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Sino-Italian exchange and new productions launched at TV market


Celebrated industry professionals from Italy and China discussed their opinions on industry development trends and future cooperation patterns.

Sino-Italian exchange
and new productions launched
at TV market


By Joyce Xu(Shanghai Daily)

The TV market of the ongoing 23rd Shanghai TV Festival is generating a wide range of cooperation and business opportunities. Celebrated industry professionals from Italy and China gathered at a workshop yesterday  on strategic cooperation between Italy and China in the audiovisual sector, opening a new chapter in Sino-Italian film and TV cultural exchange.

The professionals discussed their opinions on industry development trends and future cooperation patterns.

The  Italian Trade Commissioner in Shanghai, Claudio Pasqualucci, acknowledged that China was undergoing extensive development in the film and audiovisual industry. But he said that, among other factors, "cross-cultural differences make the majority of Chinese films and television difficult for most overseas markets."

Despite this, he said, there was still space for development into the international market.

"We hope to display Italy's advantages in film resources and technologies which will help China to become more internationalized and promote further cooperation between the Chinese and Italian film and television industries," he said.

Officials of the two countries are considering making more film and TV co-productions and to introduce excellent original cultural content to audiences of both countries. Policy, technical and academic support will be offered to film makers.

He Xiaolan, general manager of WingsMedia, said that both China and Italy have a profound history and brilliant culture. The company has signed agreements with Italian TV companies for a better exchange of outstanding programs.

The TV Market, a regular program of the festival, is an influential and mature content market.

Its total exhibition area this year extends to over 11,000 square meters, attracting over 930 exhibitors from nearly 150 film and TV companies worldwide.
Many of the domestic exhibitors are industry leaders such as China Central Television, Shanghai Media Group, Croton Media and New Classics Media.  To attract buyers from around the world, they are displaying their latest productions and film projects.

Huanyu Film launched new epic series "Yanxi Strategy." during the market its Shooting for the highly-anticipated series about a legendary concubine in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) began yesterday.

Starring Qin Lan and Nie Yuan, the series features the traditional artistic Chinese cultural elements of Kunqu Opera and embroidery.
Croton Media released its romantic fantasy series "A Life Time Love" and youth drama "Beyond Light Years." Starring Huang Xiaoming and Song Qian, "A Life Time Love" is based on the classic book "A Chinese Bestiary." "Beyond Light Years" is a touching story about campus life, friendship and love.

Zhejiang Dream Stardom Film and TV Culture Co is producing the second season of its magic fantasy series "The Starry Night, The Starry Sea." Adapted from Tong Hua's popular online novel, the series involves a love tale between an ordinary girl and a merman.



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