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New Members of STVF Magnolia Awards: Best Cinematography & Best Art Direction



To encourage Chinese writers and artists to create more “fine works that are thought provoking and of a high artistic standard”, the 24th Shanghai TV Festival has newly added two production awards to its Magnolia Awards competition, that is, Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction.

If the quality of TV drama creation is to be improved, it is necessary to achieve the perfect unity of story implication, artistic creation and technical effect. In recent years, the vast majority of television practitioners have consistently strengthened their confidence in the pursuit of cultural ideals and cultural values, thus crafting a large number of TV dramas that are close to the public, record changes in the times and depict real life, and have generated positive social impacts.

After the 19th CPC National Congress, the prosperity and flourishing of socialist literature and art in the new era requires the birth of more “fine works that are thought provoking and of a high artistic standard”, which is not only the important responsibility given by the times to television workers, the historic mission to accomplish new and glorious achievements in Chinese culture, but also an urgent need to meet the spiritual demands of the public. Thus, the 24th Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Awards completion offers two new awards with regard to production techniques – Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction, in order to advance television drama creation level in a holistic sense.


About Best Cinematography Award

To honor the cinematographer who is capable of improving the overall aesthetic performance of drama through superb cinematographic techniques, while fully presenting story lines.


About Best Art Direction Award

To honor the TV drama that renders relatively high visual and artistic level in terms of scenes, props, costumes, cosmetics, etc.

To guarantee the professionalism of selection, STVF has adjusted the selection process of the above two technical awards: on the basis of the original 100-person selection team, relevant specialized selectors are added, including those experts in cinematography, fine arts, costumes, cosmetics, props and other professions. The proportion of votes by special selectors is 50%, so as to ensure the professionalism, impartiality and accuracy of the results.


The 24th Shanghai TV Festival will take place from June 11 to 15, and the Magnolia Awards program is now calling for submission, which will close on March 31. For more details about regulations of Magnolia Awards, please visit http://reg.stvf.com/TVEn/UserLogin.aspx.



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