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Excellent Works with Multiple Subjects Nominated


With June approaching, the Chinese TV drama nominations for the highly-anticipated 24th Shanghai TV festival Magnolia Awards were announced today at the Beijing press conference of Shanghai International Film & TV Festival. The TV drama White Deer Plain, which is nominated for all nine awards and has two nominations for the Best Supporting Actor award, has won 10 nominations, leading all the finalists.

Last summer’s two highly topical works The First Half of My Life and The Advisors Alliance have won 8 and 7 nominations respectively. Nothing Gold Can Stay and Honest Person have won 5 nominations each. With so many works being nominated for multiple awards at the same time, this year’s competition for Magnolia Awards is bound to be fiercer than ever before.
Judging from the nominations, the nominated works for this year’ Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Awards have shown a gratifying trend of producing excellent works with various subjects. The First Half of My Life and Wonderful Life on contemporary subjects depict ordinary people’s life from different angles, displaying the laughter and tears of urban life with rich life details and profound excavation of characters’ emotions. Workplace dramas represented by ER Doctors restore the real professional workplace while exploring the morality, reason and emotion behind the career.
The three TV dramas, White Deer Plain, Honest Person and A Splendid Life in Beijing, showing different times, record the common Chinese in the wave of changes in an objective, real and emotional way. 2017 is also a year in which classic costume dramas are frequently released. The works such as The Advisors Alliance, Nothing Gold Can Stay and Nirvana in Fire 2 lead audiences to find the blood connections between people and families and between families and countries in the changing historical situation, showing the rebellious character of the 5000-year-old Chinese civilization. The spy and suspense drama Peace Hotel was released later than other nominated works, but with its unique plot framework and character setting, it has become the representative work of this kind of subject for Magnolia Awards.

Different subjects and different ways of telling stories have finally won audiences’ attention and praise. Chinese TV dramas are gradually getting out of the strange circle of “shooting one kind of drama at the same time” and showing themselves in front of audiences with more confidence. It is worth mentioning that the two Magnolia Awards, Best Actor and Best Actress, which are most concerned by the ordinary audiences, will face a rare white-hot competition this year: Among the actors, Zhang Jiayi and Wu Xiubo are both nominated for Magnolia Awards for the fourth time this year. Sun Li, who has long been known as “the favorite of Magnolia Awards”, will participate the competition for the “Magnolia Awards Best Actress” for the fifth time. In the face of Qin Hailu nominated three times and Ma Yili nominated two times, will Sun Li smile again?


The Magnolia Awards jury headed by renowned screenwriter Liu Heping will review nominated works from June 11. The Magnolia Awards Ceremony will be held as the closing ceremony of this Shanghai TV Festival on the evening of June 15. All suspense and glory will be revealed that night.


Best TV Series (China)

White Deer Plain


The Advisors Alliance


Peace Hotel



ER Doctors


Nirvana in Fire 2


Wonderful Life


Nothing Gold Can Stay


Honest Person


A Splendid Life in Beijing


The First Half of My Life


Best Director

Ding Hei Nothing Gold Can Stay

Kong Sheng,Li Xue Nirvana in Fire 2

Liu Jin White Deer Plain

Shen Yan The First Half of My Life

Zhang Yongxin The Advisors Alliance


Best Screenplay

Chang Jiang The Advisors Alliance

Qin Wen The First Half of My Life

Shen Jie White Deer Plain 

Wang Zhili Honest Person

Zhang Lai Peace Hotel


Best Actor in a Leading Role

He Bing Honest Person

Hu Ge  Game of Hunting

Lei Jiayin The First Half of My Life

Wu Xiubo The Advisors Alliance

Zhang Jiayi White Deer Plain


Best Actress in a Leading Role

Hao Lei Honest Person

Ma Yili The First Half of My Life

Qin Hailu White Deer Plain

Sun Li Nothing Gold Can Stay

Yuan Quan The First Half of My Life


Best Actor in a Supporting Role

He Bing White Deer Plain

Ni Dahong Tracks In The Snowy Forest  

Yu Hewei The Advisors Alliance

Yu Haoming Nothing Gold Can Stay

Zhai Tianlin White Deer Plain


Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Jiang Shan ER Doctors

Li Qin White Deer Plain

Wan Qian Game of Hunting 

Wu Yue The First Half of My Life

Xu Di The First Half of My Life


Best Cinematography

Huang Wei White Deer Plain

Jing Chong Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy

Sun Molong Nirvana in Fire 2

Yu Xiaozhen Honest Person

Zhang Wenjie The Advisors Alliance


Best Art Direction

White Deer Plain

The Advisors Alliance

Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy

Nothing Gold Can Stay

A Splendid Life in Beijing




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