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 Mao Weining


Jury for TV drama Category
 Dircetor, China
        As a famous director in China, Mao Weining has directed many excellent TV dramas since 2002 that have achieved success both commercially and artistically, such as Silent Oath, The File of Plum Blossom, The Dawns Here Are Quiet.From the winner of theMagnolia Award for Best Director to jury president of TV Drama this year, Mao Weining said honestly that such an identity transfer enables him to have a better understanding of how a jury member feels.
 Chen Wengui
Jury for TV drama Category
Screenwrite, China 
        As a screenwriter who travels between the mainland, and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, Chen Wengui moved from Xiamen to Hong Kong in his early years, where he worked as a screenwriter and created the classic drama Heroes from Youngsters. Then he moved to Taipei, engaged in screen writing for TV drama. He was awarded the Magnolia Award for Best Screenwriter for costume dramaThe Orphan of Zhaoat the 19th Shanghai TV Festival.
Yao Chen
Jury for TV drama Category
Actress, China
        Yao Chen is a famous actress and is popular among the audience. She is good at playing all kinds of roles many of which the audience find impressive. Taking on roleselegantly in dramas set in different times, she never stopsmaking breakthroughs in her acting career. In 2010, she won the 25th China TV Golden Eagle Awards for the Most Popular Actress for her acting in Lurk.
Yao Xiaofeng
Jury for TV drama Category
Director, China
       Yao Xiaofeng is a prolific director of TV dramas in recent years. In the award ceremony of the 20th Shanghai TV Festival in 2014, two dramas directed by him were nominated in many awards competitions. In the end, If by Life You Were Deceivedwon TV Drama Golden Award, and May-December Lovewon Best Actor andBest Screenplay. In 2016, Tiger Mom directed by him was shortlisted in several Magnolia Awards categories. 
Wallace Chung
Jury for TV drama Category
Actor,Hong Kong,China
        Although making his debut as a singer, Wallace Chung has given priority to film and TV drama acting a long time ago. He has performance in dramas of various themes such as Treacherous Waters, Too Late to Say I LoveYou and Best Time. In 2015, The Stand-in starred by him was nominated Outstanding Television Series at Flying Apsaras Awards.
Simon Kilmurry
Jury Members of Documentary Category
Documentary Producer, USA
        Simon Kilmurry was the executive producer of the longest-running independent documentary program "Point of View" (referred to as POV).In the 16 years he spent on POV, he and his team had won 17 Emmy Awards and more than 60 Emmy nominations, as well as International Documentary Association Awards for Best Series for 2 consecutive years. After leaving POV, Simon KIlmurry dedicated more to the promotion of documentaries. 
Joan Lofts
Joan Lofts动画片主席.jpg
Jury Member of Animation Category
Animation Producer, UK 
        Joan Lofts is an animation filmmaker and freelance media consultant from the UK. She was responsible for the production of animation programs in many TV media or channels in the UK. 
        Now, as a freelance animation media consultant, Joan assumes positions such as chairman of the cartoon forum of Cartoon Media and project director of the Asian Animation Summit, while organizing seminars on the creation of IP and project venture in the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia and other regions, remaining active in the field of animation production and development.

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