2017-04-01 14:37:50[UPDATES]

Jury for 23rd Shanghai TV Festival


TV drama
President: Mao Weining (Director, China)
Jury Member: Chen Wengui (Screenwriter, China)
Jury Member: Yao Chen (Actress, China)
Jury Member: Yao Xiaofeng (Director, China)
Jury Member: Wallace Chung (Actor, Hong Kong China)


Foreign TV Drama
Jury Member: Marisha Mukerjee (Screenwriter, US)
Jury Member: Vaun Wilmott (Producer, US Writer)


President: Simon Kilmurry (Documentary Producer, US)
Jury Member: Lin Xudong (Researcher on Documentary Films, China)
Jury Member: Rakesh Sharma (Director, India)


President: Joan Lofts (Animation Producer, UK)
Jury Member: Chawalit Kaewmanee (Director, Thailand)
Jury Member: Su Da (Director, China)


Host Units: State Administration of Radio and Television   China Media Group   Shanghai Municipal People's Government

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