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'Celebrity Explorers' among a raft of new series released at TV Festival


Singer Liu Huan, actor Li Guangjie,actress Jiang Yiyan attended a series of documentary releases of "Celebrity Explorers,".



By Joyce Xu(Shanghai Daily)


An array of new documentary, TV and online series were released yesterday at the 23rd Shanghai TV Festival.

The highlight was "Celebrity Explorers," a public-interest nature documentary series that will debut on Chinese TV networks and video-sharing websites this summer.

Co-produced by SMG's New Media Business Unit and WildAid, the series aim to promote awareness and interest in protecting endangered wildlife by focusing on the concept of "when the buying stops, the killing will too."
Each of the series' five episodes is hosted by a Chinese celebrity, such as singer Liu Huan, actor Wu Xiubo, and pianist Lang Lang. The stars traveled to Hawaii, India, Kenya, the Bahamas and other places to report on the status of endangered wildlife such as tiger, manta ray, shark,  rhino, the Yangtze finless porpoise, and the vaquita.
Mainland actor Li Guangjie, one of the series' ambassadors, shared his experience of swimming with sharks in the Bahamas, sometimes even without diving equipment.
"Dealing with the water pressure, coldness, fatigue and the nausea was challenging," Li recalled. "But it was well worth it, being able to interact with sharks like this. I couldn’t  help but  palling  fall  in  love  with  them."

Actor Wu Xiubo experienced his first scuba dive, including night dives, to swim with mantas in Hawaii. Singer Liu, who traveled to India to learn about tigers, said "There are ways for people and wildlife to live together. This unforgettable adventure helped me realize that."

Meanwhile, shooting is underway for "Take Your Mark," China's first online swimming-themed series. Based on a popular youth animation, the heartwarming series centers on a group of young people's dreams, struggles and friendship. Olympic diving gold medalists He Zi and Qin Kai star in the series.

Producer Yang Lu from Leo Force Pictures said the company will produce more inspiring youth series in the future, telling real-life stories about China's young generation.

Yung Pictures, which has credits for "No Marriage" and "Cruel Romance," announced it will make five new TV and online series covering the genes of war epic, sci-fi, suspense thriller and period drama. The series will tell stories about World War II, a futuristic human world, and campus life.

Officials from Yung Pictures said they will also strengthen cooperation with Shanghai Theater Academy and art colleges worldwide to foster young acting and producing talents.

Additionally, nine high-quality domestic TV series, including "Jade" and "Mission Impossible," were honored at the festival yesterday. They were among the highest-rated series when they were shown on satellite TV channels.

The First Drama Alliance, which comprises eight major TV stations in China, also signed agreements to develop and distribute more creative contents.



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