

HE Bing  Honest Person

  Jury Comment: A great balance of banter and kindness, a plebeian with who stays true to his character.


Best Actress in a Leading Role 

MA Yili  The First Half of My Life

  Jury Comment: A seemingly plain performance, reveals rich inner world, just like undercurrent surging.


Best Actor in a Supporting Role

YU Hewei  The Advisors Alliance

  Jury Comment: A precisely performance of a hero.


Best Actress in a Supporting Role

XU Di  The First Half of My Life

  Jury Comment: She devotes her life into acting, which is magnificient, bold and free.


Best Cinematography

HUANG Wei  White Deer Plain

  Jury Comment: The grandeur it manifests takes us through boundless history and across wild plateau.


Best Art Direction

The Advisors Alliance

  Jury Comment: In-depth historical proof, contemporary aesthetic pursuit.


Best Foreign TV Series/Serial

Babylon Berlin  (Germany)

  Jury Comment: Babylon Berlin wins for its high production values, brilliant script, engaging characters, and thrilling story. It showed us a time in European history that still feels culturally and politically relevant.


Best Foreign TV Film/Miniseries

Cable Girls  (Spain)

  Jury Comment:Beautiful production values, incredible acting and a story of the triumph of the human spirit as women were taking charge of their emerging independently. It deserves to be seen all over the world.


Best Animation 

Zack & Quack  (UK)

  Jury Comment: This is a distinctive, colorful and creative animation. It gives a pop-up style, presenting itself in a dynamic way. Its strong visual style combines a beautiful color palette and humor. The characters are vivid while the plots are compact and full of humor and emotions. In short, the artistic accomplishment is of high quality.


Best Storytelling

Ella, Oscar & Hoo  (France)

  Jury Comment: This is an animation full of childishness and playfulness. It is extremely well constructed. The screen, editing and comedy work so well. Also, there is equality between the characters and the scripts tackle challenging issues from a child’s point of view and with great humor. It understands the pre-school audience and speaks perfectly to them.


Best Documentary Series

The Asunta’s Trial  (Spain)

  Jury Comment: This film is a masterpiece of investigation and editing. The story of Asunta, who was cruelly murdered, shocked the whole city. The film is deeply moving, looking at the parents, the picture of Asunta, and the judges. Using the best journalistic methods, the filmmakers make the complex case very appealing, powerful, and full of suspense.


Best Documentary

No Man's Land  (U.S.A)

  Jury Comment: ‘No Man's Land' is a journalistic anatomy of a riot in Oregon. This documentary observes how the members of the right-wing conflict with state power. The film is beautiful and eloquent. The story is difficult to be objective, but this film manages to look at both sides of the conflict. Its exemplary journalism is at the heart of the best of documentary making.


Best Seasonal Variety Program 

The Nation’s Greatest Treasures

Everlasting Classics


Best Weekly Variety Program

Waiting for Me 


International Communication Award

Beautiful Daughter-in-Law

Romance Of Our Parents



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