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ZHANG Yi, YIN Tao Win Best Leading Actor and Actress for Feather Flies To The Sky

On the evening of June 16th, the highlight of 2017 Shanghai International Film & TV Festival – Magnolia Awards Ceremony took place at Shanghai Oriental Art Center. The cast and crew of Ode to Joy, Chinese Style Relationship, Feather Flies To The Sky and 8 other TV dramas nominated for the Magnolia Awards, as well as numerous film & TV industry practitioners from home and abroad gathered together to participate in the grand occasion.
Surprise may be the key word of the event this year, for the winner of each award was beyond the expectation of the participants. On the scene, ZHANG Yi and YIN Tao grasped Best Actor and Actress in a Leading Role for Feather Flies To The Sky; Best Actor in a Supporting Role welcomed two winners – WU Gang and ZHANG Zhijian who played Secretary Dakang and Secretary Yuliang respectively in In the Name of People, while the 20-year-old Best Actress in a Supporting Role GUAN Xiaotong even broke the record as the youngest winner of the Magnolia Awards.


Feather Flies To The Sky Breeds Best Leading Actor and Actress
ZHANG Yi Thanks YIN Tao for Recommendation

In the history of the Magnolia Awards, both Best Leading Actress and Actor being taken by one single TV drama is rare. Before that, only ZHANG Guoli and JIANG Wenli claimed best main actor and actress at the same time in 2008 for their excellent performance in Golden Wedding. 9 years later, ZHANG Yi and YIN Tao achieved the glory again.
However, the widely-acknowledged partner almost missed the opportunity to work together. During the ceremony, ZHANG Yi extended his special thanks to YIN Tao when delivering the acceptance speech, admitting frankly that he paid attention to the screenplay because of YIN Tao’s recommendation once in an underground parking lot. In the interview later, Zhang said with laughter: “At first, I was not quite in favor of the name of the work, because it’s not a very lucky term in the north, until YIN Tao stopped me in the basement later. She is a good observer, and she told the director and screenwriter that she hoped I could play the character.”
Besides YIN Tao, ZHANG Yi also expressed his gratitude to the screenwriters of two TV dramas. This year, The Good Fellas starred by ZHANG Yi was awarded the most prestigious Best TV Series (China). For ZHANG Yi, screenplay is an integral and important part of a TV series, “A good actor without a good script is like a good cook without rice.”


Duel Best Supporting Actors
Youngest Best Supporting Actress in History

The Award of Best Actor in a Supporting Role in 2017 is just as surprising as the best leading performers, for it had two winners this time – WU Gang and ZHANG Zhijian who have gained extensive popularity for their characters as Secretary Dakang and Secretary Yuliang in In the Name of People. As WU Gang was performing in a drama in Beijing, Hu Jing, who played GAO Xiaoqin in the same work accepted the award on behalf of him. As a performing artist of the older generation, ZHANG Zhijian said in the interview: “The trophy is very heavy. I hope the performers of our generation could be aware of the responsibility we are assuming after taking the awards, and set good examples for the new generation. Just like what our last generation has taught us, be earnest to act and be honest to live.”
On the other hand, the Best Actress in a Supporting Role Award was given to GUAN Xiaotong, who managed to depict a vivacious girl in To Be A Better Man. As a young actress born after the 1995s, the 20-year-old GUAN Xiaotong has broken the record as the youngest winner of the Magnolia Awards. At the scene, she was also surprised by her winning. She said in the interview that she would show her talents and abilities in more excellent works in the future.
Moreover, The Reader I produced by CCTV, China International Television Corporation together with CCTV-3 Variety Channel and CCTV Chuangzao Media Co., Ltd. was awarded Best Seasonal Variety Program. The famous host DONG Qing appeared on the stage to share her joy and pleasure as being a producer for the first time.




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